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Crazy Greek
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I would like to bring to your attention the following link:

which lists the rules of behavior for this discussion forum. Kindly read it again and familiarize yourself again with the expected behavior while on this forum.

The rules of the forum have not changed much since we started this forum (change log is at the bottom of that post) and pretty much focus on keeping this community a place where we all exchange information primarily for hair care, as well as a place where we meet friends passionate about hair care.

When you all signed up for this forum, you agreed to these rules, so kindly read them again to ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

In the past we have been very lenient regarding infractions to the rules. Members of the forum have tried time and again to "stretch" the rules, especially regarding cussing because (the most common excuse) that is how one talks. That might be the case for some, but this behavior is not allowed here. What anyone does with their peers is none of our business but in order to be a part of this discussion forum, a certain decorum is demanded.

Throughout the years we had several members that have not been happy with the way this forum is run and wanted to create their own alternative with their own rules. That is entirely their choice to do so and good luck. At times, those plans did not see fruition and the said members returned back to this forum. We have been very understanding and lenient during such incidents in the past. This is not going to be the case moving forward.

We do not force anyone to be a member of this forum. Every member is here voluntarily and they agree to pay the yearly subscription fee. Should any member chooses to leave the forum they can do so at any point. Should any member decides to leave and open an alternative forum again that is their own choice. However, if such member tries to solicit current members to a different site through this forum, the private messaging system or other means, they will be permanently banned and never be allowed to return.

Finally, running a forum this size is not a small task. We have all enjoyed very good availability times throughout the years and we intend to keep the service to what you have been accustomed to. Doing so requires financial and time commitments from the admin team as well as moderators. We would appreciate it greatly if you come to us with your concerns, in a polite manner, so that we are able to help making your experience in this forum as pleasant as possible.

Thank you all

LHCF Admin
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