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Jan 12 13 14 15 What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Happy MLK Weekend Ladies!:afro:

Let's Represent The Best of Us to the rest of Us All Weekend Long!:lock:

We as Black Women are a Strong Force to Reckon With!:hair:

Let's Do What We Do and Be Who We Are:afropick:

Reflect on those who have gone before us, so we could be Free.:pray:

Be the Best, Live the Best, Love the Best:antlers:

What Are YOUR Weekend Hair Plans?:smooches:


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Overnight: Ayurvedic Oil on Dry Hair (Saran Wrap)
"Soak": JMonique's Dead Sea Mud (Saran Wrap) several of hours on top of oil (dry hair)
Cleanse: VO5 Kiwi Line Clarifying Conditioner *if needed*
Treat: Cathy Howse UBH (under dryer 20 minutes)
Steam: BoBeam's Buttercream or BoBeam's CoCo Creme's DC'er (40 minutes)
Apply: Leave-In & Air Dry


haulin hard in the paint
Shampoo: Shea Moisture High Porosity
DC: Colorful Neutral Protein Filler underneath APB Not Easily Broken
Leave in: Redken Anti Snap, APB Avocado Cupuacu Moisturizer in Pumpkin Marshmallow
Seal: My own Shea butter/castor/olive oil blend with a little APB Hair & Body Butter in Pumpkin Marshmallow. 8 large twists pinned up under wig.


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Pre-poo: Annabelles Pre-Poo Treatment under heat for 30 mins
Poo: Keracare Hydrating Detangling Poo with EO 2X
DC: Marie Dean Coffee and Kokum DC under heat for 30 mins
Leave-ins: Annabelles/Oil/Mixed Chicks
Heat Protectant: Kenra
Foam: Keracare Styling Foam
Style: Roller Set
Dry: Pibbs for 30 mins


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Is this your own Blend? Sounds Good.:love2:

Yess:drunk:. It's good and creamy. I used Shea Nilotica, and whipped it up with oil (olive, hemp, black castor and coconut), infused with kalpi tone, heenara, and a lil extra henna. I added some fragrance and essential oils. I didn't measure but it managed to fill an 8oz container.

I'm glad to see you getting your mix on and loving it:2inlove:. Your blends sound deliciously smooth and nourishing. I can't wait to mix up some more.


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Sunday AM
Pre poo: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
Cleanse: Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme
Treatment: Hask Protein
DC: Kerastase Masquintense
Leave Ins: Aphogee Pro Vitamin, Kerastase Creme Magistral, Ouai Hair mousse and oil

Air dry roller set

No national holiday around here, back to work on Monday lol


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I work for folks who don' t acknowledge MLK day so it's a regular degular work day for muah.
So I'll get it in today.
Wash: Natures Advantage Honey Almond (poo)
Detangle: Natures Advantage Honey Almond (con)
DC: Sally's ION Repair
Reset my wash n go:
Leavein: ORS Naturals Ghee
Butter: ORS Naturals Ghee Butter Smoothie
Gel: Eco Olive
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On break
No washing (trialing skipping a weekend due to doing a glycerin+Shea butter regimen).
Currently wearing a low-hanging puff.

Sunday evening/night:
  1. Section hair into quarters.
  2. Quarter by quarter:
    1. Rewet section with shower filtered water.
    2. Apply CurlyProverbz tea.
    3. Apply Shea butter.
    4. Remove shed hairs as felt/seen.
    5. Apply gel (not sure which gel yet).
    6. Install 2-3 twists relatively tautly (for a twist out later).
  3. Repeat for each quarter of hair.
  4. Band twists and sit under HairFlair, time permitting.
  5. Wear loc soc -like head covering overnight.
  6. Wear twist out the next day (will retwist each night and wear a twist out or puff each day until next wash day).


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Did an overnight ayurvedic gloss that I'll rinse out today.
Cowash: CD cleansing conditioner
DC: CD rhassoul clay mask
Scalp: CP tea and CP olive oil
Length: CP tea spritz, Oyin hair dew, Oyin whipped pudding.


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I washed and DC's yesterday (Used my Kindred Butters Green Tea and Babassu DC, which was fabulous!)
I let LOC'd and let my hair dry overnight in big, chunky twists.
Now, I'm about to twist my hair up in two-strand twists for the week. Just the usual.


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Oil scalp and hair with infused oil and leave overnight.

Shampoo: (will let you know what I use)
DC: Alikay Naturals Avocado Cream + oil mix, with heat.
Seal: AyurShea Butter mix and diluted KCCC.

OK I didn't do any of this. I was way too intoxicated and tired after I got in last night to do anything hair related. And today was for the birds lol.


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I did a hendigo treatment yesterday, Dc'ed with NG Rose Clay Moisturizing DC, and sealed in some S-Curl Moisturizer with my diy AyurShea Butter. Today I am just chilling since my hair still feels super moisturized.


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Prepoo: Hairveda Vatika Frosting
Cleanse: 1st lather, Hask Clarifying Shampoo
2nd lather, MC Halo Shampoo
DC: Colorful Neutral Protein Filler underneath APB Not Easily Broken DC
Leave In: Joico Reconstructor Leave In
Style: Twists for twist out, not sure which cream I will use


Wash Week™ Queen
Scalp Treatment: Cantu ACV Root Rinse
Cleanse: Redken Hair Cleansing Creme
Detangle: SSI Curl Quenching Conditioner
DC: APB Keratin Protein Treatment
Post-wash: APB Blueberry Cheesecake Leave In, QB CTDG, TMC Ancient Egyptian 24K Gel
Style: Twists


A fleck on His Sword
Did an oil wash with wheat germ oil, followed by a rinse with Castor Shea and put in small twists. Well, the water heater gave up the ghost and I still need to finish the back quadrant, lol. I ain't doing it out the shower, takes too long, so I can wait.


Natural, 3abc/4a, Fine, medium density
Once I get these fake nails off, I’m going to:

Clarify-Redken cleansing cream
Protein- Olaplex/ henna gloss
Moisture- Obia Babassu DC
Section hair and slather with Oyin Hair Dew and Shea mix.
Plait, then wig.

Edit: I LIED! I'm not doing anything. I manipulated my hair enough when I had my fake nails, so I will leave my hair in these two two-strand flat twists and keep it pushing. I'm not manipulating my hair until this Saturday coming up.
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The Generous Queen
So I went surfing in PR this weekend and gues swho ruined their beautiful bleach blonde lace frontal?

>>>>>THIS GIRL<<<<<
So I had to take my braids down, put cantu root rinse on my scalp (which apparently spilled out all over the place and is now empty), washed with Alikay naturals African black soap, deep conditioned with alikay nbaturals, then did a very rushed blow out because I had to be somewhere. Used tressemme heat protectant, cantu shea butter leave in, and hot six oil. Then wore a top knot and headed out.

Today my hair is in a slicked back bun with aloe vera juice, coconut oil, and got2be glued gel.


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Clarified with Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo (This was my first time using this. I like how my hair felt after I washed it. Some of the online reviews complained about the scent but it didn't bother me.)
Did the Aphogee two step protein treatment
Deep conditioned with Deva's Melt Into Moisture
Did my WNG today with APB leave in, shea butter - I'm kinda lurking in the 2018 shea challenge - and Eco Styler Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil gel


A fleck on His Sword
Finished my twist and massaged neem oil around the front of my hairline. As I twisted each one, my fingers were like, "Ugh, too much hair!" I am enjoying them draping my shoulders and back for now; thankfully, they will shrink out of my way when dry.


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Overnight Rx: egg, lavender olive and coconut oil mix
Shampoo: Redken Hair Cleansing Creme
DC: shea butter and castor oil layered under Novex argan DC
Rinse: diluted acv
Leave-ins: SM c&s conditioner and lottabody setting spray mousse
Stretch: ponytail rollerset on my diy rollers


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Jan. 13th:
Prepoo: Chicoro's prepoo w/ wheat germ oil; heat cap: 20 min
Shampoo: CON Argan Shampoo
Conditioner: CON Argan Conditioner; plastic cap overnight

Jan. 14th:
DC: Aunt Jackie's Fix My Hair w/ calendula oil on scalp; heat cap: 30 min
Rinsed hair with rice water
Blow Out using SM Coconut Oil Leave In & Silk and Sleek Hair protectant
Twisted hair