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April 14 15 16 What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?


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Exfoliate: Komaza Care Pona Hair and Scalp Treatment
Cleanse: Redken Hair Cleansing Creme
DC: APB Flowers and Roots DC
Post-wash: Sarenzo Spray Leave In Conditioner, SSI Cranberry Cream Hair Cocktail, MyHoneyChild Type 4 Hair Cream, Up North Naturals 8-Oil Gelly


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Exfoliate: Komaza Care Pona Hair and Scalp Treatment
Cleanse: Redken Hair Cleansing Creme
DC: APB Flowers and Roots DC
Post-wash: Sarenzo Spray Leave In Conditioner, SSI Cranberry Cream Hair Cocktail, MyHoneyChild Type 4 Hair Cream, Up North Naturals 8-Oil Gelly

How is this spray leave-in? How does it compare to APB refresher spray?


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@rileypak Not to hijack the thread but I see you typically use the Up North Naturals 8 - Oil Gelly. I was thinking of grabbing it from Hattache. Does it keep your hair mouisturized in conjunction with the other products underneath that you use?
Yes...for the most part? LOL
I honestly never really pay attention to that part of it because I only care about it keeping frizzies at bay, no flaking, and not being hard & crunchy :laugh:

My hair is never parched by the next wash day if that's any help (well so far based on what I've used under it).


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Scalp exfoliation: Silk Elements Pre-cleanse Scalp Treatment
Cleanse: Sheaterra Moroccan Mud-Poo in Rosemary Carrot Seed

Green tea rinse (first time): a la Naptural 85's tutorial
Deep conditioning: Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment

Leave-in conditioning: Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion (the slip is sick! :yep:)
Styler: Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water "Style Setter"

Styling: Either 1.25" flexirods or the tiny red ones . . . I'm not sure yet
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Overnight with WEN Oil & WEN Re-Moist (Saran Wrap & Plastic Cap)

Cleanse: Hairveda Amla Cleanse
Cream & Coco's Spun Sugar Reconstructor (under dryer)
Steam: Annabelle's Perfect Blends Ultra Conditioning Souffle
Heavy Seal: CD's Marguerite & CD's Mimosa


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i wanted to give myself a henna treatment this weekend but I don't think that will be happening anymore. I do need to ue some kind of protein treatment though so I will shop my stash and see what I'll come up with. Will update later. Right now, I have to get dressed for dinner.

Alma Petra

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On a whim, I think that I am going to try a hard core protein treatment, right now. I have aphogee 2 step on my hands.

I feel that I'm headed for a disaster. Please pray for me

Strangely nothing at all happened. I feel like my hair was not affected by the 2-step in any way. It feels mostly like its usual self. Almost all the protein treatments I've tried in the past made my hair very rough and rather dry and brittle, that's why I was very afraid of the 2-step treatment. Surprised, I had a look at the ingredients list and I can see that this product is mainly hydrolyzed collagen which explains why it works exactly like my DIY gelatin treatment (that I was suspecting of not being a true protein treatment a few days ago here on the board)

I'm so glad to have avoided a set back. I want to try the Komaza protein treatment next. I wonder if it's going to have zero effect on my hair as well...


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Black Castor Oil on scalp and Annabelle's Pre-poo Treatment on length and sit under conditioning cap for 20 mins.

Mizani Botanical Poo with EO 2 x
DC: Marie Dean Coffee and Kokum DC under heat for 30 mins
Leave-ins: Annabelle's/Oil/Naturelle Grow
Dry: 80% air dry and blow dry on cool air
Hear Protectant: It's a 10 Serum
Flat iron: SEDU on 365


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Cleanse: Redken cleansing cream
DC: APB blueberry cheesecake :drool:
Leave-in: Garnier sleek n shine cream :2inlove:
Sealant: APB honey body glaze :drool:
Style: 2 twists under a plastic cap for a faux wash n go in the morning.
May add more leave-in in the morning then "sweep" blow dry. Ecostyler on the edges cuz I can't find my edge control :(


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Very rarely do I wash my hair (anymore) just because I can. Well I found myself with 2 hours of unscheduled time this morning so i got it in!
Wash, Reconstruct , DC and styled i'm done! I had enough time to thoroughly shellac my wash n go with the Eco flax & castor. Lets see if it works now that i've taken the time to ensure that each and every strand is coated. So far me no likey at all! My hair is huge and fluffy...it looks like my 3+ day old wash n go instead of freshly done..i'll reserve the rest of my opinion for my dry hair.

ETA: I like it and will use this gel again. Big fluffy hair shrunk into a tight curly fro like I like it! Soft touchable and defined.
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Morning Ladies!


- Clarified my hair with Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo
- Moisture Pooed with Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo
- Protein DC with Inahsi Mango Hemp Restorative Hair Masque mixed with a little of Dudley's DRC 28 Protein Treatment
- Moisture DC with Redken All Soft Heavy Cream mixed with Bobeam Buttercream Conditioner.
- Leave-in - InahsiNaturals Aloe Hibiscus Leave-in Conditioner

- Later will be heavy sealing with Mizani H2O Intense Night-Time Treatment sealed with MHC Type 4 Hair Creme.


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Wash with SSI Jojoba Hemp Shampoo
SSI Okra Reconstructor for 3omin w/ heat
Moisture DC with Hairveda Sitrinillah

Styling: Flat twisted hair in preparation for a twist out. Used SSI Tahitian Vanilla Leave-In, SSI Triple Butter Heavy Cream, and a little bit of Eco Styler for hold. Will sit under the dryer later this evening.