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random thoughts...


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ok it's late and i've got insomnia so here's whats going on in my mind concerning hair and products...

i just bought this little paperback magazine featuring natural remedies and one remedy that they suggest for growing back hair is to mix 4 tbls grapeseed oil, 1/2 tsp of jojoba oil,2 drops atlas oil, 3 drops lavender,3 drops rosemary and 2 drops thyme. the last four oils are essential oils. massage into scalp prior to shampoo and either sleep on it or leave it in for 30mins or so. supposedly this cocoction has been proven to work in the reversal of hair loss by scottish researchers...

anyone ever try this; or will try this?

i'm also curious as to whether or not profective products really work. i just bought the anti thinning stuff and the ingredients don't seem that spectacular. anyone have any progress with these products?

hmmm, speaking of researchers, i.e. hair experts, i.e. hair stylist... why is it that almost every hair stylist i go check out looks like their six yr old did their hair? these are the same women who tell me that people who frequent hair boards are misinformed ameteurs....

not to ridicule anyone, i love you all *L* but whats up with the pubic hair question? i had to read that one twice before i realized i was reading it right. *L* i know we're all very liberal about subject matter when it comes to posting topics; but when i read that i have to admit i blushed and had a good laugh when i imagined the new guy "bill" i think is his name, reading that LMAO. i mean what must he think?! i mean, i know we're all kind of hair obsessed but there has to be a limit!
speaking of, i just read that women in china or japan or soemwhere like that comb their "pubes" into little hair styles to make it more appealing to the opposite sex. come on! like what man do you know is gonna stop to admire the butterfly carved down there!! lmao... no offense, no hate mail either *L*

what else... ok i'm tired now. maybe i can finally fall alseep. i'll paly some nora jones that's just as good as a sedative...


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lol.....Miss Sylvia, Ladies and Gentlemen (applause)

Thank you very much.

I second you on those pube carvings. I'm pretty sure I won't try that, but hey....can't knock anything until you try it.

I really wanted to send this reply to give you props on simply mentioning/typing 'nora jones' in here.....just for typing it you get an applause.

it is me


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sylvia, i think that recipe has been posted here before. i think it had cedarwood oil instead of the atlas oil. i wonder if that's the same thing. i have some cedarwood oil. it stinks to high heaven to me. so i've never tried this recipe...

i've never tried Profectiv products. i think they're too expensive for the sizes of the bottles... taking advantage of the sistahs IMO...

i have had the same thought about some stylists. i can't let you do my hair if mine looks better walking in than yours does. i'm not saying they need to be fly, but dang... can't it at least look healthy? all of the stylists that i go to have healthy hair, even the one that dyes hers blond and keeps it cut low.

immo just go head and leave all the pube stuff alone.


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Yeah, I removed that thread you're referring too. I know we're talking about hair, but let's keep the discussions to hair on our heads.


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adrienne: i think you lady's have finally rubbed off on me, i'm a PJ!!! *L* i broke down and bought some of the profective healthy ends. i think it cost five and change in walgreens. well, let me tell you, as someone who suffers from a chronic case of dry ends, that stuff worked wonders. it starts off creamy and pinkish but as you rub it into your palms the color and consistancy changes; it left my hair feeling soft without the greasiness or heavyness of other products. i'll definitely keep this in my arsonal.

pebbles: it sounds strange coming from someone like me who tends to write anything; but that post did make even myself do a double take. for the first time ever i thank god for moderators! *L* i'm sure my appreciation will be temporary; i know i'm liable to put my foot in my mouth soon enough, and some mod will have to put me back in my place. *L*