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Random Hair Thoughts/Thinking out loud


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I've had my inner product junkism under control for years and now it's reared its ugly head again. I tried out the kareco brush because although I love my tangle teezer, the short bristles mean smaller sections. I'm not a fan of how much hair comes out with the kareco. I'm going to give it one more chance on my next wash day when I use my Aussie moist conditioner to detangle.


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I may be late to the game but diluting my S-curl spray with water is an EXCELLENT moisturizer for my braids under my sew-in. I am so happy that I am able to moisturize AND seal with braided up.

I have decided that I will be cutting some layers when I take this sew in out, I'm hoping this will give my hair a cute shape when straight and curly.

I have decided that I will be doing a flexirod set but I will wrap my hair around the rod like a wand so I have a more relaxed curl kind of look. Also buy your flexi-rods off of Aliexpress SO MUCH CHEAPER.

When I straighten my hair I will be leaving it straight for an entire month, when it gets gross I will do the long yaki straight ponytail I have been swooning over forever.


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Fell off my hair care routine this week, so today is wash and deep condition day. Washed hair with my Cantu shampoo and rice water. Rinsed the ends and applied my 14 in One Conditioner. Will rinse it all out in about a half hour. I’m going to try not to measure again until March 1.


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Idk why, but once I reach this specific length I become completely over my hair. Not sure what to do about it. :/ maybe its just pms -_-
It's just PMS. Hormones are the devil. During my first pregnancy, hormones told me it was a good idea to do 5-7 passes on each section of my hair on 400 degrees because the keratin treatment I was using would protect my hair from damage. Boy was that a lie