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Consistency 12-Month Challenge


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I have been pretty consistent. Added rollersetting into my regimen. I am not going to be washing as much due to the hard water here. So I settled on 2 days. One will be for protein and one will be a deep conditioning day. This works well with my schedule and less stress on my hair will probably be best especially with 3mos of NG.


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I've been pretty consistent. The only thing I've slacked a little on is taking my vits...I've been taking them faithfully everyday for almost a year and now it's hard to remember. Weird huh??
I'm going to work on that...


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I think I'm becoming less of a PJ... not just a recovering one. :D I threw away a bunch of stuff I didn't want and I'm focusing on using the stuff that gets me consistent results. I completely forgot that using the same products consistently has a culmative effect. Since started I this challenge my hair is in the best condition yet. Basically I can't find anything wrong with it...well...except that isn't BSL yet.

Just thought I'd shared.


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I've been pretty consistent. I had one day where I wore a puff, too lazy to put my twists in. But I was twisted up the next day so it wasn't too bad. I've been slacking on my water though, trying to remember to get it all in.


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So far so good, I've stuck to my weekly wash/DC rollerset, flat iron roots regi. The only thing I had to change was my dates for touch-ups, I couldn't do the stretch without braids, at week 9 my hair was shedding/breaking more than usual, the emergency touch-up stopped it all in it's tracks and it's doing great again. So I've changed my touch-ups to ever 10 weeks instead of 13. My hair is actually a little past the APL mark so I'm going to push back updating my pic for my next touch-up which is the head of Sept. Still on the vits, still drinking water and I'm going to be applying BT more often, or regularly from now until that update. I've also joined a gym and will be doing cardio several days a week. I hope to stay disciplined and reap the benefits all around.

Good luck to you ladies, hope you all are still on it.


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I'm doing good. I took my braids out a little past my original 6 week mark, but I did do my normal wash on wash day. I may go sulfate and cone free for the summer though.