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Sallys Coupon 15% off Expires April 30th


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man...yawl are alright!! I just used the $5 off coupon posted in another thread, today after work.
Guess I'll be going back before the end of the month! :grin::grin:

thanks!! :grin:


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Thanks LHD, I used mine today. I bought an applicator bottle w/ a nozzle tip (to mix stuff up :grin:), and a semi-perm color. My sister wanted gel and a donut bun thing, so I purchased those, too.

Thanks again!


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So i made my 1st trip to sallys on monday and had to leave cause i forgot my money :spinning:duh!
so i went back yesterday...got my WGO, ORS olive oil, and noodle head....proceed to check out and have my coupon in hand and the lady tells me that i can't use the coupon if i'm not a sally's card holder.

i said well that isn's printed on the coupon, i should be able to use it.

she said well we received a e-mail stating that we can't honor the coupon unless ur a card holder. i can show you the e-amil.i don't know why it's not on the coupon but we cant take it.

i asked for the manager...i am the manager, i'll give you the number to customer service. me: yeah you do that, and i'd still like to see the e-mail stating so since you offered to show me.

she went thru this big *** binder looking for the e-mail( had to be about 200 pages)..made me wait 25min (yes i counted) and said well i can't find it so i'll have to honor it...

thinking to myself yeah i know...

i'm debating if i should still call customer service and just make a complaint about the hassle i had to go thru...i would think that to ensure that i continue being a sallys customer they'd go ahead and honor the coupon (hell as it was she said she was the manager she has the power to over ride)but advise me that in the future i'd have to be a card holder. surely they don't want to lose a customer over $3, cause that's what i saved with the 15% off.....

hmmmm:rolleyes:what's one to do????