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Ari The Sperminator Strikes Again: New Mom 18 And Homeless


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Not even a pandemic can stop the Sperminator from spreading his seed

Not even a global pandemic can stop the Sperminator.

Ari Nagel, the 44-year-old serial sperm donor who shot to fame in The Post four years ago, is still doing what he does best: getting women pregnant and growing his “family.”

Since the coronavirus gripped the US in March, he has welcomed five more kids into the world — bringing the total to 64. He met with four women in his home borough of Brooklyn and shared his seed with them. He’s also traveling the country to help out busy baby mamas.

Once a week he’s on “daddy day care” duty in North Brunswick, NJ, caring for 5-year-old Aria and 5-month-old Aliyah while their mom, Ashley, works. And he traveled to Virginia for quality time with 10-year-old Jacob. “I taught him to ride a bike!” Nagel said.

As for new spawn, there’s Aiden, born on Staten Island March 13; a baby girl born in Ohio on March 27; a boy born in Brooklyn’s Maimonides Medical Center on April 14; a boy born April 30 in southeast Asia; Lucia, born Wednesday in Buffalo; and a girl born in Ghana this week.

Nagel so far has met only one of them, Brooklyn baby Matthew Charles, whose MTA-employee mother gave him Nagel’s last name.

Here’s the whole article:



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Either A Blessing Or A Lesson.
“Now that flights are so cheap, women are coming out of the woodwork,” said Nagel, whose global requests almost always come with a free plane ticket. Last week, he was in Dallas to provide sperm for Jua’Naisha Henry, a 29-year-old who works in security.

“He’s an awesome guy,” said Henry. “He still wants to help, even during a pandemic.” She decided to try conceiving naturally with the Sperminator, social-distancing guidelines be damned. Nagel, meanwhile, enjoyed some liberation in Dallas, which relaxed its stay-at-home orders last week. Still, when he posted a maskless selfie from the plane, “All the baby mamas were yelling at me,” he said.

I do not understand having unprotected sex with a man who is obviously having unprotected sex with women all over the world but add to that during a pandemic where scientists have found that the virus can be found in the semen of the infected.

I already knew there was something wrong with him and every woman who signs up for this crazy but every update gives me a whole new level of crazy.


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I wonder if his wife left him yet. The girl must’ve experienced some kind of trauma. She sounds a bit off.

But these weird stories are too frequent these days in this younger generation. Someone was complaining to me about their family member who is 21 with her 3rd kid on the way. She suddenly decides that she is a lesbian. Moved in with her lesbian lover and is now pregnant for her lesbian lovers brother. Her mom and dad were both addicts, so her normal is not normal...


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Episode 5: he’s at a birthday party for one of the kids and is also taking a break to go in the bathroom and split a sperm sample for 2 potential moms. At the Chuck E. Cheese or whatever. :nono:


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I can’t believe this man is still going strong and women are still signing up for this madness!!


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I thought he was beating one off in a menstrual cup and giving it to the women?

Is he now actually having intercourse with them?

He's a megalomaniac, reproductive abuser, and has God complex all wrapped into one.
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