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Site update and Signatures


Crazy Greek
Staff member

Just a quick heads up that we are experiencing an issue with our database server. The problem is with one specific query that is taking a lot longer than usual. We are in the process of identifying the bottleneck so as to solve it. Although many might not experience any delay some might, so just be aware that we are working on it.

It is also that time of the year where I would kindly ask you to shrink your signatures. We go through this every year so please be kind to other members that are on dialup and shrink your signatures as much as possible. Also note that as per the rules, animated gifs are not allowed. We let that one slip quite a bit but it is getting out of hand with many people having them which causes issues with other members.

A very easy way to see if your signature is massive:

Look at your screen and bring up one of your posts. If your signature occupies more than 1/4th of the screen in height, it is too big. As for the more tech savvy, please keep your signatures to no more than 100 pixels in height.

This is the combined signature not just one graphic i.e. if you have one graphic that is 100px high and then type text below it, the signature is too big.

There is a significant amount of members that connect to the forum using dialup and having to wait to load huge images from other members signatures ruins their experience.

I am also running a script that checks for height of images in signatures randomly. If you see your signature disappear, that script is the reason. The script runs every 30 minutes and it samples the user signatures randomly.

Thank you!


Admin (November 2020 Photo)
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I replied to your ticket. In order for action to be taken, you must provide full details and allow 72 hours for a response.


New Member
I am a new member. I am having trouble finding the link to upload my signature? Can you please direct me.