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The salon comb-out?


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Hi, Ladies! I was wondering if there are any hairsylists here (licensed or otherwise), who could explain how you comb the hair out so easily after a shampoo/conditioner? I recently purchased a shampoo tray and was wondering if the secret to that "salon" comb-out has to do with the direction our hair is in OR is it the product that produces that effect. Incidentally, I'm AA and when I do go to the hairdresser, after my shampoo/conditer and she is about to mold my hair for the style, the comb-out is so easy, smooth and tangle free!

Now, c'mon ladies. I know there are some of you who have attended cosmetology school or just know the answer.




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From my experience as a cosmetology student, a successful comb out depends on the following: direction of hair while it is being shampooed, products, technique and sometimes hair type. When I shampoo/condition a client, I use a wide-toothed comb to clear tangles as I work, mostly during the conditioning phase. I comb from hair ends first, graduating towards the scalp. Afterwards, I use a towel only to blot water and cover the client's head before we proceed to my station for the comb out. My instructor highly recommends Stabilizer Plus to keep tangles to a minimum, especially after a relaxer, but the second ingredient is Isopropyl Alcohol, and I don't believe that is one of the good alcohols, so I stay away from it.


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The secret for me is to detangle when hair is completely saturated with conditioner. I apply tons of conditioner and then separate hair in 4 sections and detangle section by section applying more conditioner if needed. This usually takes anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how long post touchup and this works for me 'cause I can detangle and get the conditioning benefits at same time. After rinsing, the comb out is like butta. Doesn't matter what conditioner or leave-in I use!

BTW, if I'm doing a deep conditioner, I apply the conditioner, cover with plastic cap and sit under warm dryer 10 to 30 minutes. Then, I remove cap, apply more conditioner and begin detangling so I get the extra 10 - 20 minutes conditioning benefits during "cool down" -- I love this method best and hair is super easy to comb, but only get to do once or twice a month 'cause of the extra time. HTH!


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Bee, I am not a hairdresser, but I'm a regular woman who never has tangles in her hair when she washes it (or when it's dry). I wash my hair in the shower, so my hair is hanging downward. I gently massage the shampoo onto my scalp with my fingers, and 'comb' my fingers downward through the entire length of my hair. Then I rinse, apply my conditioner, and comb it through with a seamless, wide-toothed comb.

Also, if I am doing some kind of treatment (hot oil, Jazzing rinse, etc.) I apply it to my hair in that downward direction before putting it up in a plastic cap. This prevents tangles as well.

The part of your question where you ask if the tangling has to do with what direction the hair is hanging in makes me wonder if you are washing your hair bending forward standing over a kitchen sink. Is that the case? I used to wash my hair that way when I was a teen, and that is the only time I can remember having tangles in my hair. That was because my hair would be washed in one direction (forward), then I'd have to comb it out in the opposite direction (down).

Also, back then, there used to be shampoo commercials on TV that showed women piling all of their hair up on top of their heads and scrubbing it harshly. So I used to do that, too, not realizing that I was tangling my hair up in the process. Once I started washing my hair in the shower the way I described above, I never had that problem again.

I hope this helps. :)
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I used to have tangles when I would wash my hair in the sink--I think combing upside down creates tangles.

Now I wash my hair in the shower (I will get in and out 3 times if need be) and there is not one hair in the comb :D . I use the Jibere detangling shower comb and detangle while the water runs over my head with the conditioner. It just slides thru with no problems.

When I get out of the shower and add my leave-in, it softens my hair again and I have no problems.


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Thanks, ladies! Like I stated before, I just purchased a shampoo tray and I will be teaching my daughter how to wash my hair in the kitchen using this neat gadget. I had been washing our hair in the sink, bent over. Now, I'll be able to imitate the shampoo-bowl style of washing.

We'll see what happens!

BTW, do any of you know how I can simulate the sprayer that's used in the shampoo bowl? I purchased one of those rinky-dink sprayers at the bss but it doesn't have the pressure of the salon style sprayer.
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