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The Covid-19 Thread: News, Preparation Tips, Etc


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So I’m pretty sure my son and I had the virus back in early Feb. He traveled with me for work in Jan and I work VERY closely with a group from China. The news actually hit while we were on my work trip.. This was around Jan 26th

get back home and my son and I get sick. No Bigge.. he’s a toddler and I catch everything he gets.
Then I suddenly got super sick. I remember telling my husband this wasn’t some normal cold. Like I shouldn’t be this sick! I get a flu test for my son and I both negative. This went on for two weeks and I finally got better. I guess I will never know for sure but all symptoms described for the virus is what I had.

just think of all the others who were sick and never got tested...
You are immune now! Lucky you!


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Things won’t be going back to normal in 2 weeks. This is a long haul thing. My DH BIL has a friend in the pentagon who called him last Thursday night. Frankly this is the beginning. I haven’t posted because I don’t want to be an alarmist. But the US has absolutely got to slow this thing down or else we become Italy and the hospitals will become overwhelmed. Which means usual things the hospitals need to address will become neglected. This is not the flu. We need to drastically slow the infections and need for critical care otherwise ...

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My family is spread across 7 countries. I saw a picture of my grandmother yesterday and I started crying, wondering if I was ever going to see her again. She is almost 100.

The thought that some people will lose loved ones and they will not be able to go to their funerals entered my mind, only to wake up to the news that someone we know died yesterday and most of this person’s children live abroad.


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I heard that France is going on a minimum four week, in-home quarantine starting TOMORROW, Tuesday March 17th, 2020!

I cleaned my freezer about 1 month ago and packed it with meat because I was working on budgeting, not because of the virus! My fridge is tiny and my freezer is even tinier. But it is packed with stuff.

(not my actual freezer)
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Fresh Greens to Eat

Food Suggestion or possible option: Seeds for Sprouting to have fresh greens if you don't have fresh or frozen. I have no freezer for frozen vegetables. I sprout to have fresh greens! They are cheap to buy, easy to grow and nutritious!

If you can, please consider buying things to sprouts. In the event the quarantine is long, fresh vegetables may be a bit limited. Thus, one way to have a little freshness is to add sprouts to your food.

Cheap things you can sprout;
  • Lentilles
  • Mung beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Fenugrek
You can buy things to sprout such as:

Chia Seeds

Broccoli Seeds

Alfalfa Seeds

Radish Seeds

They are real easy to grow. You just need some water and a plastic bottle can work as your grow pot.

Here's a video for growing mung beans.



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@Black Ambrosia he better do the smart thing and donate it to a nursing home or hospital. He just put a target on himself :(
Yep, donated.
Link: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/tenn-brothers-donate-sanitizer-products-183048801.html

Tenn. brothers donate sanitizer products bought for resale

Thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer and packs of antibacterial wipes and medical masks have been donated after a failed attempt by two Tennessee brothers to resell them for profit during the U.S. coronavirus outbreak.

Boxes were taken Sunday from a storage unit and the home of Matt Colvin of Hixson, Tennessee, news outlets reported. The items, including 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer, were donated to a local church and some supplies will head to Kentucky where Colvin had cleared store shelves.

Colvin and his brother, Noah Colvin, had cleared store shelves of the items before online retailer Amazon stopped their sales and the state attorney general sent a cease-and-desist letter.

The purchases were first featured in a story in The New York Times in which the brothers drove to stores scooping up supplies around Chattanooga, Tennessee, on March 1, the day after the first U.S. coronavirus death was announced.

Noah Colvin then drove 1,300 miles (about 2,100 kilometers) over three days across Tennessee and Kentucky, filling a rented truck while his brother stayed home preparing for more supplies he had ordered.

Matt Colvin said he posted 300 bottles of hand sanitizer for sale on Amazon between $8 and $70 each and immediately sold them all.

“It was crazy money,” he told the newspaper.

The next day, Amazon pulled Matt Colvin's items along with thousands of other similar listings, citing price gouging. Some of the sellers behind the listings were suspended, while EBay soon banned U.S. sales of sanitizers and masks.

Matt Colvin had turned Amazon sales into a six-figure career starting in 2015, advertising Nike shoes and pet toys and by following popular trends.

In early February, when the coronavirus was spreading in China, the former Air Force technical sergeant bought 2,000 “pandemic packs” from a local liquidation firm that were left over from a defunct company. He bought them at $3.50 per pack and resold them at a substantial profit.

When public demand for sanitizers and wipes started to skyrocket, Matt and Noah Colvin went to work buying them up.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee declared a state of emergency on Thursday. Part of that included the triggering of an anti-price gouging law.

“We will not tolerate price gouging in this time of exceptional need, and we will take aggressive action to stop it,” Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery III said in a statement Saturday night.

The case involving the Colvins remains under investigation.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron added that “this is a time where we have to focus on helping our neighbors, not profiting from them.”


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I believe there were cases of some individuals becoming reinfected by covid19 in China. God forbid this happens though.
Yeah an artichoke inn China said a 14% infection rate



Anyway, I am going to try to destress. Bc my anxieties/depression i haven't been sleeping for the last couple months. . But it's very hard.
Might try to pick up some vitamins and Tylenol today.

Also, idg the insistence that masks do nothing. Like I know the CDC said this but if other health orgs around the world are telling you to wear them... I just don't believe it. Like I get a regular paper mask won't stop it but it won't do anything?