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Question Upload to avatar FAILS, WHAT should I do>


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I tried to change my avatar picture. I upload from my computer and when I SAVE I get the message "upload failed" It says this even though I'm looking at the uploaded picture. I uploaded on photo bucket but don't know what my URL is. When I put in (www.photobucket.com) I got the message INVALID URL. Can someone help me. I frustrated.

Of course after typing this, the photo I've been trying to put up for days now appears. i don't know why it did all of a sudden. I probably still need to know the correct procedure or uploading process.
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Well i need help, too. I wanna upload a new avatar via mobile phone using photobucket. How can i do it? I get an error, too. Something...REMOTE... Which code am i using and how small do i have to resize it?