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Y'all Remember The Mama That Went All Out For Her Son's Prom? Well..it's Her Daughter's Turn Now.


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Yeah it looks like she started a fundraiser to help kids get hair/nails/suits/dresses. While I think it’s quite frivolous, everyone deserves to feel special at least once in their live. An escape from the inner city.

But with all the money they spent, they could have gotten some red carpet for the steps. Lol.
THANK YOU! @DeepBluSea. Those steps were just horrid.

Now see, @bellatiamarie, someone understands me about those dirty steps and sidewalk. :cry4: Jesus loves me, yes He does. He gave me @DeepBluSea :cry4: to agree.



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My thoughts
-The whole thing looks tacky
-I would spend that money on trips abroad, business investment, college, a new home, etc. But hey if they like it...
-It seems like Coming to America, Not Wakanda
-As someone else said, Why are the Dora pointing the spears at them like that? They should be turned around guarding them.


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Now I understand the dirty steps comment. Sheesh. I remember when folks had to scrub their marble steps in Baltimore on Saturdays to keep them fresh and white. I know they used to do it in Philly too because my cousins up there tell the same story. We've lost alot in 30+ years.

Beautiful girl, but :rolleyes: to all this. I guess I'm old or a hater or something.