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BSL/MBL 2015 Challenge


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Since my goal for this year is BSL/MBL, I would like to join this challenge. Below is my regimen:

1. Daily = spritz hair, baggy & massage scalp;

2. 3 Times/Week = moisturize & seal;

3. Biweekly = sponge wash scalp;

4. Monthly = pre-poo, wash, co-wash, DC, reconstruct, ACV rinse, leave in 75% of a moisturizing conditioner, & use LOC method when 80% dry;

5. Monthly = invert for a week; and

6. Monthly = install braids/twists. NOTE: Wigs, buns, & updos are used 1-2 weeks between installs.

Below is my final picture and I am 2.5 inches away from BSL and 4.5 inches away from MBL, but I hope to get there in 2016!



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Today I did a protein treatment then followed up with Bekura (BASK) Y.A.M. Nectar Hydrating Hair Nourisher. Not sure if I get the hype about this product, but maybe I didn't use enough because of how bl**dy expensive it is! I was expecting miracles! I'm hoping that tomorrow I can find the time to get my end of year length shot done.

I think that next year, I won't bother trying anything new. Well, maybe just ONE more thing. Seriously, though, I'm finding that the stuff that I've tried lately hasn't been worth the hype.