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The Covid-19 Thread: News, Preparation Tips, Etc


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Some people are packing on the pounds and others have been scared salad lol

Ya'll funny. I lost 10 lbs since March which knocked me back into the underweight BMI range. I wasn't trying to loose weight...shoot that extra 10 lbs was all thighs and booty lol. It's home cooked food every day without filler snacks that did it. I can put my finger on how often I just eat a burger I really don't want because DH likes fast food when I rather go home and cook something that tastes better. I am eating as much as a normally eat that is for sure. I just eat better because everything I make is homemade now lol. I am not eating a burger in lieu of making dinner because DH bought it home before I started cooking. DH has always just bought something over to eat a few time a week as a habit and he is always the one who adds snack junk food I don't normally buy to the grocery basket but that stopped in March.
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Is this the new Covid? Are the Chinese scapegoating now that there's a second wave? Will we live through July?

Kazakhstan denies Chinese government report that country has 'unknown pneumonia' outbreak more deadly than Covid-19

(CNN)Authorities in Kazakhstan have denied a report published by Chinese officials that the country is experiencing an outbreak of "unknown pneumonia" potentially deadlier than the novel coronavirus.

On Thursday, the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan issued a warning to citizens living in the Central Asian country that the pneumonia had killed more than 1,700 people. "Kazakhstani Health Department and other agencies are conducting comparative research and have not defined the nature of the pneumonia virus," the statement said.

New cases of the unidentified pneumonia have been increasing significantly since mid-June across the country, said the embassy, adding that in some places, authorities are reporting hundreds of new cases a day.
In a statement on Friday, the Kazakhstan health ministry acknowledged the presence of "viral pneumonias of unspecified etiology," but denied that the outbreak was new or unknown.

"In response to these reports, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan officially declares that this information does not correspond to reality," the statement read.

It added the "unspecified" pneumonia classification followed World Health Organization guidelines "for the registration of pneumonia when the coronavirus infection is diagnosed clinically or epidemiologically but is not confirmed by laboratory testing." According to the embassy, the rise was concentrated in the regions of Atyrau, Aktobe and Shymkent, which together have almost 500 new cases and more than 30 critically ill patients. The disease killed 1,772 people this year, some of whom were Chinese citizens, according to the embassy. A total of 628 of those deaths took place in June alone. "This disease is much deadlier than Covid-19," the statement said.

The number of pneumonia cases in the capital city Nursultan has more than doubled this June from the same time last year, according to Kazakhstan's prominent news agency Kazinform, which cited official data. "Up to 200 people are admitted to hospitals every day. Over the last few days some 300 people diagnosed with pneumonia were taken to hospitals a day. Besides some receive treatment at home," said the head of the Nursultan healthcare department, Kazinform reported. The Chinese embassy warned residents in the region to limit how much they went outside, and to avoid crowded public areas. It also encouraged preventative measures like wearing a mask, disinfecting spaces, washing hands frequently, and allowing good air circulation in indoor spaces.

CNN has been unable to independently verify the Chinese Embassy report and has reached out to Kazakhstan's Ministry of Healthcare for further details.

When asked about the outbreak on Friday, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs told reporters, "We would also like to get more information. China hopes to work together with Kazakhstan to fight the epidemic and to safeguard the two countries public health security." In a statement posted on its social media, the Kazakhstan Health Ministry said Minister Aleksey Tsoy had spoken about a number of pneumonia cases nationwide at a briefing on Thursday. These cases included different types of bacterial, fungal and viral pneumonia -- including some of "unspecified etiology."

Tsoy told the briefing that all registered cases of pneumonia in the country rose by more than 300% in June compared to the same month in 2019, from 7,964 last year to 32,724 in 2020. Related deaths rose by 129%, from 274 in June 2019 to 628 in the same month this year.

Link: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/10/...J2df6uq3Se0vsc3cExQ6C2-OaDcCnHEkaAt5KyJ2iQid8


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I don’t understand the Kazakhstan story; they have an acknowledged serious outbreak of covid-19 right now; today they were ranked #31 in total cases, and #17 in daily new cases. At worse, their cases, particularly the deaths, are being under-reported. Why would China accuse them of having a whole new similar but different disease?


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I bet they roughed him up in the bathroom and secret service turned their backs because they were tired of getting sick and him not caring.
I wouldn’t doubt it. Truthfully, something had to happen up there in the White House. The entire staff are done with him. His foolishness was absolutely and far beyond overboard with this “No mask” tirade.

My 2 year old grandson shows more sense; he even knows the right way to wear it, by himself.


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LOL, my cousin's daughter, 4 in their country they only have to wear the masks on public transportation. When they unexpectedly had to take a bus she was like, "Do we have our masks?" all concerned..... lol.....
Adorable:lol: Awww, Bless her heart.

It’s a sin and a shame when little children have and demonstrate more sense and exercise more wisdom than a full grown man.


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Just wow.

Why is he acting so afraid of her... :nervous2: Hiding behind that huge mask on a TV screen at that. Take off the mask; no one is around but him. Tell the woman, to get off your case. At the time, she speaks of, you just didn't have the facts; no one did. This Covid-19 came on like an ambush. It's not that difficult to say. Gee Whiz.


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Why is he acting so afraid of her... :nervous2: Hiding behind that huge mask on a TV screen at that. Take off the mask; no one is around but him. Tell the woman, to get off your case. At the time, she speaks of, you just didn't have the facts; no one did. This Covid-19 came on like an ambush. It's not that difficult to say. Gee Whiz.
I’m sorry. But no. He needs to be afraid.

Science and scientists were calling for masks when he and many other administration cronies (mostly non scientists) were poo pooing the need for masks because they were afraid of contradicting der Trump Furher and putting their lucrative jobs ($$$) in jeopardy. They deserted their responsibility to we the people because it was inconvenient and didn’t serve their ends - which was re-electing that narcissistic, dim witted, racist oaf. It’s why many of us on this very thread pages and pages ago were like, nope, we’re masking up from jump.

He and many many other feckless officials are exactly why we, the disunited states, are in - and will remain in - dire straights because they are too weak to tell the truth. They don’t care how many people die. All they care about is money.

This will not end soon and it will not end pretty.

But, hey, her emails. :confused:


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My niece’s husband just tested positive for the virus. Both are doctors working in Alabama. My niece works in corporate practice—-one of seven doctors in the practice, while her husband is working ER at a hospital. Both are age 30. I haven’t seen her husband in a few years, but in my opinion he was carrying extra weight for his frame. Currently he is asymptomatic .

My daughter is tested weekly, and so far so good.
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I've been seeing a few pages of people who thought Rona was a hoax that have died and it made me wonder what happened to that fool basketball player who touched all the microphones during the press conference and immediately tested positive with his dumb :moon:

Remember this is someone who was young and in peak health and form when he contracted the virus and months later, he still ain't all the way back to right.

NBA Player Rudy Gobert Says He Has Trouble Smelling 3 Months After Testing Positive for COVID-19
June 29, 2020 01:36 PM

In March, Rudy Gobert was the first NBA player to test positive for coronavirus

Three months after his positive coronavirus diagnosis, Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert is still experiencing symptoms of the disease.

In an interview with the French newspaper L'Equipe, Gobert, a native of France, opened up about his recovery from coronavirus and said his sense of smell has not completely returned.

"The taste has returned, but the smell is still not 100 percent," Gobert told the newspaper this week, according to ESPN. "I can smell smells, but not from afar. I spoke to specialists, who told me that it could take up to a year [to return to normal]."

Gobert also admitted he still feels "strange things" but can't definitively say if they are caused by the virus or his break from basketball activities. However, he feels like he's in "good shape" overall, he told the outlet.

After his diagnosis, the 28-year-old gave occasional updates about his recovery to social media and spoke about his loss of smell and taste shortly after he tested positive.

Was the jokey joke worth it Dumas? I mean they literally had just said don't do this. He can't even say he didn't know.


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I know someone that has to get on a flight from Miami International airport with their 85 yo mother. I told her to start on vitamin D along with zinc and C.

Dr. Steven Gundry explained what HE is doing to avoid the virus. He was so specific, I wonder if he was trying to send a message to the masses.
Here’s a link queued to the part where he discussed it: