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Interesting- Herbal Hair Ingredients


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I found this and thought I'd share.
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Black Seed Oil- This is one of the most dynamic oils for hair care. It improves circulation and is antiseptic, astringent, cleansing, and skin regenerative. Helps prevent hair loss and thinning; it strengthens the hair. It also conditions hair and scalp. Pure cold- pressed Nigella sativa oil. Superb emollient and hair nourisher. Contains over 100 Biological compounds including 15 amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is also high in fatty acids. Fatty acids are recommended for hair loss, stunted growth and thinning of hair.

Sunflower oil- Excellent hair moisturizer and conditioner. Helps to add sheen and elasticity. It is likewise rich in minerals and nutrients.

Jojoba Oil-Moisturizes extra dry, thirsty hair.....naturally. Infuses moisture directly into the scalp and hair shaft, quenching the thirst of extremely dry hair. With consistent use, your hair will begin to show improved elasticity, moisture balance and longer lasting shine.

*Carrot Seed Oil- Strengthens weak, damaged hair.....naturally. A vitamin rich oil that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to impart herbal nutrients and vitamins to repair, strengthen and moisturize damaged hair. Brimming with Beta Carotene, Vitamins A, E and Amino Acids, Carrot seed Oil promotes the development of new hair and skin cells.

Bergamot Essential oil-contains volatile oil that works as both a highly effective hair conditioner and gives body to the hair. Used for centuries to promote hair growth and retard fall out.

Chamomile Essential oil-has properties that makes the hair smooth, silky, and adds body to the hair.

*Lavender-is an effective cleanser and oil regulator for fine hair that provides surprising fullness and body. Calming.

*Nettle- It has been used as a hair growth stimulant for centuries and is one of the most common herbs used in natural hair loss remedies around the world. It is rich in vitamins A and C, and a wide range of minerals including Iodine, Silicon, and Sulfur, all especially good for the hair. It is a profound source for mucilage and amino acids that the hair follicle requires for proper growth. It's stimulating qualities also help increase the circulation to the scalp.

Pro vitamin A-It normalizes sebum production and stimulates the scalp, making it excellent for hair growth.It helps to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

*Rosemary -(Rosmarinus Officinalis): A strong circulatory stimulant for the hair follicles and a stimulant for hair growth. Brings good blood flow to the scalp and causes histamine release which stimulates cell division, encouraging new hair growth. It is a purifying, antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent that stimulates the hair root to grow hair. It also adds sheen and helps to prevent hair from falling out.

*Sage -(Salvia Officinalis) is a purifying, antimicrobial, antiseptic and astringent botanical that is a tremendous conditioner for the hair. It not only has an active agent to eliminate hair loss but it strengthens and thickens the current hair shaft as well.

Vitamin E-enhances cellular regeneration and has remarkable results for both the hair and the scalp.


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I just wanted to chime in about the black seed oil...I purchased it before, and it has a very pungent, outrageous scent. very unpleasant. Even when I tried to cut it with other oils it was just too awful. I don't know if all forms of black seed oil are like that, but the kind I had was pretty obnoxious