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2019 Oil Butter Grease Creme Pomade Lotion Challenge


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I'm wanting to buy me some chebe hair grease. I need to use up this Virgin Hair Fertilizer which should happen at some point in March and the Softee Indian Hemp before I bring another jar of grease up in here. I still would have the Blue Magic Coconut Oil grease and Curl of Essance Castor Oil grease. Three is doable.


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Currently doing my hair right now:

-Prepoo - Curl Origins Overnight Mask
-Shampoo - Kerastase Therapiste Shampoo
-Deep Conditioners - a combination of Mielle Organics Babassu & Mint DC (protein) and SSI Rose Clay DC (moisturizing).
-Leave-in - IN Hibiscus and Aloe Leave-in
-Moisturizer and sealant - SCurl Moisturizer, QB BRBC and BM Grease.
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Sirod Naturals-Rice water growth spray/applied SheaTerra Egyptian Black Castor oil on length & sealed with Shea Butter..

•Hair is soft shiny & moisturized/back in braids and pinned under..

Happy Hair Growing!