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Difference Between Flexi Rords and Perm Rods


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Do these basically give you the same curls? I haven't used the perm rods yet. I have used the flexi rods and depending on how I put them in, my hair can look really different. But I was watching a few perm rods youtube tutorials and they just look so much easier. Anyone prefer one over the other? Why?


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Flexi rods elongate the curl and gives a more 'ringlet' look. Perm rods create a tighter, shorter curl. I like flexi's over perm rods because they are less stressful on the hair and they allow more air to cover the hair, which reduces drying time.

I need to do me another rod set as I think about it!
Here's my flexi rod tutorial. I was in a rush when I did this style, but it came out pretty well!