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Magnesium Oil & Hair growth


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Hi ladies,
Haven’t posted in forever but I’m back this year revamping everything in my life. Going back to my oils as they have helped me tremendously. Most likely I’ll be making my own herbal oil.

Hopefully others will join in as well


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I've decided to give Magnesium Oil a try. I've used it on my skin(for absoprtion) and so far I like the results. I.e. I feel better.

Its my understanding that this when applied (sprayed/misted) on the scalp can improve hair growth by dissolving calcium deposits that are or may block hair follicles.

My hair in the crown is way thinner than I'm comfortable with, so this and scalp massages will be a staple for the next 6 months or so. I've neglected doing scalp massages for the past few months.

For those of you that do protective styling by using lo-manipulation "Please massage your scalps", this type of "stimulation/manipulation " is necessary for healthy scalps & hair growth. I'm real disappointed with my "thinness".

Hiya there. I just bought magnesium to make my own oil/spray. Have you had success with it? Thanks.


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I bought some magnesium oil to apply to some thin spots at my temples. I use it as a prepoo when I remember. I haven’t been consistent with it though. I bought it after reading about salt being good for hair loss.