Naturals: Summer Time Styles


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I'm currently in braids and plan to be until August. In August, I plan to wear my hair styled in twists, twistouts and braidouts.

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wash and gos, puffs, buns because of my shrinkage it goes to NL so i don't have to worry about it brushing my clothes


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I'm 7 months post right now, but this summer I'm gonna rock cornrows and the bun in my siggy.


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Subscribing for more ideas.

I'm trying to resist the urge to BC. I've been wearing braids and Senegalese Twists throughout my transition but I want to try something different. I'm a truck driver so I really don't have a lot of time to do my hair. I'm thinking about rocking a kinky curly sew-in but I haven't decided whether to purchase the hair from or :ohwell:


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yarn braids, feed-in cornrows (both inspired by dontuwishuknu!!:D) and of course twists/twistouts with my own hair
maybe a blowout/flat-iron here and there, of course...


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Senegalese Twists is my go to summer style versus a wash n go which dries out. Los Angeles is dry and hot in the summer time so my head needs all of the moisture it can get.

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I prefer twists in the summer because my loose hair feels so hot on my head. I rock it every now and then when I wanna be cute.