Apl - Bsb 2020 Length Challenge

What's your Goal Length in 2020?

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What length are you now? APL

What's your goal length for this challenge? Get to BSL by year end

What's your regimen? in 2020, i'm revamping my hair regimen but I will keep the wash at every two weeks

Every month: clarify and do an Aphogee 2 step protein treatment

Every two weeks:
  • Prepoo: Ayurvedic hot oil
  • Wash: mix of Rhassoul clay + African black soap
  • Deep condition: Moringa Honey Deep Conditioner
  • Rinse out conditioner: Hisbiscus conditioner
  • Leave in conditioner (liquid): Mango leave in conditioner
  • Leave in conditioner (cream): Matcha tea leave in
  • Braid: Chebe hair butter
I will rebraid using LCO method every five days in between wash but the oil part will be the Chebe hair butter

What do you need to do/change to reach APL/BSB? Protective styling, no heat, finger detangling

What month do you expect to reach your goal? I'm hoping to be at BSB by June and BSL by December

Starting Pic: View attachment 454229


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Curl Junkie not product Junkie. My bad :giggle:

And yes I can post a pic if I decide to bun my hair. I simply put it back in one with some curly synthetic hair around the satin/elastic band similar to this but go all the way to 5:15 minutes for the final look:

I don't do all that baby hair stuff though. I'm a little too old for that and I'm not trying to look 16 years old anyway.
This is a lovely picture.