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More on home made hair growth packs...


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Brahmi Hair Growth Pack

There are so many type of brahmi, but I am talking about the brahmi with botanical name Centella asiatica. This is the local herb found in watery fields. Brahmi is very useful in hair growth. It enhance the total hair health. It darkens hair and gives body to hair. By increasing the total hair health it helps avoid hair loss, hair thinning and dandruff. This has got medicinal value in Ayurveda. It is a known memory enhancer.

The powder of brahmi leaves are available in Ayurveda stores or online. By mixing brahmi powder with amla powder you can make brahmi hair growth pack at home.

brahmi powder - 5to 10 tsp.
amla powder - 3 tsp.
natural henna powder - 1 cup

Mix the ingredients by adding water and make a paste. Before applying this brahmi hair growth pack on hair apply some oil. Use coconut oil or olive oil according to your choice. Then apply the pack all over hair and scalp. Wait for half an hour. Natural henna powder may give a light brownish tint on hair. Wash it off with water. If you have more hair increase the quantity of ingredients.

Apply this brahmi hair growth pack once in a week.

Homemade Protein Pack for hair

To keep the good health of hair, a protein pack once in a while is good. If your hair is in healthy condition it will not be affected by dandruff, hair loss etc. Homemade protein pack will give a healthy look for hair and it give hair growth.

Egg- 1
Green gram flour- 1/2cup
Orange juice- 5tsp.
Cucumber grated- 5tsp.

Take 1/2 cup green gram flour in a bowl. Add grated cucumber to it. Mix with orange juice. Now add one egg and mix well. Homemade protein pack is ready. You have to use it instantly, means do not keep in fridge.

How to apply:
If your hair is not clean, shampoo hair in the evening and apply this pack next day morning. Do not apply this pack on wet hair but hair must be clean. Apply a little oil on hair. Then apply this homemade protein pack all over hair. Leave it for about 25 min. Then wash it off.

The effect of applying a protein pack takes place when you repeat it three times minimum. But applying this homemade protein pack once in a week is advisable.

Homemade Hair Masks/packs

Here are hair masks for oily hair or dry hair and for all type of hair. if you have dry hair and if you try oil on hair, sometimes it may not give the desired result. At that time a suitable homemade hair mask/pack will come to your rescue. It will give a long lasting visible result.

How to prepare homemade hair mask/hair pac

Here is a hair mask using egg. This can be used for dry hair as well as normal hair. As it is not containing any oil it can be used in oily hair also.
you need-
yolk of an egg
1/2 cup milk

Mix these well. Apply a little oil on hair(for dry hair) and apply this homemade hair mask on entire hair. Massage the head for 10 min. Leave it like that for 10 min. and rinse it well in normal water. Then use shampoo.

This hair pack can be used in all type of hair. For extreme oily hair use any thin oil instead of almond oil. Use in small quantity. As this hair mask contains oats that will nourishe the scalp skin.

you need-
oats 1/2 cup or more.
almond oil 1 or 2 tbsp.
fresh milk 1/4 cup or more.

Mix all the ingredients well. Comb your hair and take out all the knots if you have. Make sure hair is not wet. Apply the homemade hair mask/pack and leave it for 15 - 20 min. Then rinse in water and shampoo well.

Multani mitti
This hair mask is for oily hair. The mitti(earth) can control the excess oil on hair.

you need-
multani mitti (fuller’s earth) 1/2 cup
apple cider vinegar 3 tbsp.

Mix the above ingredients using water if nedded and apply on wet hair. Leave it for about ten to fifteen min. It is suitable for oily hair.


This hair mask is suitable for all type of hair. Prepare a juice of parsley. Mix 1/2 cup parsley, 3 tbsp. olive oil. Apply this on scalp and hair. Massage the scalp for 15 min. After 20 min. rinse it off.

The above homemade hair masks can be used weekly for best results. As it safe you can try it more than one and see the result. Then choose a suitable homemade hair masks and get the desired result.

Hibiscus Hair Pack

How to prepare hibiscus hair pack:
As a first step to make hibiscus hair pack collect the leaves of hibiscus as much you can. Keep the leaves on the sun for one or two days. When it is completely dry put it in mixer-grinder and powder it. This powder you can use it whenever you want to prepare hibiscus hair pack. One thing I have to mention that the hibiscus flower powder is available in the market to add to the hibiscus hair pack.

At the time of using, take 1/2 cup of hibiscus leaf powder. Mix with 5tsp. of amla powder and 2tsp. of shikakai powder. Then add water and mix well to get a paste. This is the hibiscus hair pack. This herbal pack will work as a shampoo and a super conditioner. It will give extra shine and make hair color too dark. If you apply this hibiscus hair pack at least once in a week you can avoid the formation of dandruff and reduce hair loss. Eventually this pack will help hair growth.

How to apply hibiscus hair pack
Before applying pack apply your favorite oil on hair. If your hair is too dry apply generously. Massage the scalp. Then apply the hibiscus hair pack all over hair. You know how to apply. Apply from the roots to tips, strands by strands. After applying on each strand twist it and make it like a bun. Similarly add all strands upon this made bun. Wait for 15-20 min. Then rinse hair wash it off all the pack. One more thing if you want to use henna powder you can add that also. It will give a reddish tint to hair. But consider hibiscus powder as main ingredient for this hibiscus hair pack. Do not make the paste and try to keep it in fridge. Use it instantly when you make the paste. I am sure you will enjoy this hibiscus hair pack well.

Hair Care-rejuvenating mask

Now hair care is very easy through using hair masks or hair packs. It will help us to escape from hair damages and it will regain the lost healthy condition of hair. Here is a hair rejuvenating mask. Sometimes you have lost your hair's natural look using harsh hair dyes-no problem. Hair care products bought from store created any hair damage? No problem!

Do the hair care by the rejuvenating mask shown below.

To prepare this mask you need:

green gram flour - 3 to 5 tsp.
chickpea flour - 3 to 5 tsp.
fenugreek powder - 1 tsp.
beetroot - 1/2 of a small piece.
cucumber - small piece.
orange - 1 or 2 pieces.
egg white - 1

Green gram flour is a main item for good hair care. It is used in India to clean or wash hair instead of shampoo. It is also used for cleaning body instead of body soap. (not for dry skin). Some may complain the powder of green gram is difficult to rinse away from hair - don't worry, use any hot oil before using green gram. It is always good to do oil massage on hair before using any homemade, natural packs.
Chickpea flour is also a natural cleanser.
Fenugreek powder is very good for dry hair and will avoid dandruff condition.
Beetroot has cleansing, nourishing and detoxifying effects on scalp and skin. It can be used to draw toxins from infected sores and wounds. You all know it is used as natural colorant on hair mixing with henna etc.
Cucumber we are using here to rejuvenate hair from any chlorine damages. It can be used as a good anti-chlorine mask.
Orange is used as a hair toner. The acidic property of orange improves scalp condition.
Egg white acts as conditioner.

How to prepare this hair care pack:
Mix all the ingredients in a mixer/grinder. Make it a paste. Add water if needed.

How to apply hair care pack:
No need to wash hair prior to this. If your hair is too dirty, give a mild wash. Towel dry and then apply oil on hair. Use warm olive oil or coconut oil according to your choice. Massage scalp for few min. Now apply the above pack into scalp and hair. Leave the pack for about 20 min. Then wash it off with water. If you feel like shampooing, use mild shampoo only.

Try to use this hair care pack once in a week till your hair becomes gorgeous.

Here this tip is for those who have lots of problem with their hair. This pack definitely helps hair growth. This homemade hair growth pack will improve the scalp conditions and make your hair healthy.

Homemade Hair Growth Pack - ingredients:

Amla powder - 2tsp.
Shikakai powder - 2tsp.
Brahmi powder - 2tsp.
Hibiscuss powder - 2tsp.
Chickpea flour - 5tsp.
Green gram flour - 2tsp.
Orange peel powder - 2tsp.
Rice flour - 5tsp.
Egg white - 1

Preparation of homemade hair growth pack:

You can find the ingredients in Indian food stores or supermarkets or get it online from Amazon.com. Get all the ingredients and mix together in a suitable container. Now you can add water to get a paste. Wash your hair, towel dry and apply this pack on scalp and entire hair. Leave it for 20 min. then wash it off.

If you can apply this homemade hair growth pack once in a week is fine.