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:) hey relaxed ladies can you pleaseeee do me a favor and post your regimen!? I have read sooo many different regimens and after my last thread I learned that most of the regimens that I have read were from naturals.
thanks in advance :grin:



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I have toned down my regime quite a bit since I first started and my hair is doing better than ever!

Here goes:

Wash Day

  1. Wash my hair every 1-2 weeks with Hair One Olive Oil shampoo
  2. Chelate my hair once per month with Joico Chelating shampoo
  3. Joico K-Pak Cuticle Sealer 5 minutes
  4. Joico K-Pak Reconstructor for 5 minutes
  5. Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator/Biolage Hydratherapie 10 minutes (if I use steam, I do not apply the Joico Cuticle Sealer)
  6. Redken Deep Fuel Anti-Snap Leave in
  7. Seal Mizani Nightime H20

Lately I have been wearing cornrows under my half wig because I am busy and don't have time to deal with my hair!

Relaxer Day

  1. Make sure that I Chelate my hair at least one week before relaxing
  2. Base my scalp with Mizani base
  3. Seal my previously relaxed hair with Joico Cuticle Sealer/Vaseline/Neutralizing Shampoo
  4. Relax my hair with Phyto Specific Relaxer mixed with a little bit of Walnut Oil, SAA (silk amino acids), and Biolage Hydratherapie
  5. Relax my hair using the half/half method (see here:http://www.longhaircareforum.com/showthread.php?t=470056&highlight=) for 13 minutes each half.
  6. Rinse out the relaxer
  7. Apply some type of Ceramide/Reconstructor mix as a mid-step
  8. Neutralize
  9. ACV (apple cider vinegar) helps get the white suds faster!
  10. Neutralize
  11. ACV
  12. Neutralize
  13. Apply Garlic/Aloe vera to my scalp (stops shedding!) and Duo Tex to my hair and go to bed.
  14. Rinse in the morning and style.
  15. I relax my hair every 8-9 weeks.
It looks like a lot of steps but it only takes my 5 minutes to do my hair daily (even if I don't wig it!) and 2 hours for my relaxer routine.

I tried to be a heat trained natural with terrible results (see first siggy pic :nono:)

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My reggie while relaxed is pretty similar to my current reggie except I recently adding in DCing, took out clarifying, switched some products and I was relaxing every 13 weeks.

Co-wash once a week (TRESemme Moisture Rich and Suave Naturals were my fav then)
Shampoo once a week (CON Green label and once a month I clarified)
Protein treatment (DuoTex) once a month and light protein every other week with a hair mayonnaise (various ones from pj days)
Wet wrapped, wet bunned, or braidouts were my styles after washing (If I wanted straight hair further during my stretch, I could not wet wrap so I wore half wigs)
Leave in for wet wrapped was Motions Nourish. For wet bun and braidouts I can't remember what I used but it was a creamy leave in and I didn't seal
Ends trimmed every 13 weeks and touchup days were the only time I used heat

Week of relaxer, I did not touch my scalp until 2 days before when I gently detangled new growth and oiled my scalp only with castor oil to prevent burning. My relaxers were done at the salon using all Design Essentials products (DE lye relaxer, DE 6n1 conditioner, DE leave in) and finished with flat iron and trim.

My current reggie which I've found both my ng and relaxed hair likes (in case you want to stretch)
DC once a week for 5 hours-overnight (currently Lekair Cholesterol)
Shampoo every other week (currently Organix Coconut Shampoo)
Maybe co-wash mid week if I feel like it (Vo5 or Tresemme Moisture Rich)
DuoTex once a month or as needed (sometimes twice a month depends on my relaxed hair)
Apply leaves in (diluted Vo5 and shea butter mix) on wash day or mid week if I skip co-wash
Detangle only on poo days after conditioner has settled in (in 4 sections)
Braidouts are my daily styles
I no longer use cones much and my hair holds moisture for 3 days until it needs more
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Stretch my relaxers 16-18 weeks, clarify monthly, co wash 1-2 times a week, shampoo on the weekend (alternate protein and moisturizing products weekly), DC weekly with heat, moisturize and seal daily, PS at least 5-6 days/week, NO DIRECT HEAT, dust regularly, trim when needed

Protein Products: Shampoo-AO GPB; Condish-ApHogee 2 min; ApHogee 2 step (every 8 weeks; definitely the week before my relaxer)
Moisturizing Products
: Shampoo-Kenra Moisturizing Shampoo; Condish- Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner; DC: Mix of ApHogee 2 min, Kenra MC, and oil of choice
Other Products
: Co Wash condish- AO Island Naturals; Leave in- GVP The Conditioner; Seal with WGO; Moisturize with Scurl or Wave Nouveau; Silicon Mix when I'm 10+ weeks post


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2 times a week condition wash /deep condition under a heat cap for about 30 mins to an hour

I use these products in rotation Wen Fig cleansing Conditioner,Aussie moist conditioner,Aussie 3 min conditioner,Joico Moisture Receovery,Joico Kpak moisture Hydration,Ors Replenshing Conditioner

No Shampoo Airdry only i only Flatiron when checking Length

Moisturizers i use in Rotation S-curl,Proline Softner Moisturizer,Qhemet root burdock Butter,Qhemet olive honey balm,Hairveda WHipped Ends

Once a week i use Porosity control to help control my Porosity

I use protein after a relaxer or when my hair feels mushy or unnormal breakage

I Relax Every 12wks with Dark & Lovely Relaxer.

I also have alot more Conditioners than i Have listed My Hair Loves Moisturizing Conditioners & Deep conditioners

My Hair Type 4b


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Stretch relaxers 12 weeks although I've gone 16 & 20.
Relax (with my hairdresser) with Affirm Mild.

Wash every weekend, I vary my shampoos depending on my mood and what I feel my hair needs
Kerastase Oleo relax
Kerastase resistance

If I've used too many oils and products during the week I use Neutrogena clarifying shampoo.
I always use Roux afterwards for the recommended 30 seconds.

Deep condition with whatever I have on hand and depending on my hair is looking
Alfaparf Rigen or
Kerastase Masquintense 3
or Oleo relax Mask or
Silicon Mix Bambu
or SM original

Once a month I do a hot oil treatment.

Rollerset using a bit of SM leave in, or lacio lacio or Kerastase slim and a biiiit of Chi or Moroccan oil.
Flat iron roots if I'm far along in my stretch
pin curl and put silk scarf.

Later in the week,put hair up in a banana clip and if all curl is gone then a doughnut bun.
That' s it.

I'm trying to be loyal to only 1 line but my pjism is still going on so I can't decide btwn Alfaparf or Kerastase.(both hurt my pockets but they are my staples and very concentrated so a bit goes a long way)


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Wash days:

* Wash with Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Shampoo
* Tea rinse w/ black tea but looking to try other teas
* Rinse, and apply Roux Porosity Control for 30 sec - 1 min
* Deep condition with Paul Mitchell Super-Charged Moisturizer
* Apply Paul Mitchell The Conditioner (leave-in) and CHI Silk Infusion
* Rollerset hair and dry under hooded dryer 1hr+ OR let my hair air dry until 80% dry and add braids for a braid out

*On days I need more protein I will apply Paul Mitchell Super Strong Treatment after I shampoo, then Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment

Maintenance & Styling:

*I keep my hair pinned up with butterfly clip, in a bun, in a faux bob, braid out, some PS, etc.
*At night, I moisturize, seal, and pin my hair into 2-4 pin curs and cover with silk scarf.

Current Staples:

*Moisture: Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment, Paul Mitchel Super-Charged Moisturizer (*I do not use a moisturizing shampoo*)
*Protein: Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Shampoo, Paul Mitchell Super Strong Treatment
*Moisturizer: Qhemet Biologics BRBC
*Leave-in: Paul Mitchell The Conditioner, CHI Silk Infusion
*Oils: KeraCare Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil


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I am continuing to simplify my regimen...

Wash Days:

Pre-poo w/ oil or con (not done w/ every wash)
Shampoo w/ NTM, Skala, or Nioxin
Protein treatment (once every two weeks)
Condition w/ Skala or Nioxin
DC w/Skala
Final rinse w/Porosity Control con (once a month or so)
Moisturize with Skala Leave In/NTM Leave In/ Argan Oil mix :)lick:)
Rollerset and air dry overnight or blow dry and flat iron
Moisturize every other day with pure Skala, the Skala/NTM/Argan mix
Seal with oil or Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil

Relaxer Days:
Same process as a wash day with a few exceptions. I clarify and do a protein treatment a week to a few days prior to relaxing. I try to limit the amount of products applied to the new growth. Products applied to the already processed hair helps to protect the shaft from overprocessing. I base my scalp w/ Vaseline, section my hair into six parts, protect the processed hair with a conditioner/oil/Vaseline mix and relax using Africa's Best (mixed with oils) and a sprush. After rinsing the relaxer, I apply a light protein treatment for about 15 to 20 minutes. I rinse and apply the neutralizing shampoo for about 15 to 30 minutes. I rinse and lather about 4 more times to make sure all of the relaxer and shampoo is removed. The rest of the process is similar to a normal wash day.
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My Fotki has all that I do click on my siggy pic will take you to my Fotki. I change up sometimes so this is fully detailed :)


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Moisturize and Seal daily
Co-wash whenever I feel like it.
Cleanse with Shikakai bar 2x week
Clarify 1/month
Henna 1/month
Relax 1/quarter

I specifically mention the Shikakai because it is a permanent part of my regimen while everything else in regimen will change based on the condition of my hair.

Regular Product base contains:
Amla oil
Coconut oil
Castor oil
Rusk Calm conditioner (fav)
Ion Effective care
Trader Joe's Organic Moisture conditioner something or other
More DCs than I can possibly name at this time. LOL

I really need to get back to DCing though. My hair is starting to rebel. It does not stay moisturized as long. My schedule just has not allowed the time lately so everything has been quick.


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Wash every 3 days with very dilute shampoo or SLS free shampoo...scalp only

Co-Wash 1 per week- VO5 is fine

DC once per week with UBH Deep Conditioner or Silk Elements MegaSilk Moisture Treatment or Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner depending on what my hair needs. Affirm Sustenance is also a choice.

Air-dry , a little Chi Keratin Mist (sometimes) apply UBH Lotion Creme Moisturizer to ends, follow with
EVOO and EVCO then a little Chi Silk Infusion for Smoothness.

Sometimes if I feel like it I will merely rinse my hair and put on some Infusium 23, Airdry and it keeps my hair fresh and smooth.


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Hello All!

My Day to day reggie is really simple.

1. I moisturize and seal my hair daily or sometimes every other day depending on the style I'm wearing.
2. Bun or braid outs are my styles of choice for the summer.
3. I never comb dry hair (only in the shower, under water, with a shower comb)
4. 2-3 times a week I co-wash with various Suave conditioners as well as HE LTR for a light protein I alternate with Tressame Vit. B. I LOVE this product!
5. I will give myself 1-2 heat passes a month. My hair is loving it too.
6. I am starting to use my henna, amla and shikaikai mixes again. My hair thrived the best when i was consistent with my regimen.

Perm Day

1. I use Vitale w/Olive Oil every 12 weeks. I love this relaxer. I never relax bone straight.
2. I base my scalp with Vitale base, I apply conditioner down the length of my hair and seal with either the Vitale base or Vaseline.
3. With every other relaxer I have my ends clipped. So roughly 2 times a year I cut my ends. (To maintain my ends I keep them moist and seal with oil).
4. I deep condition my hair with Vitale olive oil conditioner.
5. I flat iron for a length check.
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Thanks for asking for this. I have been meaninig to jot down my regimin in full. It seems like a lot, but I am a minimalist. It takes me from start to finish on most wash days 1 hr. I just wanted to be as detailed as possible with my regimin and products used.

Shampoo: 2x if I have a lot of product:
every 7-10 days with Kiss My face Whenever

Deep condition (mixed with 1T each EVCO/EVOO/WGO (summer). At week 8 switch EVCO for Avocado (will use in winter as well):
2x a month 1/2 hour with heat
Use 1 of these each time:
BPT Wheat germ
AO White Camellia
Lustrasilk Shea butter Plus Mango

Mild Protein: 2x a month 20 min no heat see link for measurements: http://www.longhaircareforum.com/showthread.php?t=447642&highlight=
Ion Effective care (Intensive Therapy Protein mixed with Jerri Redding Veggie Protein rinse and apply a little Ion and rinse 1 min later

Medium Protein 2 weeks after relaxing, then 1x a month ending 2 weeks before relaxer
Millscreek Biotin mixed with EVOO/EVCO
4 oz conditioner
2 oz evoo
1 oz evco
make enough to last a few times and put in separate container

Relax every 3 months with Mizani BB super (half/half method) I am not relaxed bone straight but also not texlaxed (I shampoo with Paul Mitchell Clariy 1-2 days before relaxing)
apply oil (Essential Balm stimulating hair re-growth treatment with jojoba) and vaseline to relaxed ends
After relaxer:
Rinse each quadrant for 2-5 min ( lukewarm water)
Mixture of: Palmers Hair Success Penetrating Deep Cond.(discontinued, I purchased 8 at a time and will ration) and Jerri Redding veggie protein ( my-cone free Affirm 5 in 1) to roots put on cap and let sit 20 min with cap no heat
Neutralize 3x let sit for 10,5,5 min
ACV mix
AVJ mixed with Lustrasilk, BPT or Nubian Hertitage Coconut & Papaya,raw honey and WGO/EVCO/EVOO for 2 hrs (cap) no heat or overnight
Style as desired

curly and out after relaxing for 1 week
bun 1 week
French braid 1 week

ALWAYS air dry with no products ( using a fan on high). As hair is drying fluff it.
hair dries faster this way. I apply leave-ins when hair is pretty much dry. This is also when I comb.

Moisturize/Leave-in: Each quadrant gets a dime size amount, every day to every other day. If every day I only apply on the top with EVCO or something light, if I am out in the harsh elements for an extended period of time) Seal a couple times a week with: Apricot kernel oil (wont be repurchasing), Sweet Almond or EVCO oil, I use 2-4 drops per section.
Curly Q's Coconut Dream Moisturizing Conditioner
Jessicurl Too shea (on ends when using Flexirods or satin covered rollers)
JessieCurl Aloeba
Qhemet root burdock Butter
Qhemet Amla and Olive

Co wash when I feel like it:
Escencia Horsetail and wheat( company is phasing this out)
Trader Joes Nourish Spa
Whole foods Lavender conditioner alone or mixed with:
Renpure: My pretty hair is parched or I love my hair

Comb every day in sections. At 7 week mark apply Talijah Waajid mixed with AVG to NG (this stuff saved my hair) and comb a couple of times a week.

Brushing minimally: I never start directly at the hair line, with a soft boars head brush.

99% -cone free. I use them when flatironing (Sabino Moisture block heat protectant)
No petroleum or by products. No mineral oil or by products
Splitender after relaxer (each piece 3x)
Trimming with the CreaClip 1-2 inches 1-2x a year because front of hair was overprocessed once, also too much maniupulation during one stretch caused some breakage. Taking off this much will give me the fullness I desire, so the front can match the back.

Flatiron (1-3x) a year
Blow dry: Never if I don't have to

Rollersetting: When the mood arises because I hate sitting under the dryer
Will use Motions Detangling Conditioner mixed with SAA and Panthenol (my -cone free Lacio Lacio)

Will be incorporating into some products:
wheat protein
oat protein

Satin scarf EVERY NIGHT
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I recently decided to wean myself off of cones. Protective style, moisturize, & seal daily w Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream. Protect hair at night w bonnet, scarf, and/or satin pillow case.

Wash days are once a week. Shampoo w sulfate free shampoo, tea rinse or garlic oil for shedding, aphogee 2min protein reconstructor, moisturizing DC, apply leave ins, & air dry.

Once or twice a month I'll chelate w Kenra clarifying shampoo & use roux porosity control.
Stretch relaxers 12-16 weeks, aphogee 2step week before relaxer.

Very little direct heat, like 5-7 times a year and when I do I use a thermal protecting spray.

I have a solid regimen but I'm still trying to pin down my staple products.


Instagram: adaybyjay
shampoo on the weekend (alternate protein and moisturizing products weekly)
May I ask -- are you saying that you poo with protein one week and poo with moisture the next?

Do you also alternate your condish as well? Meaning, you DC with protein with pooing with moisture and DC with moisture when pooing with protein?

I recently decided to wean myself off of cones.
Do you use anything for frizz control? I've been using IC Fantasia Serum as a part of my leave-in process. My hair seems to doing okay but I keep reading cones are the devil. And, do you have to clarify to remove the cones from the hair or do they wash out when using regular poo?


Instagram: adaybyjay
I'mma newbie and still learning the ropes but here goes --

Oil blend, usually evco, evoo and jbco

DC (dry or wet hair, but mostly dry hair)
1 ORS replenishing pak mixed with equal parts of Aphogee 2 min and Lustrasilk Shea/Mango Butter. Either DC 1 hour with heat, a few hours without heat, or overnight....just depends on my schedule.

C/W and POO
C/W -- Aussie Moist Conditioner
Poo -- Joico Moisture Recovery

I alternate c/w and pooing weekly with hair in 4 braided sections secured with rubberband at end of braid. I detangle in the shower with shower comb. I unbraid each section, detangle, rebraid and secure with rubberband. On poo days, I apply Aussie Moist Conditioner to the hair for about 5mins and rinse (done after pooing). I also have Joico Moisture Recovery Condish although I'm not actively using.

Leave In
MNT Detangling Spray
Elasta QP H-Two
NTM Silk Leave In
Fantasia IC Frizz Buster
Seal -- usually with evco, evoo, regular castor or jbco (recently learned these are carrier oils and that sealing with essential oils are better and far more lasting...I need to do more research on this).

Air Dry (scarf method)
Occassionally roller set (with water only)
Wet Bun daily, apply scarf to dry up moisture before leaving the house or arriving to work

M&S Daily
Water Based: WN, CFCG, S Curl or H14n1
Protein: Elasta QP Mango Butter
Seal: Same oils mentioned above
This somewhat follows Chicoro's process
Whole head baggy nightly with plastic cap and satin scarf on top of it

Finger Comb most days
Scalp massage twice daily for 5 mins
Bee Mine Growth Serum
If I need to smooth down hair or edges, I use a toothbrush or fine tooth comb and glide over hair (I don't dig the comb into my hair, just gently glide it over my top layer)

Ladies, if you see areas for improvement please give me a yell or drop me a PM (in an effort not to hijack the thread) b/c I'm still working to perfect this process.
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Taking a Break from Posting
Monthly Regimen
Week 1 (moisture)
Wash w/CON green
DC for 30minutes with and 30minutes without heat with ORS in a bottle (Original Version)
Apply Porosity Control, leave in for 30sec-1min, then cold water rinse
Apply leave in: Herbal Essence LTR
Dry then style...either half wig, phony pony, or quick weave

Week 2
See beautician

Moisturize and seal during week 1 to week2 and then week 3 to 4
Qhemet Burdock Root Butter cream
Coconut Oil

Week 3(protein)
Wash w/Con green
Apply Aphogee 2min or Silk Elements Mayo...sit under dryer for up to 10min
DC for 30min with and 30 minutes without heat with either Pantene Relaxed and Natural in a jar or Silk Elements Moisturizing treatment
Apply Porosity Control, leave in for 30sec-1min, then cold water rinse
Apply leave in: Herbal Essence LTR
Dry then style...either half wig, phony pony, or quick weave

Week 4
same as week 1
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My regi:

-wash once a week with Mizani shampoo

- DC with KC Knot Today mixed with jojoba oil
- leave-in (Kimmaytube's recipe)
- protein treament every 2 weeks

- moisturize daily with QB Burdock Root and seal with oil every 2-3 days
- relax every 8-9 weeks

Right know i'm bunning to make WSL by the end of the year! :grin:


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Wash Once or Twice a Week: Keracare or Mizani Shampoo

DC after every Shampoo: Humecto mixed with Motions CPR

Apply Leave Ins: BBD Stretch, Lacio Lacio, Chi Silk Infusion, Chi Keratin Mist, and Redken Smooth Down Heat glide (All together or in various combinations) to wet hair.

Either Rollerset (Magnetic, Flexirod, Perm Rod)
Airdry in Bun, or
Blowdry and Flatiron
*only flat iron once a month

Stretch for 5 weeks, then weave for 4 weeks. Relax on the 10th week with Mizani Mild.

Moisturize Nightly with Mizani Rose H20 Intense Nightime Treatment

Trim as needed usually every 2-4 months.


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Steam DC minimum once per week

Protein Treatments
UBH Deep conditioner, I alternate this with
Aveda Damage Remedy

I protein treat my hair weekly for 20-30 minutes then follow up immediately after with moisture conditioners.

Moisture Conditioners
I rotate the following products:-

L'Occitane Repairing Shine Mask
Kerastase Masquintense
Silk Element Moisturising Treatments

I also use 'specialist' type products on a fortnightly/monthly basis, these include:-

Kerastase Aqua Oleum
Biolage Hydratherapie vials
Biolage Fortetherapie vials

Maintenance and Styling
I moisturise my hair once daily, usually in the evening. What I use is dependant on how far along I am post relaxer. I currently use:-

NTM Triple Moisture - this works best for the first 6-8 weeks post relaxer
Darcy Botanicals Peach Kernal Moisturiser - this is just the right consistency to deal with thick dry new growth. I only seal my hair when I feel I need it, certainly not every day.

ETA: I've been using Bee Mine's Luscious Balanced Moisturiser for about a week - this is lovely stuff. You only need a teeny amount and it beautifully moisturises - none of this heavy limp look.

For styling after my DC I will usually roller set, on other days I will either use flexi rods or pin curls. I use Aveda Universal Styling Creme with a few drops of Aveda Emollient this combo gives my hair a nice polished look. I bun at least two days out of the working week and my hair is always up when I'm at home. The last four weeks of my stretch my hair is up every day.

I do a relaxer touch up no more than three times a year. I'm trying to avoid direct heat dependency but when I do I will only straighten the roots. The only time that the whole length is straightened is when I relax.
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2 times a week condition wash /deep condition under a heat cap for about 30 mins to an hour

I use these products in rotation Wen Fig cleansing Conditioner,Aussie moist conditioner,Aussie 3 min conditioner,Joico Moisture Receovery,Joico Kpak moisture Hydration,Ors Replenshing Conditioner

No Shampoo Airdry only i only Flatiron when checking Length

Moisturizers i use in Rotation S-curl,Proline Softner Moisturizer,Qhemet root burdock Butter,Qhemet olive honey balm,Hairveda WHipped Ends

Once a week i use Porosity control to help control my Porosity

I use protein after a relaxer or when my hair feels mushy or unnormal breakage

I Relax Every 12wks with Dark & Lovely Relaxer.

I also have alot more Conditioners than i Have listed My Hair Loves Moisturizing Conditioners & Deep conditioners

My Hair Type 4b

Did you or do you rollerset at all?


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My regi is really simple...

- Wash once a week with either Mizani bontafying, Nexxus Therrape, or Dove moisturizing
-Deep condition with either Mizani Moisturfuse, Suave humectant, ORS Replenishing or Dove moisturizing w/ a tbl spoon of jbco, evoo and honey
- Add leave ins... if I'm wearing a straight style just a dime size of Chi silk, aphogee keratin mist and herbal essence ltr... If I'm wearing a braid out or curly style I like to use a heavier moisturizing leave in like Nexxus humectress
- After wash I usually rollerset, sometimes I'll do a braidout or twistout
- Protein treatment once a month usually
-Moisturize w/ either herbal essence ltr or mizani h20 nightly
- Relax normally btwn 4-6 months or no more than 3x a yr...

3 days out the week I wear my hair down, the rest of the week it's up in a claw clip or bun... I also use sew-ins as protective styles...

My relaxer regimen can be see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMjrIeJsbXM


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Wash Day (1x weekly)
Wash (Aubrey Organics WC shampoo)
Porosity Control
Aphogee 2 min reconstructor (for 5 mins with conditioning cap)
Deep Condition 30 mins with conditioning cap(Aubrey Organics WC conditioner)
Leave-in (Elasta Qp oil recovery moisturizer *about to switch and try out Elasta qp h2 leave-in*)

Moisturize and Seal 1x (Elasta Qp oil recovery moisturizer)


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Yeah Hijabi!

I just tried the pure ceramides that you recommended and I am in HEAVEN! This stuff is awesome. Now I have to see how I can get that $100+, 8 oz bottle past DH!


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I don't have a regimen, that's how I can give advice - I'm always trying stuff! :grin:

Right now my regimen is having my hair in cornrows. I have it braided every week using my own hair and not uber tight. I spray my braids down in the morning with Paul Mitchell Awapui Moisture Mist (a few drops of glycerine were added) and I apply Lenzi's Request to my edges and nape.

Afternoon I spray again with PM

At night I spray with Lanza Healing Moisture, JBCO on edges, Bee Mine on scalp.

1-2 nights a week I apply Rolland's Oxygenating Drops to my scalp

When I notice the slightest buildup (I can't stand scalp debris) I squish shampoo (diluted shampoo and squish my hair in braids)

After shampoo, apply Elucence Moisture Repair Treatment and steam for 20 mins. (lovin this :yep:)

Apply Redken Anti-Snap

---Every two weeks in between braiding, I shampoo with Phyto Organics Kelate and DC using Rolland UNA Intensive Reconstructing


Outside of this personal braid/"Hide Your Hair Challenge"

My Regimen:

After Relaxer - 1st six weeks:

- shampoo 1-2x a week
- co-wash perhaps 1x a week (loving Sebastian Light for cw)
- DC 2x a week - I tend to go protein heavy.
* steam DC once of the two times
- 1x every week or 2 weeks - steam oil treatment with sunflower oil - dry hair

Sometimes I forgo a shampoo altogether. I'll DC on dry hair, rinse and use a clean rinsing CW (S. Light)

After 7th week:
I use more moisture based DC. I maintain proteins in the form of ceramides and I clarify w/Kelate. I begin to comb less, let my hair dry longer before I comb and use more leave in moisturizers. (Still looking for a replacement for Elasta QP - it gives me a reaction now)

**I do not use a brush - if I must, it is a very soft bristle brush

**In the summer I use more glycerine based sprays - I usually make my own or add drops of glycerine and aloe to a leftover spray I haven't finished. :look: ....I little goes a long way - if you can feel an almost 'clean' or stringent feel after adding glycerine, you've added too much. The feel should be thicker and more emollient to the touch.

**I don't use Porosity Control - no particular reason, just don't see the need in it. My problem has never been about porosity.

**I use henna. (It helps me avoid being itchy to color/highlight my hair)

**I do more pre-poo/hot oil treatments in the winter than in the summer

** I strand test often

**I don't worry about shedding. Once you learn your hair's 'cycle' you know what to expect.

**I'm always dealing with keeping breakage at bay. I have medium strand density AND medium density - so broken hairs, though blended, create thinned out hair. If you can control breakage, you control the journey.