• We will be upgrading the forum, gallery and blogs with the latest versions of the software we use. This will cause some disruption. We will however try our best to minimize it. The maintenance will start the first week of May 2022 and will continue until all upgrades are completed (both software and hardware). Thank you for your understanding.

2010-12-06 - Maintenance update

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Crazy Greek
Staff member

Thank you for your patience on Saturday night when we were upgrading the forum. I do understand that we have taken much of your relaxation and personal time in the forum on a weekend but we had to perform that particular maintenance.

This is the second part of the upgrades and updates that has been announced a few weeks ago. We initially upgraded the web servers, bringing speed in the delivery of the content. We then downgraded the forum to 3.8, a more familiar layout and certainly a faster one.

This weekend that passed we had to tackle the database servers. It was a very time consuming process since every table of every database had to be checked. We did find some errors in the consistency of data which were rectified and also put in place additional checks to ensure no data loss.

So after these big updates all we are left are some minor issues which will not impact the forum with downtime. In the next week or so we will have:

- A brand new and really fast search engine
- New modifications to bring the load speed to sub 2 seconds
- Activation of the Reviews and Arcade
- Restoring Thank You counts
- Introducing the mention @ tag again
- Introduction of the embed feature (hopefully I can get this to work in this version)
- Introduction of more information on the sidebar (blogs, recent posts etc.)

Again thank you all for your patience!
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