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Nov 3 4 5 What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?


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Hey Ladies!:hiya:

Our 1st November Weekend!:orders:

Let's All Chip In, Partner Up, Buddy Up, Friend Up, Sister Up and Help Each Other Get over the 2017 Finish Line.:grouphug:

Let's All Stay Focused on that Health Tip, The Growth Tip, The Moisture Tip, The Protein Tip, The Balance Tip

Let's All Get It In Wherever It Needs to Be!:headspin:

Come On Ya'll!:poke"

So....What Are YOUR Weekend Hair Plans?????:grin:


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I haven't washed my hair in two weeks. I did deep condition with Queen Helene's cholesterol last weekend prior to my braids for my Halloween wig and I kinda left my hair alone all week, stretched fro from my cornrows.....so...
This weekend it''s on.
Washing, conditioning, steaming, detangling all with mane choice products ( I really like that line)
This is the home stretch for whatever length retention I'm trying to achieve for the year.

I think I'm on course.


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OVERNIGHT (in Saran Wrap & Plastic Cap):
Ayurvedic Oil (maybe Amla)

Cleanse: Texture Me Naturals - Cleanse Me Gently
Reconstruct: Cream & Coco's Spun Sugar Reconstructor (under dryer)
DC: TGIN's Honey Miracle and x1 Tblspn of Brahmi Powder (under dryer)
Final R/O: Hairveda's MoistPRO
Leave-In: Assorted


On the Grow and Keeping it Simple
Last night:
  • Overnight prepoo - with whipped avocado butter and olive oil.

  • Exfoliating shampoo- Ion Hard Water + liquid AHAs.
  • Steam DC- Vanart Cream Rinse + Amla/Brahmi powder+ Ayurvedic Oil.
  • Leave in- Vanart Cream Rinse or ITDF Marshmallow Moisture Balm.
  • Style- Wash and go with Wetline Extreme Gel. I'll turban dry overnight and sweep into an updo tomorrow for an event.
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Started last night:

Wash: Hairveda deep cleanse silky shampoo
Herbal Tea Rinse: Black, Green & Rosemary mix
Light Shower Detangle: Hairveda Moist 24/7
Overnight DC: DIY Moisture Masque consisting of Melted Shea & Mango butter, Creamed honey, Ayurvedic Herbal oil & conditioner to help spread it throughout my strands.

This morning:
With the DC still in, I finger detangled and put hair in 6 tight braids. Rinsed about 80% of the DC out, the leftover that's in between the braids served as my leave in.
My DIY Ayurvedic Cream on my ends and edges. Currently air drying the 6 braids pulled back in a bun. Will leave this in for a few days to a week or until I'm ready to wear my hair down.


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Pre-poo: Hair Trigger on scalp and Annabelle's on length under heat for 30 mins
Clarify: Redken Cleansing Conditioner
Poo: Keracare Hydrating Poo
Protein Treat: KomazaCare Protein Strengthener
DC: Bee Mine Beeutiful Dc under heat for 30 mins
Leave-ins: Annabelles/Oil/Mixed Chicks
Heat Protectant: Kenra Heat Protectant
Dry: Air dry 80% Blow Dry 100%

Flat Iron: Ferrum
Clip ends: Split Ender

Desert Skye

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Under the steamer right now deep conditioning using Kendra conditioner and some goat milk stuff I got. I will move onto rollersetting then wrapping my hair. Tomorrow is my sons bday party so my hair got to look right. Thought about wearing my hair natural but it’s feeling a bit too chilly to air dry and I don’t have my diffuser


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Poo: Soultanicals Soulvedic Poo Bar

DC: Soultanicals Afrotastic Curl Elastic

Detangle: Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion (rinse out to loosen and remove shed hairs)

Leave in: Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion

Gel: Biosilk Hard Rock Gelee

Currently drying in 10 chunky twists. Hopefully this will yield a wearable style. :smile:

ETA: I like the end result!
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My bestie gifted me assorted deep conditioning packs this week, but I'm saving them for a date I can really enjoy them.

Having said that, my regimen this weekend was detangle/pre-treat with EVOO; shampoo once with ogx keratin; a quick condition with giovanni deeper moisture; tshirt plop. biolage leave-in cream with EVOO got a wash and go, and seal edges with grease.


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This morning, so far I have on CP growth oil on my scalp and hair as a prepoo.

I have some leftover henna in a double boil warming up to apply after prepooing for about 30 minutes.

I will stretch the henna with some kalpi tone and amla powders and mix in some Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor because my hair feels like it needs some strength.

Moisturizing today with APB Moisturizing Hair Lotion.

Plaiting my hair up and wigging for the day.


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Pre poo with aloe juice and CP coconut oil. Depending on when I apply, I'll detangle tonight or tomorrow morning.

Shampoo: pantene gold series shampoo
DC: hask macadamia oil DC packet

Twisting my hair for the week

Scalp oil: CP olive oil
Leave in: aphogee K+GT and Oyin hair dew
Moisturizer: Oyin whipped pudding
Sealant: homemade whipped butter


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I just applied and massaged my CP Ayurveda Growth Oil for 5 minutes, moisturized my ends with APB Moisturizing Hair Lotion and Inverted for 5.5 minutes. Also sealed my ends with the CP Growth oil as well.

Day 4 of my Inversion for the month of November is complete.


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On Thursday, November 2, I decided to cut my hair (myself), and I absolutely love it. Although I loved my 2.5 - 3 inch curls, I wasn't feeling the shape of it, so I cut it down to less than half an inch on the top and the sides and back are much shorter. I never would have thought I'd like my hair THIS short, but oh my God. I'm in love with it. I can't believe all the compliments I've received. My dh also likes it better than my 2.5 - 3 inch curls.

I'll just do a quick shampoo, condition and moisturize and air dry of course. :giggle:

This go around, chemotherapy hasn't effected my hair, but who would have known I'd give myself a nice chop. :yep:


On the Grow and Keeping it Simple
  • Exfoliating shampoo- Ion Hard Water + liquid AHAs.
  • Steam DC- Vanart Cream Rinse + Amla/Brahmi powder+ Ayurvedic Oil.
  • Leave in- Vanart Cream Rinse or ITDF Marshmallow Moisture Balm.
  • Style- Wash and go with Wetline Extreme Gel. I'll turban dry overnight and sweep into an updo tomorrow for an event.

I'm repeating this tomorrow, minus the shampoo/exfoliation, and will style in my usual braids.

My hair was cute for the event, but I prefer my braids/braidouts and even twists/twistouts, over wash and gos.
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Hi LHCF Sisters :) it's been a minute since I reported on my hair happenings. This is always a good thread to share in
I'm still on my DC grind. I am consistent most of the time but not perfect. This week I managed to fit in a 10 minute reconstructor AND an 1hr long DC! Whoo hoo!!
after a thorough rinse i'm back to my wash n wear hair do. ORS Naturals leavein, coconut oil to seal and Eco olive Oil to style. Then I went food shopping which allowed my hair to have some air drying time.
My latest find is BLOW DRYING my curls. Yeah boy! It works! No frizz frfr! Curls still on fleek and dry enough for me to put into 2 pony puffs to go to sleep!


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After taking out my mini-braids (using natural hair) right before Halloween, I gave my hair a good shampoo, deep conditioning, and light trim/dusting yesterday.

Products used:
- Aussie Mega Moist Shampoo
- Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Pack
- Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Pack
- L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum
- Softee Pure Coconut Oil Formula