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How long do it usually take you to wash and style your hair?


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Hey guys.

How long does it usally take you to wash and style your hair? What is your regimen and how do you style it?

For me its about 3 hrs.. I known its long but I usually wash it only once a week.


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Dry Hair UnderHooded Dryer
Blow Dry Roots


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Hey, add prepoo and henna to that, and it takes 8 hours! If I'm in a hurry, though, I can wash and style in about 1.5 hours, but that is using direct heat. I use the blowdryer on low and combine it with airdrying, then flat iron with my FHI.

ETA: My reggie:
Amla oil soak the night before CW
prepoo with CPR + Pantene Mask/heat
CW with Aveda DR con or J/A/S/O/N Aloe con
DR with Aveda DR Intensive with heat
leave-ins and bun
henna/shakakai with avocado + honey 1X/wk

*I work from home!*:grin:
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Hey guys.

How long does it usally take you to wash and style your hair? What is your regimen and how do you style it?

For me its about 3 hrs.. I known its long but I usually wash it only once a week.


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Blow Dry Roots

Same here! Sometimes it take a little longer if I decide to pin curl instead of wrapping.


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Too long:nono:.

Deep Condition
Rollerset and wrap
Sit under the dryer..........all together, probably about 4 to 5 hours. I'm working on shortening this time.


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about 4 hours :( but that's including my hour long pre-poos.

then again, when i air dry overnight with bantus, only about ... an hour and a half, maybe? and then 15 minutes in the morning to finger comb it into place.


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About 3 to 4 hours:

Wash (occasionally pre-poo) + detangle (15 min)
deep condition (1 hour)
Blow dry (30-40 min)
Press + Flat Iron (1.5 to 2 hours)

The only part I dread is the blowdrying :ohwell:


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hummmm, lets see:

Pre-poo: overnight
Poo and detangle: 45 min
DC: 30 min
Airdry: 5-10 minutes for leave-ins and sealin
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i co-wash every other day and air dry in a bun so it takes about 25 minutes total.

if i were to do a wash, DC, rollerset and style it would take me about 2.5 hours.


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Um...forever! Naw, if it's just a regular CW with a bun, about 15 mintutes, but if it's the whole shebang (prepoo, shampoo, DC, style in some sort of way) hours...


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HA! At least 5!

sit again under dryer

Add henna or oil rinses, and it takes about 7 hrs. BOO!


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Lets see.

Wash (15mins)
Deep condition (30 mins to 1hr)
Blowdry & flat iron and wrap (1-2hrs)

3 1/2 hrs tops


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If I pre-poo overnight, it takes about 4-5 hours to wash, DC, roller set and dry. As my hair gets longer that drying time is not getting any shorter. I only do this once a week or every two weeks though.


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It takes me less than 2 hours to wash and style every two weeks...

Shampoo my hair
Condition (20-30 mins)
Wash my body
Rinse the conditioner out and detangle under flowing water from the shower-head
Get out of the shower
Apply leave-in and detangle in sections one at a time before blowdrying each section (about 1 hour)
For my hair style, I just wear a fluffy fro! :)


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Ummm...I never really "timed" how long it takes me because I'm usually doing other things as well, chores, watchng a movie, talking on the phone, etc. One time, I even took a nap in between applying the leave-ins and rollersetting.:look: I wash once/week, and if I had to estimate how long it takes me, I could break it down like this:

Detangle and DC on dry hair = 1 hour
Rinse, Shampoo, Towel Blot Add leave-ins & Rollerset = 1 hour 15 min.
Bonnet-Dry Rollerset on LOW = 1 hour, and finish airdrying overnight

So about 3 hours, 15 mins.

I usually wear my hair bunned, straight or in spiral curls.


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It takes me 3 - 4 hours from pre-poo, wash, treat, and dc to rollerset and dry under hooded dryer and style.


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Depends on the style. Just your basic wash and go is only about 20 minutes.

Anything more involved such as a roller set is about 3 or so hours.


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Washing, deep conditioning and rollersetting now takes me anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours--depending on the kind of rollerset I do. I'm not counting the airdrying time or styling time. I airdry in a rollerset overnight to help with the time. Styling takes about 5 to 10 minutes the next day. :)


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Too damn long.

Shampoo (sometimes)
ACV Rinse
Cold water rinse
Air dry until the end of time...


2 hours-
about 15 minutes to wash the six sections I put it 25 minutes for a deep conditioner under the dryer and 45 minutes to just grab and twist no parting. I must say that the duckbill clips that keeps my hair in sections contributes to shortening the time bu keeping my hair sections acting like they have sense.:lachen:


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wash n go: 20 minutes

wash/DC/Braidout: 45 minutes to 1 hr then airdry overnight or sit under dryer for 30 minutes

prepoo/wash/DC/rollerset/hooded dryer: 3 to 3.5

prepoo/wash/DC/rollerset/silk wrap: 3.5 to 4 hrs

Sometimes I DC on dry hair with heat before washing and that saves time from jumping in and out of the shower and drying off twice. My hair also seems to really like it.


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Not counting my DC that I do before my wash:

1.5 hours. It used to take me 2-4 hours because I hadn't discovered the joys of the wide toothed comb attachment!:grin:


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With braids - 10 minutes in shower/ 5 minutes to squeeze water out and wrap towel around head/ I sponge moisturize with Suave Humectants/African Royale Leave-In/S-Curl/ the next day. So all together about 25 minutes.

Wash and go's or cowash's - 5 minutes to cowash in shower and 2 minutes to brush into ponytail.

With straight look - 10 minutes to wash, 30 minutes to deep condition under dryer, 10 minutes to wash out, 25 minutes to just get water out with blowdryer WITHOUT using attachments, 1.5-2 hours to press, and about 1 hour to roll with rollers.

And I must say the last times I did this I didn't do the pressing or the rollers. My mom did it for me and she was so tired so thank God for moms, friends, beauticians and anyone willing to deal with long, thick haired females.:yep:


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At least three hours plus....*complaining hubby in the background*

Poo = 5 min
Oil Rinse = 20 min, might take it down to 10
Deep condition = 1 hr
Roller set = 45 min, trying to get faster
Hooded dryer = 1 hr

Wish it was less though....


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2.5 - prepoo , wash, rinse, condition, detangle, style
3.5 - prepoo, wash, rinse, condition, deep condition, detangle, air dry
4 hours - prepoo, wash, rinse, deep condition, detangle, blowdry, set


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Sorry to hijack, but for you ladies that airdry in a roller set... are you using magnetic rollers? I tried this and hardly got any sleep because it was so uncomfortable. How are you doing this?

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3-4 hours from start to finish when i flatiron:perplexed I envy you women that are able to flatiron your hair in 30 minutes or less. I don't see how in the heck you are able to do it :fistshake: The flatironing time alone for me is like an hour and a half.

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About 3-4 hours if I am doing a twist out, I split this time up days because I let my hair airdry until it's damp. If I am wearing a bun 1-1.5 hours to wash, dc, detangle and bun. If I am doing small 2 strand twists for a style than it can take VERY long depending on the size of the twists.