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Wrong-Way Crash Killed Calif. Mom, and Police Say Husband Drove into Oncoming Traffic Intentionally


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WOW!!!!!!! PLUS their 4 children were injured.
The only way this makes sense is if she told him those kids were not his. Not that I'd agree


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There's been quite a few wrong-way crashes lately reported on the news. Usually it's someone running from the police. I wonder if that's where this pathetic man got the idea from.


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it might be time to log of the internet for a while

I wonder if she was aware of his involvement with this organization. Hopefully they'll be named a terror group.

If he had said "Islam made me do it." The media would be all over it.


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I used to wonder how people could get caught up in cults, but since Trump took and left office, I totally see now. QAnon out here having people out here losing their minds for real.