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Everything U want to know about herbs & benefits!


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Revised May 2003
Section One
Please consult a qualified health care professional if you need help in making decisions
about your health program.

Extensive additional information can be obtained by using the SEARCH BOX on the www.everythingherbs.com website.

Herb Usage / Comments

Acerola Cherry -Vitamin C, Vitamin B1

Alfalfa (Also available in
capsules) - Arthritic conditions, pituitary, bowel cleaner, upset
stomach, absorbs body odors, stops excessive sweating, absorbs sweating, absorbs poisons, duodenal ulcer.

All Heal - All purpose herb. Relieves muscular and convulsive

Aloe (African) - Constipation relief, suppression of menstruation or inactive stomach. Pinworms.

Alum Root - Astringent for wrinkles, aftershave. Diarrhea.

Angelica - Digestion, colds, anti-gas, flavoring.

Apricot - Cancer, B17, B15; natural cyanide content kills only
cancerous cells.

Arnica- External use for lower cholesterol, emotional shocks,
electrical shocks, sprains, bumps, pain, tooth pain

Ashwagandha (Ashwaganda)- Improves sexual function, energy, concentration, lung problems.

Astragalus - Immune system builder.

Barberry - Warts. Normalizes appetite. Break “bad habits”.
Lymphatic system, convalescence.

Basil - Gas, cramping, relax the nerves, increase flow of milk
in mothers.

Bayberry - Liquefy and drain sinuses. Shrink and dissolve polyps of all kinds.

Bee Pollen - Energy, hormonal support, longevity, polarity balancer, protein, B-complex. Important for lysine. Low blood
sugar. Solar plexus.

Bee - Propolis Antibiotic, anti-putrefaction agent.

Beet Root (Beta Crassa) - Great liver cleaner & source of sulfur compounds, potassium, magnesium and trace element boron. Provides folic acid for proper cell division of all body
parts including nail and hair growth. Note: Folic acid
helps prevent birth defects such as open spinal canal.

Bilberry - Eye problems; improve vision, night blindness, and
macular degeneration. High in Vitamin C. Gravel in
urinary system.

Bistort - Expectorant, cuts mucous loose from lungs and
respiratory tract.

Black Cohosh - Female estrogen hormone source. Menopause. Overly aggressive men. Poisonous bites, spiders, mosquito bites, stings, snakebites. Important poison
antidote, hives. Chills, fever, sluggish feeling, spinal

Black Currant - Purifying, flush kidneys, energize the body. Eyesight.

Black Walnut - Parasite. Restores nerve flow after shock, autonomic nervous system. Tooth enamel.

Black Walnut Meats - High in manganese, strengthens ligaments. Foot odor.

Black Willow - See Wild Yam

Bladderwrack - Weight loss, thyroid. Used in kidney problems.
Important mineral source.

Blessed Thistle - Good body oxygenator; lungs; heart; brain; important for L-dopamine; increase milk flow for mothers; loss of memory; brain anemia.

Blood Root - See Red Root

Blueberry Leaf - Diabetes. Also useful in urinary complaints, fluid retention and as a blood building tonic.

Blue Cohosh - The root knows its greatest service as a woman's friend to nourish, regulate and repair the reproductive system.

Blue Flag - Powerful lymphatic cleanser, liver regulator, dropsy (fluid accumulation), swollen glands, torpid liver (lazy,
clogged liver).

Blue Vervain Tonic - (perks up all body systems), nervine,
deobstruent, lymphatic assistance, tranquilizer, expels

Boneset - Boneset is especially helpful in viral flu and fevers with aching bones and muscles and bowel pain.

Borage - Borage is recognized today as also being an effective remedy for heaviness and discomfort of the chest and throat.

Brewers Yeast - Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is stabilized by the beautiful protein profiles provided by Brewer's Yeast, as well as its complete natural profile of B-Complex Vitamins.

Buchu - Kidney, urinary pain, bladder discomfort, prostate
irritation, lower back pain. Coats kidney stones.

Buckthorn - Laxative, gout, uric acid.

Bugleweed - Heart, circulation, soften hardening of arteries and veins; regulate heartbeat. Pituitary gland.

Burdock - Liver, skin, boils, acne. Carry dead cells out of the

Butcher’s Broom - Healthy cell growth. Cleans veins. Hemorrhoids, circulation. Antiseptic, antibiotic herb much like the herb Knitbone (Comfrey) in its action to rapidly heal
injuries and broken bones.

Cajeput, Oil of Cajeput - oil is related, in function, to something called "Tea Tree Oil". Candida yeast infections; cold or the flu; ordinary cuts and scrapes; toenail fungus.

Calamus- Root See Sweet Root

Calendula - Stop bleeding, bowel and intestinal adhesions, gall
bladder, white birth marks, soften scar tissue.

Capsicum - Stop unnatural bleeding, prevents strokes, stop heart attacks, stomach ulcers, mucous, nerves, anxiety,
energy, blood clots, hemorrhoids, stop hemorrhage during period.

Carpenter’s Square - Lymphatic cleanser, spleen, tonsils, fig warts.

Carrot Root - Bioactive vegetable source of non-toxic Vitamin A for skin and eyes. Flushes out mucous.

Cascara Sagrada - Also available in capsule. Excellent laxative. Non-habit forming. Tones lazy bowel, encourages bile flow, expels and dissolves gallstones.

Cat’s Claw - See Una De Gato

Catnip - Nerves, flu, fevers, gall bladder, digestive aid, nervous high blood pressure, colic, expels gas, high in

Celandine - External Use Only. Diuretic, bowel purge,
rheumatism, gout, liver, swelling of the gall bladder, sedative.

Celery Seed - Diuretic. Swollen conditions.

Chamomile - Any kind of childhood or baby's complaints, especially fever and teething, nervine for all ages.

Chaste Tree Berry - For relief of premenstrual symptoms, excessive bleeding, fibroid tumors due to hormonal imbalance;
to start the normal menstrual cycle again after discontinuing birth control tablets, for the flow of milk in nursing mothers and for menopausal torments.

Chestnut Leaf - Varicose veins, hemorrhoids, spider veins; dissolve and prevent blood clots.

Chickweed - Lose weight, dissolve fat, soften abnormally hardened tissues and structures, ears, restore hearing, bronchial aid.

Chicory - Clean spleen, lymphatics, liver, low blood sugar, clean mucous that prevents normal absorption and
secretions of the body, uric acid neutralizer, and gout.

Chippewa Pine - Natural source of Vitamin C, colds, flu, repair
connective tissue, elimination of “free radicals”. If you like pycnogenol, you’ll love this.

Chuchuhuasi - Builds the immune system; cancer; infections; restore and maintain vigor of sexual activity; repel

Cinchona Bark - Malaria. Kills blood parasites.

Clavo Huasca (White Clove)- Increases women’s sexual desire.

Cleavers - Kidney; goiter; cancer.

Cloves - To alleviate toothache; cure the worst attacks of
nausea; kidneys are disinfected, as well as the skin, liver, and respiratory surfaces.

Coltsfoot - Lungs and breathing passages, bronchitis, asthma,
mucus in the throat and bronchials, chest infections, cough, hoarseness, shortness of breath, reduces harmful effects of cigarette smoking; swollen feet.

Comfrey - See Knitbone

Cornsilk - Irritated kidney, bladder or urinary tube; rich in
vitamin K, which can stop hemorrhage where blood vessels are weak; used to stop bed wetting; gout; uric acid.

Crampbark - Stops cramping; aids in child birth; male and female fertility.

Cranesbill - Removes wrinkles due to enlarged pores, sore mouth, bleeding gums, mercury poisoning, removes heavy

Cudweed (Life Everlasting )- Is a form of organic Lithium. Swollen tonsils; moth repellent.

Culver’s Root - Bowel cleaner.

Damiana - Sexual stimulant for both sexes. Frigidity, hot flashes. Repairs severed nerves and restores feeling to tips of body.

Dandelion Leaf - High vegetable source Vitamin A (non-harmful type), potassium. For the skin and sinuses.

Dandelion Root - Mineral storehouse, organic iron, sodium, sulfur and others. For the joints, stomach, liver cleanser and skin disorders.

Devil’s Claw - Deteriorating bones; reversing conditions of arthritis.

Dong Quai - For females of childbearing age. Regulates estrogen levels, alleviates blood clots; reduces menstrual

Dulse - Thyroid problems, cold hands, feet, tip of nose, goiter;
excessive sweating; unusual fears, nightmares, anxiety.

Echinacea - Antibiotic; chronic conditions; cysts on body and
around tooth root; give with laxative if dissolving growth or cysts; raises immunity.

Elderberry - Herbs for all seasons; sexual stimulant for both sexes; longevity; colds and flu.

Elecampane - Complete system overhaul, especially lungs and
digestive tract; bronchial cleanser; removes asbestos from lungs; diabetes; cleans internal surfaces.

Ephedra - Specific for asthma, nasal congestion, sinus
congestion, low blood pressure, energy, stimulant,
kidney and bladder, arthritis specific. The RAND study
has concluded that ephedra is associated with higher
risks of mild to moderate side effects such as heart
palpitations, psychiatric and upper gastrointestinal
effects, and symptoms of autonomic hyperactivity
such as tremor and insomnia, especially when it is
taken with other stimulants.

Herba Epimedii (Horny Goat Weed)- Effect on sexual activity: Herba Epimedii (yin yang huo) increases sexual activity, increases sperm production, stimulates the sensory nerves, and thereby indirectly increases sexual desire. This herb
has a moderate androgen-like effect on the testes, prostate gland, and levator ani. It has been not been shown to have any estrogen-like effect. Use with caution.

Eucalyptus - Colds, coughs, dry spot behind nose and upper throat; antibiotic; prolapsed uterus.

Evening Primrose - Depression; M.S.; brain; spinal cord; skin problems.

Eyebright - Most all eye problems; restores retina; oxygenation of head.

False Unicorn Root - Prevent miscarriage; infertility; morning sickness; stimulates hormones; menopause; impotency and
prostate problems.

Fennel - Curbs appetite, good for excess stomach acid, tonsillitis, pink eye, ulcers on the eyes, gout, prevents gas in stomach and bowels, rub on insect bites, dissolve fat, and stimulate milk flow for nursing mothers. Fennel has been known to act as estrogen where there is a deficiency (as in menopause), and to reduce an excess of estrogen (as during P.M.S.). See also Dong Quai for additional information.

Fenugreek - Cleans lymphatics; cleanse mucous; dissolves
cholesterol; bronchial catarrh.

Feverfew - Relief of sore joints and migraine headaches; reduces fevers by inducing sweating; Parkinson’s disease; all
manner of digestive disturbances.

Figs - Ulcers; stomach; intestines.

Flax - Dissolves cholesterol; reduces triglycerides; injuries
both inside and outside the body; heals urinary and reproductive tract.

Fo-Ti - See He Shou Wu

French Vanilla - Lifts spirits; stimulates sexual activity and is therefore considered to be an aphrodisiac.

Garlic - Cleanser; heart and blood pressure problems;
antibiotic; slimming; vaginal douche.

Gentian - Tonic, invigorating digestaid, gout, fever, powerful
alterative (changes for the good), fevers, oxygenator, general debility, anxiety, increased immunity, female weakness, dizziness.

Ginger - Stimulant, dispeptic (settles upset stomach), diaphoretic (promotes elimination by sweating), diuretic (water retention), carminative (dispels gas), digestaid

Ginkgo - Keeps energy flowing to the brain and nervous
system; improves memory; strokes; low blood sugar.

Golden Bough Mistletoe - is for nerves; to lower chronic high blood pressure due to nervous tension and to correct
balance problems and epilepsy, nervous system instability, anxiety, paralysis, weak pulse, poor outflow of blood with each heart contraction.

Golden Seal - Tonic, alterative (works on all body systems),
antibiotic, yellow dye for clothing, varicose veins,
infections of veins, diabetes.

Gold Thread - Pinworms, alcohol abuse, to repair canker sores, sore throat, assist the digestion.

Gorse - Hopelessness, despair (from Dr. Bach’s work)

Gotu Kola - Correct conditions of the skin that look like fish scales (ichthyosis), and parasitic swellings of the body (elephantiasis), leprosy, syphilitic ulcers and bruises. "Mental disorders" and blood pressure problems have also yielded to the blood cleaning and brain restoring powers

Grape Seed - Anti-oxidant, free radical scavenging properties, pycnogenol.

Greasewood - Anti-fungus, yeast; detergent for heavy accumulation of waste when taken with bowel cleaners; antibiotic; eyes; Vitamin B-1; arthritis; anti-cancer; douche.

Green Hulls Black Walnut - The extract is used as a safe method to kill body parasites.

Ground Ivy - Ground Ivy is a specific for removing the metal, lead, from the system.

Hawthorn - Supports the heart's normal function and/or correct the heart function.

He Shou Wu (Fo Ti) - High in the vital trace element mineral, Selenium; heart and circulatory system problems; antioxidant.

Hibiscus Flower - High in chromium and selenium; regulates blood sugar.

Hops - Sleep well. Calm nerves. Provide hormones, especially
for the female system. Clears up skin problems of all kinds, including ring worm.

Horehound - Remedy for sore throat, coughs and colds; take for obstructed menstruation, suppressed urine, stomach ache, wasting away disorders, anxiety, trouble breathing, pain, and to improve circulation and banish red spots under the skin.

Horsetail (Shavegrass) - Kidneys, blood pressure, skin Problems, elasticity of tissue, drive out heavy metals.

Hydrangea - For the kidneys and bladder; kidney stones, edema, fluid retention.

Hyssop (Biblical) - Expel gas, tonic, expels mucous, stimulant, reduce high blood pressure, spleen, lymphatics.

Indian Tobacco - Specific for asthma, powerful nervine, cramped muscles, abdominal cramping, "Charlie horse",
antispasmodic, nervous agitation.

Inkberry (Poke Root) - Excite the entire glandular system to expel mercury. It has achieved distinction in the battle to dissolves cancers and tumors

Irish Moss - Rich supply of essential minerals, especially magnesium and vital trace elements; rebuilds connective tissue in the body.

Jerusalem Artichoke - Nutrient; wild sunflower root; diabetic food; very active enzyme; does not require insulin for digestion.

Jewel Weed - Poison ivy-the effect is rapid in relieving the itching. Internally, Jewelweed functions to flush kidneys and
bladder and acts as a diuretic to remove excess fluid accumulation

Juniper Berries - Builds immunity; Dissolves uric acid crystals which can cause kidney stones, gout and rheumatic (joint)
discomfort. Adrenal supplement.

Kelp - Kelp increases the metabolism to burn calories; cold
hands and feet; high in minerals; diuretic.

Klamath Weed (St. John’s Wort) - Shaking disorders; bedwetting; sciatic; stress; depression.

Knitbone (Comfrey) - External and internal damage to body, contact corrective, cell proliferant, nutritive, valuable source of organic Calcium. Corrects Poison Ivy and Poison Oak.

Korean Ginseng - Energy; glandular nutrients; germanium source for arthritis sufferers; nerve food; “well being”; hormonal.

Kudzu - Alcohol abuse.

Lady’s Slipper - Exhausted nervous system; migraines; epilepsy; blood pressure; irritable coughing; hiccup.

Lapacho - Cancer; candida, arteriosclerosis; genetic cleaner;
prevent cancer; oxygenator; arthritis.

Lemon Grass - Colds; headache; stomach ache; abdominal cramps.

Lily of the Valley - Tonic for the heart; diuretic.

Licorice Root -Specific for low blood sugar, ulcers, coughs, stress, allergies, stamina, sweetener.

Linden - Calms the nerves.

Maca - Fertility is increased; aphrodisiac; During menopause
to relieve hot flashes, correction of menstrual disorders, more youthful skin, improved sexual desire, normalizing vaginal lubrication and improved emotional balance.

Male Fern - Tape worms; parasites; adhesions.

Marshmallow - Swollen tonsils, mumps, swollen testicles; coats kidney stones; bladder infections; soothe inflammation and irritations.

Mayapple - Vomiting caused by liver and gall bladder;
constipation; mucous; jaundice; pinworms; cancer of

Meadowsweet - Natural aspirin; colic; fever; painful urination

Milk Thistle - Protector and detoxifier of the liver; useful in
rebuilding damaged livers; devours poisons.

Milkweed- Inflamed stomach, joints; lymphatics; warts.

Motherwort - Heart; repairs kidneys if protein leaking into urine
(Bright’s disease)

Mugwort - orms; digest-aid; motion sickness; seasickness; leg
pains; important for B6.

Mullein - Disorders of lungs; testicles; tonsils; support to
thymus gland; bleeding from bowel or lungs.

Mullein Oil - int problems; apply to prevent stretch marks;

Myrrh - Antibiotic; healer; gums; catalyst herbs; itching; virus
infections; nerves.

Nettle - Skin; promotes circulation; lets down mother’s milk;

Nutmeg - Nausea, vomiting; gas, diarrhea.

Oat Straw - Excellent silicon source; strong nerves; skin and hair; acne, boils; calcium.

Oil of Cajeput - Yeast infections; antibiotic; cuts thick chronic mucous; aromatic; inhale to open congested nose; apply to skin problems; congested chest or sore throat.

Olive Leaf - Antibiotic; virus; bacteria; fungal; parasites.

Orange Butterfly (Milkweed) - See Pleurisy Root

Oregon Grape - Strong lymphatic cleaner (use with bowel cleaner); tumors, obstructions; liver and blood cleanser.

Osha - Anti-tumor; anti-cancer; raises immunity.

Parsley - Excellent iron source; energy; diuretic; sodium and
potassium for joints and muscles; B-complex; Vitamin
C; enemy of tumors; neutralizes excess stomach acid.
Partridge Berry (Squawvine) Excellent female herb; all urinary complaints.

Passion Flower - Nerves; anxiety; female hormones; high blood pressure.

Peach Leaf - Eliminate bad breath, bladder infection, stomach aches in delicate stomachs, deafness, urinary problems,
stress, whooping cough, herpes (virus blisters) itching
and inflammation.

Pennyroyal - Ensure regular period; apply externally to keep insects away; clean out stagnant blood.

Peppermint Leaf - Rich potassium source; strong muscles; tastes good diluted in water as a tea; settles stomach; stabilizes blood sugar and normalizes other mineral levels,
especially calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron.

Peppermint Oil - Oxygenator; settles stomach; motion sickness; apply to headache area; refreshes breath; cooling; if fever, apply to temples, forehead, tongue and back of neck.

Periwinkle - See Vinca

Psyllium Seed Husk - Available in capsule only. Adds bulk to the bowel; lubricates and exercises intestines; lowers cholesterol.

Pipsissewa- Venereal disease; fluid retention; poor urinary flow; pus and/or blood in urine; joint problems due to
gonorrhea; chronic relaxed bladder.

Plantain - Excellent blood poisoning and herpes virus remedy;
use externally and internally; expels worms, repairs
hemorrhoids and functions as a decongestant; superb
remedy applied to poisonous stings and bites such as
mosquito, spider, and snake bites

Pleurisy Root (Orange Butterfly Milkweed) - Venereal disease, reduce high blood pressure, give in cases of weak heart beat, correct hardening of the arteries, restore circulation, reduce cardiac edema (fluid retention due to heart malfunction). Removes warts (not moles); for chest and abdominal complaints, burning fevers, diarrhea; apply to temples, forehead, spine, chest and abdomen.

Poke Root - See Inkberry

Potentilla - Loose teeth; spongy bleeding gums, ulcerated mouth and throat; mix with honey for hoarseness; cools
inflammations; cleans out tumors.

Prickly Ash - Sweeps away fatigue; safe stimulant to nervous
system; toothache, sore roots of teeth and gums; helpful in paralysis of tongue and mouth; increases moisture if dry mouth; adrenals.

Protein - The best of pre-digested milk proteins, easily digested; low blood sugar, diabetics; take regularly for four
months for youthful stamina; convalescence; raises immunity.

Pumpkin Seed - Worms, parasites; prostate; important for zinc; bedwetting.

Purple Loosestrife - Eye problems of all kinds; blindness; shock; yeast infections.

Pygeum - Reduces inflammation of the male prostate gland and normalizes prostate fluids.

Quack Grass - High in selenium; prostate; joints; gout; bladder,

Quince - Skin softener and conditioner.

Red Clover - Moistens dry mouth, sedative; promotes an alkaline environment of the blood stream which is antagonistic
to cancer.

Red Raspberry Leaf - Take all during pregnancy; makes an excellent tea for both sexes.

Red Root (Blood Root) - Apply directly and/or internally for skin problems.

Reishi Mushroom - Chronic fatigue; breathing problems; liver problems; deactivate “free radicals”.

Rice Bran - High in non-yeast source B-complex; low blood sugar; energy; well being; better nerve function; healthy skin
and eyes.

Rosemary - Hair, retain hair color; night sweats; nightmares;
stimulates hormones; add to shampoo

Royal Jelly - Stress; gives the entire hormonal system a pleasant boost, especially for women; can be applied to aged
skin to smooth and repair it; very high in pantothenic acid; infertility.

Rue - Sharpens eyesight; keeps away bugs; tennis elbow;
ensure period.

Rupturewort - Ruptures; mineral salts for blood; promotes and
encourages strong muscles; encourages healthy cell growth; eye problems.

Safflower - Produces normal stomach acid, digest vitamins and minerals better; anemia, iron source; reduces uric acid; high or low blood sugar.

Sage - Restores hair; sexual stimulant; activates medulla;
reverses fibrous tumors in women.

St. John’s Wort (St. Johnswort) - See Klamath Weed.

Sanicle - Herbal bulldozer; dissolves tumors.

Sarsaparilla - Energy; hormonal for both sexes; venereal disease; hot flashes; genetic cleanser.

Sassafras - Antidote for tobacco and tobacco smoking; sober up; dissolves blood clots; thins the thick blood; excellent
spring tonic; spray on poison ivy or make wet gauze applications.

Saw Palmetto - Excellent, especially for men (but also for women) to ensure proper sexual development and function;
applied externally, enlarges breasts for women in many cases; promotes firm, flesh weight.

Scarlet Pimpernel - Aids in the digestion of meat; prevents gas, bloating.

Scullcap - Calms nerves and repairs nerves, hysteria; shaking

Senna - Bowel cleaner; generous supply of magnesium; colds
and flu.

Shavegrass - See Horsetail

Sheep Sorrel - Vitamin C source; anti-cancer.

Shepherd’s Purse - Kidneys; stops excessive menstruation; internal bleeding of lungs, intestine, hemorrhoids; fevers;
ringing in the ears; high and low blood pressure; tone bowels.

Siberian Ginseng - Stamina; safe stimulant; take with protein; anti-stress; energy; well being; adrenal nutrient; allergies.

Skunk Cabbage - Nerves; epilepsy; antispasmodic; whooping cough; hay fever; anxiety; convulsions.

Slippery Elm - Nutrient; healer; cleans out the appendix area;
cleanses gas pockets; coats sore throat; apply dry herb powder to sores, bed sores, wounds.

Solomon’s Seal - External Use Only. Bumps, bruises; acne.

Sow Thistle - Energy (used often by rabbits!); quick pick-me-ups.

Spikenard - Expectorant to remove mucous, lungs; throat; blood purifier; acne; uric acid; sore joints; gout.

Spirulina - Protein and mineral source; Vitamins A, B-1, B-2,
Niacin and B-12; protects against radiation.

Spring Violet - Hearing problems; cancer of tongue and/or throat;skin rashes.

Squawvine - See Partridge Berry

Stillingia - Digest aid; cystic fibrosis; promotes normal stomach
acid; speeds healing.

Stone Root - Dissolves stones and cleans heart valves and blood vessel valves of mineral deposits; hemorrhoids; all
rectal complaints.

Strawberry Leaf - Tonic to regulate body; eczema; night sweats.

Sundew - Digest aid; cancer; dry tickling sensation with colds; prevents spread of whooping cough; tobacco cough.
Sunflower Seed High in Vitamin D; strong healthy bones and teeth; anti-stress properties; high in essential oils

Sweet Root (Calamus Root) - Strong digest aid; cancer; builds immunity; digests debris from body; prevent flu; oxygenator.

Tansy - Ensure period; shrinks tumors rapidly; parasites.

Thyme - Calms nerves; thymus gland in chest; high iron;
promotes immunity; nightmares; colic, gas; ill-disposition;
strengthens lungs.

True American Ginseng - Counteracts stress; builds stamina; increases longevity with health.

True Saffron - Female hormones, hot flashes, menopause; digest aid; restores nerve flow to damaged nerves.

Turkey Rhubarb - Constipation or flush out diarrhea; weight loss through colon cleanse.

Una De Gato (Cat’s Claw) - Arthritis, rheumatism; cancer; gastritis; irregularities of the female cycle; raises immunity.

Uva Ursi - Kidneys, bladder; clean spleen; clear up white
discharge; iron.

Valerian Root - Sleep; silicone source; rest; Parkinson’s Disease

Vinca (Periwinkle) - High blood pressure; leukemia specific; hair loss; to make pair bonding stronger in a marriage.

Virginia Snake Root - Poison and virus antidote; stimulant; poison bites of all kinds; heart and circulation; cold hands and feet.

Wahoo - "Lazy livers" and constipated gall bladders; disorders of the uterus; laxative.

Wheat Germ - Natural source of complete Vitamin E complex; high in B-complex; breathe easier; nourishes eyes;
reproductive nourishment.

White Clove - See Clavo Huasca

White Oak Bark - Varicose veins, hemorrhoids; sinus problems; gums, loose teeth; antibiotic; ulcerative colitis; wet gauze for external applications to varicose veins; mouth ulcers.

White Pond Lily - Uterus or prostate and dissolving all types of cancers and tumors in the area; diuretic; anaphrodisiac
(reduces sexual desire for rest and healing).

Whole Apricot - Cancer, cancer preventative; B-17; B-15; natural cyanide content kills only cancerous cells.

Wild Cherry Bark - Coughs, colds; whooping cough; tuberculosis.

Wild Lettuce - Calms nerves; give for pain; important for natural iodine; migraine; toothache.

Wild Rose Hips - Pure natural Vitamin C; bioflavonoids , such as rutin and hesperidin which make the absorption of Vitamin
C easier; prevents wrinkling and sagging, strengthens
the blood vessels, capillaries. Neutralizes poisons;
build immunity; stimulates peristalsis; colds, coughs.

Wild Yam(Black Willow) - Liquefies and drains sinus, Mucous; sickle-cell anemia; aids women’s hormones for progesterone.

Willow - Natural aspirin; headache, fevers.

Wood Betony - Oxygenator; heal all; excellent general purpose herb; glaucoma; migraines, headaches.

Wormseed - Worms, round worms, parasite; keeps bugs away.

Yarrow - Oxygenator; nerves; diabetes; colon; virus; yeast
infections; anti-viral; important for natural sodium
(non-harmful type); bedwetting.

Yellow Dock - Iron; energy; detergent; itching; cleans the liver; shingles; dilute and wet gauze for external application
to area.

Yerba Santa - Removing mucus, draining fluid from lungs and their restoration to normal function; break up congestion.

Yokum - African aphrodisiac, especially good for men; hot
flashes; promotes sexual function.

Yucca - Keeps body from drying out; lubricates joints; restores skin moisture; glaucoma.

An herbal food diluted in distilled water and ethanol may be used as “natural medicine”. Natural
ethanol is an alcohol distilled from grain and is also known as neutral alcohol . Synthetic ethanol is
made from an explosive, inflammable, compound known as acetylene gas. It is cheap, “lifeless”
and un-natural and should not be used in making herbal extracts.
A frequently asked question is what herbal extracts are and why do they contain a natural or
neutral alcohol. Herbal extracts are herbal plant foods that have been diluted in a liquid. This is a
“natural medicine”.
An herbal extract can be made with something that allows an herb to dissolve in it. This can
include most common liquids, such as water, vinegar, wine, glycerin (sugar and fat compound most
commonly derived from animal tissue) or a neutral alcohol. When you put an herbal tea bag into a
cup of hot water, the color, taste and aroma, which dissolve into the water make herbal water
extract. However, some parts of the herb in the tea bag do not dissolve in water. Water will not
dissolve the oil, waxy, detergent, enzymes or hormonal content of the herb. Vinegar, wine and
glycerin will dissolve a small amount of this.
The fact is that a combination of distilled water and a neutral alcohol is the best fluid known for
dissolving all parts of any herb. A distilled water and neutral alcohol extract give an herbal food in
a “predigested” form. It should be noted that when you get the full strength of an herbal food, a
little goes a long way. (So don’t over-eat!) The concept of moderation is the key.
Extracts are intended to be used to supplement the diet with herbal foods in an easily absorbable
form. Most people are not even aware that they may be carrying around as much as ten pounds of
rather disgusting debris coating the surfaces of their digestive canal: stomach, small and large
intestines. This debris forms a barrier between the food, which is eaten, and the absorption of the
needed nutrition. This means the digestive system needs some help.

Extensive additional information can be obtained by using the SEARCH BOX on the www.everythingherbs.com website.
When you take a look at the digestive canal of the adult, you see a tube or pipe about 26 feet long
which is often clogged or very slow to empty due to debris or worse yet, if not eliminated, this
putrid barrier film can itself be constantly reabsorbed back into the body. Not only is this barrier of
debris bad for absorption of commonly eaten foods, but also herbal powders, herbal powders in
capsules, herbal pills, and vitamin tablets. An efficient method was needed to get herbal foods
absorbed through this barrier film and dissolve the barrier itself. Otherwise, herbs would not
nourish and act like the health food books say they should. Herbal extracts solve the puzzle. Not
only can they cross the debris barrier, they do so rapidly and can help to dissolve the barrier in the
process. This eliminates the problem of having to take 114 tablets and capsules per day to finally
get something through the debris barrier and dissolve it. As a matter of fact an herbal extract can
be applied externally right over the area where required. This, of course, would be difficult to do
with a capsule or tablet.
Depending on the quantity, a neutral alcohol performs different functions when introduced into or
on the body. In minute quantities (drops), it acts as a carrier to whatever is dissolved in it. It
dissolves herbal food substances and allows for their easy absorption by the body. In larger
quantities, it acts as a stimulant. By the glassful, alcohol acts as a depressant to the body functions
and as an intoxicant. This constitutes abuse rather than use. A person can tell the difference.
Dr. William Donald Kelly, author of many books on natural ways to become healthier, tells us that
the human pancreas (principal digestive organ of the body) actually produces a small amount of a
natural, neutral (ethanol) alcohol on a constant basis so that we will not freeze. As a further
observation, most mouthwashes and deodorants utilize a fairly high percentage of alcohol that acts
as a carrier for the deodorant, mouth and breath cleansing substances. In many cases, these are
extracts of cleansing and aromatic substances. The alcohol acts as a carrier. Many times a
combination of neutral alcohol, water and an herb or herbs will form a complex that no longer
shows up as three things, but rather as one compound. If a person can use a mouthwash or
underarm deodorant, they can probably use an herbal extract without a problem. If they cannot
use them without a problem, then they should probably use capsules, tablets or teas.
A fair question might be how much neutral alcohol should an extract contain? Roughly, a mixture
of one-third neutral alcohol and two-thirds water will dissolve enough of the herb so that a person
gets the proper nourishment in a few drops of the extract. An extract could be made with so much
water that you would have to consume bottles of the extract to achieve the same nutritional value
you could get in a few drops of a one-third neutral alcohol extract.


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We need to go back to our roots. I firmly believe that every plant on this planet earth was put here by the creator for us to use consume to maintain a healthy body and while some of us (myself included) don't practice that holistic lifestyle we turn to natural remedies for cures when we have ailments.

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