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OMG, Yall was not playing about the baking soda!


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If I wasn't way over here across the water I would be at Walmart right now picking me up some baking soda but there is always tommorow...I will wake up early and get on post and get me that baking soda..yes I will!
would it be ok to clarify with Baking soda, dc then use an acv as a final rinse or is that too much?

Good question- I would like to know as well. Also, do you have to use both BS and ACV? What if you have a lot of buildup?

maybe I can try this weekend because I am having severe tangling issues!

J Glazin

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OMGoodness!!!!! I couldnt believe the result WOWWWW amazing. So saturday nite i add a hand full of baking soda in a cup filled with water. i poured it in my hair waiting 5mins then rinsed. I repeated this process 2 additional times. instantly i felt the results. My hair is thick and course and i need a relaxer but let me tell u it was super soft. Next i applied mega tek and mixed it with castor, olive, grapeseed, and vit e oil. I left it in my hair for 1 hour. Rinsed and then i put on the rollers. When i need a relaxer its a process to put the because its thick in the roots and tangle. But this time is was so easy to manage. ok. I went under the dryer for an hour, came out and removed the roller OMGoodness!!!!! My hair was so light and soft. The next day i went to church i couldnt keep my hands off my hair. Then i praise the Lord soo much because i was jumping and dancing shaking head. Trust me my hair got the attention. LOL!!!!


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I don't use shampoo anymore because of this site. I condition wash and use baking soda. My hair is clean and soft and the baking soda strips away the yellow from my silver hairs (sounds better than gray,huh!).:grin:


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Thanks to all of the ladies who posted here!! I tried a baking soda rinse last night and after the way my hair responded, I will definitely be adding this to my regimen!!

Nice Lady

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Yeah, baking soda does the trick for me especially as I am a frequent co-washer. Shampooing frequently(more than 7-10 days) dries out my hair.


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After searching old posts, I found one about BS. on the skin, so I tried it mixed with BS, EVOO, and a little cleanser and my face felt lighter, not so gunked up. Now I see this post and don't see why I can't use the same mix on my hair. I'm also a co washer daily, I'm in braids now, but I still co wash once a week ( with ayurvedic condish mix). I may do a diluted BS rinse. Hmmm, V is liking this.:yay:


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My sister, who is natural as well, swears by baking soda and ACV rinses. Ive only tried the ACV but am tempted to try the baking soda real soon


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yea it works great. i remember the first time i ever clarified... all the stuff that just builds up in your hair, its unbelievable


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I do this all of the time. I mix my bs with coconut oil and I never get dry hair. Love it! I do it everytime I use a hair wash that suds up.


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I mixed a tablespoon of baking soda in with moisturizing shampoo and lathered up twice. Then put in some Ion Extreme Moisture Nurturing Creme (from Sally's).

Didn't even use heat, just slapped it in while I showered.

When I rinsed, my literally detangled itself, it was SO SOFT! As i was rinsing (with my hands), all the hairs just fell into place. It was awesome!!!!! :drunk: I believe it was the baking soda that made all the difference :yep:

I'm a renegade cone-user, so this is definitely becoming a staple for me!!!!


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Can you use this method, while washing in braids?

As in create the mixture--and sponge the mixture into your braids? Or dip your braids into the mixture--then rinse out...?