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FROM BC TO WAIST LENGTH! Natural growth and health CHALLENGE.


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damn...totally forgot that I was in this challenge...will be back with pics!

My hair as of Jan 2012. The longest parts at that time were 5 inches and the shortest parts were 3:

my hair in dry braids:

Cowashed braids:

Cowashing daily has helped tremendoulsy with moisture retention and the braids are helping with length retention. I only re-braid very 2-3 weeks and I see much less hair when I detangle. Also when i did flat iron my hair it came out super straight with just one pass.

I continue to steam weekly (bi-weekly at minimum) with deep conditioners that I add oils to. I colored my hair for the 2nd time since October 2011 and I am still loving the color and the effects that the dye has on my hair (lifting my tight cuticles).

I do need to trim some SSK's which I may do in two weeks.

I am still very anxious for the shortest parts of my hair to get to full shoulder all the way around!
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I'm still here...

My BC was pretty much a bald fade too.
Right now I'm APL'ish. Hoping to be full APL in June for my 2nd year anniversary.
My goal is MBL. Hope to reac that next year.

Pulling my hair too tight for puffs caused some breakage around my edges. I also had my hair flat-ironed and did a search & destroy. Found a LOT of splits :(... No bueno. I'm sure it's from wash & gos.

I guess I'm going to be wearing twists & rollersets to protect my ends.
Oh, and I definitely want a steamer.


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Made APL, looks like I might be an inch from my BSL in my back layers, although I am one inch past chin length in my from, and maybe 1.5-2" from APL on the sides. I got crazy layers going on.

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So....how is everyone??

Still hanging in there. Fighting the urge to cut my hair yet again. I think I'm just bored with it and this summer heat isn't helping. I cannot wait for it to grow out a bit since I've hit yet another awkward growth stage. I wonder how many more of those will I come across in this growth journey.


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Still got a long way to go,but staying positive.


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my hair is starting to graze bsb...hopefully i'm there by the end of this year...which means one more yr to hopefully reach wl...which is crazy b/c i just made apl a few months ago...i'm about to get a weave soon or do something to hide my hair, b/c i'm starting to get bored w/ my hair...and when i'm bored i do damaging things lol...but i hope everyone in the challenge is making good progress!


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Hi all! checkin in for the first time in a LONG time. Y'all know I was in the midst of a rough pregnancy...well baby boy is 3months now! Yay! Life is stabilizing and so I'm back. I've been at mid-back length for several months, but don't seem to be making progress anymore. I love the length, but still hungry for more. Hopefully getting back n the boards will give me a boost. Will post some pics soon.


hair4romheaven said:
Hey ladies,

Checking in. I don't know what length I am I know I am past BSL but don't know where MBL is. LOL
How is errbody??

Still grazing APL after I went and got a good trim. I'll probably be at APL by November or December so my mind is set on making it to BSL next year.

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Hiya chicas!

I've hit Waist Length! I think either I've been here for a while and have just been in denial or I had a growth spurt.

Either way, I'm here, and thus....my challenge is fulfilled!

So now I'm stepping over to the hip length 2013 challenge. It's been great marathoning with you ladies. I'm staying subscribed to this thread and will continue cheering y'all from the side lines. I'll post my final pic ASAP.