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Luscious Healthy Ends Challenge 2019/2020


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I currently have a few for my 1st wash. I use one shampoo for my first wash for more cleansing and then a moisturizing shampoo for my second wash.

First wash: clarifying shampoo or all purpose shampoo. You soultanicals may be an all purpose shampoo.

I use a shampoo made for color treated hair for my 2nd shampoo because I do use color.

I don't have a specific brand I focus on. More of what the purpose of the shampoo is.

To save some money while trying different ones you can hit up a TJMaxx and see if they have a Redken, Pureology or just something for color treated hair and try that out.

I need to remember to check out TJMaxx as well. But I have a lot of shampoo right now

Thank you! I have to do a return to TJM so I’ll look tomorrow.


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I know I didn't create a 2021 thread because I had a setback last year. And at the beginning of the year didn't have enough hair to even have ends :lol:

I know 2021 is almost over. Let me know if you want me to create a 2021 thread. I have some hair now and I have ends I need to tend to.
Yes, please create a 2021 thread!