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How many deep conditioners do YOU own?

How Many Deep Conditioners do you own

  • 1-5 I Keep it Simple

    Votes: 128 72.7%
  • 6-10 I like Variety and Options

    Votes: 29 16.5%
  • 11-15 I am a Deep Conditioner Aficianado

    Votes: 6 3.4%
  • 16-20 Lol I am an outta control PJ

    Votes: 13 7.4%

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Well-Known Member
I just organized all my hair stuff and was shocked at how many deep conditioners I have in my stash:nono:. I wash every 5-7 days sooooo, I am all set for the year:lachen:

Moisture DC's
Aubreys Honeysuckle Rose
YTC Mud Mask
Mizani Thermasmooth
Moroccan Oil Hydration Masque
Silk Elements Moisturizing Treatments
Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Puree Treatment
Aussie 3 min Miracle
Lustrasilk Shea Butter
Lustrasilk Organic Cholesterol w/ Argan Oil
Lustrasilk Olive Oil
Alter Ego Impac Garlic
Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm
Venetian Blends Masque Divina
Hairveda Strinillah
Silicon Mix
Avocado Cholesterol
La Bomba
Nacidit Avocado

Light Protein DC's
Derm Organic Masque
Silk Elements Intense Conditioning Mayonnaise
Coloresse Rescue Treatment Masque
One' Only Age Renew Treatment Masque

I know......completely out of control. I am trying to work on my PJ issues this year. I am at the 1st step, aware that I have a problem, but not quite ready for help yet(don't judge me ya'll):look:

SO LHCF'ers How Many Deep Conditioners do YOU own?


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I have 4 technically but only count 2:

Yes to Carrots - 1.5 full jars
Lustrasilk shea butter - 1 full jar

I have 2 partials with a little left:

Activate Hair Mask - it's been discontinued :(


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Trying to be like you nymane. I definitely have some staples that I love, and once I use everything up, I will be sticking to staples only.

Biancaelyse-have you ever tried mixing the YTC and Lustrasilk Shea together?


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Una Bomba Treatment
Halka Baba de Caracol Treatment
Toque Magico Emergencia
Coconut oil
Silk Elements Mega Moisture Treatment
Aphogee 2 Min Reconstructor
Silicon Mix Conditioner
Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture


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Not too many.

Motions Moisture Plus - I always keep this around
Pantene Masks
ORS Bottle
Lustrasilk Shea Butter & Mango Cholesterol
BJ's Matrix Knockoff
Cream of Nature


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Trying to be like you nymane. I definitely have some staples that I love, and once I use everything up, I will be sticking to staples only.

Biancaelyse-have you ever tried mixing the YTC and Lustrasilk Shea together?

I have not. they each work pretty well in my hair alone. I find the YTC to be more concentrated and I can use less, whereas I need to be a little more heavy handed with the Lustrasilk.

YTC is a bit thicker too.


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Technically, I only have one: Black Earth Enhancing Herbal Conditioner.

However, I mainly dc with a coconut oil/olive oil mixture (hot oil treatment, which I consider to be the same as dc'ing....so I guess the answer is three).

I don't like to have a lot of things around. I just want one thing that works.


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I have

Pantene Relaxed and natural deep conditioning mask
Wen fig
Aussie 3 min deep

I think that is it.


Team Fluid
hmmm.. nevr thought about. Let's see:

alter ego garlic
nexxus humectress
organix coconut milk
nioxin scalp therapy
ors paks
ors mayo
aphogee 2 min keratin... that makes 7!

selfstyled, what are your staples out of the ones you own?
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I have one ors packet lying around and a bottle so ill count that as 1
Nexxus Humectress my primary one so thats 2
I have a packet of Silk Elements which I'm gonna use eventually thats 3
and my Nexxus Keraphix protein Conditioner brings my total to 4
yayy im good i thought i was worse than that im trynna keep it at 3 and 1 extra for protein


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Hmmm I have less than 10 I think

YTC mask
Nexxus Humectress
Silicon Mix
Aphogee 2 minute
Aubreys HSR
Aubreys GPB
Aubreys WC
Mizani Moisturfuse

I forgot Giovanni SAS deeper moisture, I only use it as a cowash now though.
I'm almost out of it too.
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Yes to Carrots Mask
AO Honeysuckle Rose
Jasmine's Bath & Beauty Babassu
Jasmine's Reconstructor

I'm surprised that I let my DC stash get so low; there's usually at least one jar of Lustrasilk Mango+Shea and a few ORS Replenishing Paks. I guess I am not the pj I used to be.


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I have 3 for each stage of my relaxer stretch.

ORS bottle
Shescentit banana brulee (good for NG late in my stretch)
Nexxus Humectress


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Moisture DC's
Creme of Nature Extreme Moisture
Shescentit Banana Brulee
Redken Heavy Cream

Protein DCs
Ion Reconstructor Treatment
Motions CPR
Aphogee 2-Minute

Moisture/Protein DCs
ORS Replenishing
Silicon Mix

Dark n Lovely Cholesterol
Silk Elements MegaCholesterol :lick:

wowww....I've got a problem. :look:


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I think at the moment I only own:

Toque Magico Emergencia (Protein)
Aphogee 2 Min Reconstructor (Protein)
Silicon Mix (Protein/Moisture)
Miss Key 10 en 1 (Protein/Moisture)
Silk Elements Intense Conditional Mayo (don't use)
Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition 3-Minute Undo Dryness Reversal Treatment (don't use)

Although, they are having a sale at Ulta and I am going to pick up something moisturizing.


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Wow you ladies have serious PJ issues (LOL = JOKING)

My list is below:

Ion Extreme Moisture
Yes To Carrots Mud Mask x 2(haven't used it yet)
Silk Elements Mega Silk Moisturizing Treatment
Silk Elements Mega Silk Moisturizing Treatment with Silk Protein x 2
Aphogee 2 Step x 2
Aphogee 2 minute
Nexxus Humectress
Nexxus Emergencee x 2
Motions CPR
Motions Moisture Plus
Neutrogena Deep Recovery Mask
Queen Helene Super Cholesterol
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
Joico K Pak
Sabastian Potion 9 or 7 I forget!
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Not many..

GVP Conditioning Balm
Aussie Moist
Aphogee 2 min

;( the pj in me wants to buy more!! i used to have so many..


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I DC once a week (three times a month) with AO GPB and once a month with Henna. So 2, but I only have one in the house right now :grin:.


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I have 5 that are my staples. That's it for me.

Back to Basics Honey Hydrating
Jason Sea Kelp
Jason Henna High Lights

Ion Reconstructor

Fiberguard Sustanance

Junebug D

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I have 3; 4 if Emergencee is considered one.

Kenra MC, which is my weekly staple. I also have Aubrey Organics HoneySuckle Rose and the Body Shop Honey Conditioner... I'm trying to decide which of those two I like best for deep into relaxer stretches and in case of protein overload.


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I take deep conditioning seriously, so I don't own very many bc I don't know enough about the different brands yet. I only own 2: UBH and Aphogee 2 minute. I'm currently searching for a moisturizing DC to rotate every other week with UBH. I am trying a sample of L'occitane Aromathologie Repairing Mask that I'm going to try tonight...maybe it will become a staple.
Wow, that's a crazy amount, OP. I only have two, Aussie 3 minute miracle and ORS Replenishing Conditioner. I buy too much stuff so I'm gonna stick with that at the moment. :yep: