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WEAVE IT. Support thread!!!


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I just got my first weave last week since I started my hair journey (half sew in and half micros).
I have no Idea how to take care of it. I'm asking all of you ladies for advice. I plan to keep it in for no more than 3 months. I got tired of my hair so I decided to do give it a break.It saves me time when getting ready.:grin:
I've heard of some women washing their weaves while it's still on their heads but that's sounds like a head-ache to me. I'm wondering if there is an alternative for keeping it clean. I have the deep wave weave and washing it is not the best because it's prone to tangles. I'm thinking I should do chronic MN to keep away most of the bacteria (that should somewhat help keep it clean right?). I NEED HELP LADIES! If you have some really good tips for keeping your hair healthy while in weave, I'd love for you to share it with me. I'm sure I'm not the only lady on this board who would benefit from this.
-Thank you!
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You could use seabreaze to clean your scalp....dont have much more because I am wearing a straight sew-in that I wash and condition.


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BTW...VERY PRETTY!!! I love the idea of looking like you have a hair of micros without having to sit for them and taking them out.


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I always wash my weaves. It's no different than washing my own hair. There's just more of it. But you can get a dry shampoo or use sea breeze to clean your scalp.

I'm not sure how you would get smells out of the length of the hair though. My hair always starts to smell dirty after a week if I don't wash it. Especially the weave hair it's like it picks up smells from in the air or something. :nono: