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Luscious Healthy Ends Challenge - Fall 2011


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If you guys don't see a new thread for 2012 by the 28th, please remind me. I do plan on restarting this challenge in 2012 but not ready to do it this week.


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I am doing a lot of things to my hair right now and not exactly sure what 1 thing or combo of things is really helping my hair. So I will work to narrow that down in 2012. I don't like to do more than necessary.

Even without knowing my ends are in much better condition. I can run my fingers down strands and I don't have a family of SSKs on the ends. Now I can actually do a search and destroy. Before I would have just had to big chop to get rid of the SSKs.

One thing I realized is that I am not apply henna to my entire strand. So if henna adds strength to the strands I really do want to include my ends. I was being cheap trying to save money :nono: Lose all my ends for $10 :nono: Makes no sense. So I will be apply the henna to my entire head from now on.

I have been sectioning my hair into 6 to 8 twists to apply conditioner. I then separate those sections and apply the conditioner like a relaxer. And now I am getting the conditioner through all the strands by taking the section of hair and twisting it in 1 directions and then the other and then twisting the conditioner into the ends. It takes longer but I think I am getting better penetration of the conditioner into my hair. And then I sit under my heat cap for 30 to 45 minutes.

I really need to do that same twisting method when I apply my leave ins. Will remember that for next week. This week I applied my leave in to wet hair, let it air dry and then applied it again to semi-dry hair. This worked very well.

And still moisturizing and sealing my ends pretty much daily.

Maybe by June I will be able to wear a good rollerset without scraggly ends :yep:


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1. Are you relaxed, texlaxed, natural, transitioning, etc natural
2. Current Hair Length hip length
3. The issue(s) you are having with your ends super thin
4. What you have tried to improve your ends nothing lately i have been seriously neglecting my hair
5. What you are going to try to get those healthy ends moisture moisture moisture oiling them and maybe baggy

Def need to step up my game


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Moistened my ends last night with water and sealed with shea butter blend. Just need to hold on for a few more months through this cold winter weather :yep:


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My ends are doing better, much better.

Trimmed 1/4 inch and have been keeping them 100% moisturized as often as possible.


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I'm in mini twists again. Hopefully I can trim these ends. I have yet to trim or dust since february.

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Okay ladies, I promised to come back with pics of my new weave (Janet Collection Afro Jerry - 14") and here it is:


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I assessed my ends today after my wash. I still have thin ends at the nape, partly due to the fact that I had those layers (involuntarily) put in my hair in January, and partly due to the set back I suffered from wearing a fake bun from Jan to July. I look almost like a W shape in the back. BUT, its better than it was when it was at its worst, so I am progressing. I'm gonna keep on baggying and sealing my ends on the regular. And once I get my favorite wig cut to meet my military uniform standards I'm going to braid up and go back to wigging full time.
Good luck in 2012 ladies!


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I don't know how I missed this challenge last year, but I will be looking and researching for this upcoming year! My ends need help and I am going to protective style for one year.