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Another Police Shooting (murder Of Atatiana Jefferson)


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Was the dad not in his daughter's life or something? I am confused. Why wasn' t he involved from the beginning with the funeral arrangements?


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Her father died like Erica Garner after her dad and Kalief Browder's mom. This story was way too much since it broke for me.

Father of Atatiana Jefferson dies of heart attack, family spokesperson says
Charles Ventura, USA TODAY,USA TODAY 4 hours ago



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See this is my problem with Racist Attitudes and this so-called "unconscious bias" stuff.

All of it creates a ripple effect that affects GENERATIONS! I feel for the family, and I hope the adults, the nephew & other children closely related to the decedents get the emotional counseling they will need.

This is too much!


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Former officer who fatally shot Atatiana Jefferson in her home indicted for murder

Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was killed in her Fort Worth home in October.

ABC News

A former police officer who fatally shot a Fort Worth, Texas, woman in her home was indicted for murder on Friday, the district attorney's office confirmed to ABC News.

Fort Worth officer Aaron Dean, who is white, was answering a call for a welfare check when he shot and killed Atatiana Jefferson, who is black, in the middle of the night on Oct. 12.

Dean, 35, was arrested on murder charges two days after the shooting. He had resigned from the police department hours before his arrest and just before he was about to be fired for allegedly violating multiple department policies, Fort Worth Chief of Police Ed Kraus said.

This undated photo provided by the Tarrant County Jail shows Aaron Dean, the Fort Worth police officer who shot and killed a black woman through a back window of her home while responding to a call about an open front door.
Tarrant County Jail via AP

Attorney Lee Merritt, who is representing Jefferson's family, called the indictment a "major step" and said it's providing "a great deal of relief" for her family.

"What we are holding out for is a vigorous prosecution and an appropriate sentence," Merritt said at a news conference Friday.

FILE - The father of Atatiana Jefferson suffered a heart attack and died Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019, at a Dallas hospital. (Jefferson's family via AP, File)AP

"We are guarded in our optimism," Merritt said.

Merritt said he hopes the Tarrant County district attorney considers bringing in a special prosecutor for the case.

Dean's attorney did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment.

ABC News' Bonnie Mclean contributed to this report.



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Family Speaks for First time After Death of Mother Dies of Atatiana Jefferson’s Mother
Yolanda Carr died on Thursday morning, months after her daughter was shot and killed by a police officer.

Published January 9, 2020

Jefferson Family Photo |Atatiana Jefferson

Yolanda Carr's daughters are speaking out for the first time since her death on Thursday.

Carr is the mother of Atatiana Jefferson, a woman who was fatally shot by a Fort Worth police officer in October.

Yolanda Carr passed away Thursday morning in the Fort Worth home where a city officer shot her daughter, according to lawyer Lee Merritt. He said she had been hospitalized for weeks due to congestive heart failure, which she was struggling with even before Atatiana's death.

"We hoped she would pull through," said Merritt,. "It cannot be underplayed the role Atatiana's death had on Yolanda's health."

While the official cause of death hasn't been determined by the medical examiner, the family said Friday they presume it was due to her ailing health.

"She was devastated, she went into the bedroom every day where my sister was assassinated. She watched the videos to YouTube. We tried to keep the news off but she always found a way to get a link. She was devastated," said Carr's daughter, Amber Carr.

Carr's other daughter, Ashley Carr, spoke about the pain her mother endured in her final months

"That was her child, she was a mama bear to the children," she said. "She wanted to make sure that it was all taken care of and that was her whole thing was to make sure that we could get justice for my sister's death."

Jefferson, 28, had recently moved into her mother's home to care for her when she was shot through a window by Officer Aaron Dean. Carr was hospitalized when her daughter was killed and had been missing a "critical" caregiver since, Merritt said.

Adding to the heartbreak, Jefferson's father -- Marquis Jefferson -- passed away just two weeks after his daughter's funeral.

"They've been reeling from one tragedy to the next," Merritt said of the family.

Dean, now 35, shot Jefferson through a back window after responding to an early morning call about an open front door. On body camera footage of the call he cannot be heard identifying himself as police before firing into the house.

He resigned in the days after the shooting and has been charged with murder. A trial date has not been set.


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Bumping this thread with an update. I’ll post some quotes from this source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article246172495.html

It’s been nearly a year since ex-Fort Worth Police Officer Aaron Dean was arrested and charged with murder for shooting Atatiana Jefferson on Oct. 12, 2019, but he has yet to be tried on the charge.

Dean has been out of jail on a $200,000 bond since Oct. 14, 2019. No trial date has been set and the coronavirus pandemic delayed many hearings, but the Tarrant County district attorney said recently that she wants to start scheduling hearings again to move the case forward.

Three pre-trial hearings happened between Dec. 16, 2019 and April. But a motions docket that was set for April 14 was canceled because of COVID-19.

Judge David Hagerman set a Zoom hearing to discuss Wilson’s request to schedule more court hearings. The next hearing, to consider pretrial motions, is scheduled for Oct. 27, according to court records.

I may email the DA to encourage urgency. We’ve held a jury trial in my city with social distancing measures and our public orders are far more strict than that of Tarrant County.

I emailed the DA along with other folks in the case of Chrystal Kizur (very sad case) and her bond was ultimately lowered and she was released until her trial. No way of knowing if that can all be attributed to public pressure, but it made me realize this is something I don’t mind doing for Black women and girls.