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Marriage Prayer for Singles Circle? Anyone?


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In response to Shimmie's thread about her marriage prayers, http://www.longhaircareforum.com/showthread.php?t=96564, I had the idea to ask those of you interested in praying for each other regarding this subject, our dating lives, etcc... whether you're divorced, single, never married, have kids, it doesn't matter... as long as you're pursuing marriage, needing prayer and guidance from the Lord, and a community of believers praying for you. I want to see if those of you are interested in committing to praying for each other one week each month. Please feel free to offer ideas, i'm new at this. I just see this as a need and Shimmie has already started that bandwagon. We can start a monthly thread each month so they dont get too long, but also, you dont have to post all of your prayers here, you can PM the person. But I figure maybe we can post our prayer requests for that week, and we can come in the thread and read the requests and just pray for each other that week. If your requests are too personal, I'm sure you can select and PM others to request your prayers. So far, that's where I"m at.... I will update the list of those who are interested.... I'm thinking the last week of the month may be a good timing. Let me know if you have any better ideas or if something like this already exists LOL...
Update: The prayer circle is still expanding and is open for those who want to join. Please PM me if you would like to be added to the list. Please do not put your request here becuase I may miss it and I dont want you to be left out on such a great thing! Also, it will make it easier for me to respond to you and let you know that you've been added!

So far we have...

Reece Nicole
blackHairdiva & mommy

~This list has been updated with all requests as of December 3, 2008~

UPDATE!: Our first week of prayer will begin Nov 23-29! The group lists are on post #40


Once you have been given a partner group, please PM the people in your group that you're praying for and those praying for you, give them your real name, first names are sufficient, and your prayer request. If you'd like to also post your requests here so that others outside of your group may pray, you can do that as some have already begun. But just to be sure, it's good to go ahead and PM those you will be in partnership with.

I will follow up with a post at the end of the week. I want you all to be really focused during your prayer time and for us to all be listening to God as much as asking. I believe it's very important to listen. And most of all, I want us to come back and post about things God has shown us within the week, changes in our lives (not necessarily marriage proposals, alhtough that would be AMAZING! But just things he's showing us), or even if nothing has come to us, but still communicate and keep in touch, and even ask for more prayer. Journaling is an amazing way to sort of "keep track" of what God's showing you, and to also see the process of growth and change in us. I would encourage you all to get a journal and write down your thoughts, prayers, whatever God brings to you.. I would hope that even though this is our designated week of prayer, we can still come to this thread and ask for prayer during the off weeks and receive it. I have asked my mom and a few other older women in my life to pray for our group, that God's will would be accomplished in our lives, for our protection of mind, body and spirit, and that we are successful and focused on praying for each other, and can find quiet places to pray, esp for those of us with families or children...

As we all probably come from different types of church denominations and background, I am sure that we all may pray a different way, or even have diverse beliefs to a point, so my request is that we respect each others differences, but let it be known that we are praying to the same God and have a focused and unified agreement in prayer to lift each other up before The Father...

After each week of prayer, we will come back to the forum and respond to the following questions:

How was it?
What are some things God has shown you about yourself?
Did you contact the members in your group and let them know what you have prayed for them?
Did you actually get the chance to pray?
What could you do better the next time?
What could we do differently or better as a group the next time?

Please, if you would, respond when you get a chance. It would help me a lot in preparing for our next week of prayer for the next month, and also, will help us all to connect with each other as well. If there are any prayer requests before the decided week of prayer and things you are struggling with right now, and need prayer for right now, please post them here, and also maybe PM some people on the list and ask them to pray for you.

I would like to ask that we all remain open to be PM'd for prayer requests, and if you cannot, absolutely cannot pray for the person, please PM them back and let them know so that they can ask someone else. If you do PM someone for a prayer request that's needed right now, PM at least 3 or 4 people on the list so that you are sure to be covered in prayer. If you are PM'd for a prayer request, please also respond and let the person know you will be praying for them, and try to respond within a day to be timely. At the end of the time you pray for the person, however long that may be, please write them back with some sort of feedback on what you prayed for. Again, this is a prayer community and what we're all embarking on together, so let's really be intentional, keep our word, and know that it's not always going to be easy to give up our time, but that we are simply being obedient and glorifying God at the same time! I appreciate each and every one of you for being here, for offering your time and support for each other!

My prayer is that God would be glorified in the things He will do in our lives, for the testimonies that will come about. So come Lord Jesus, have Your way in us, through us and for us. During this season of prayer, open our hearts, minds and attitudes to be sensitive to your Word and your guidance. Let us see the things we need to change and grow. Help us to speak life into each other and be bold enough to speak your truth, even when it's uncomfortable. Give us the strength and courage to be challenged, to desire holiness and to continually be changed into the image of Christ Jesus, our Lord. Be our Guide and speak to our spirits as you accomplish your good and perfect will in our lives. I pray that you would honor our desire for marriage in the very way you have designed each and everyone of us for, and that we would continue to make you the center of our lives always!


If you have any questions, please PM me.

For encouragement and some good reads, visit www.beforetheknot-andafter.blogspot.com.

If you are needing to read some good and encouraging books on pursuing marriage in a Godly way, for preparation, for atttiude and things that even seem confusing, get a copy at your local library or even on amazon.com of "Getting Serious About Getting Married" by Debbie Maken. This book changed my life and I believe it will change yours too!

Be blessed,
Your Sister In Christ,
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Hi Ladies,
Thanks for the good response we've gotten! I am so looking forward to praying for you all... As most have agreed that the last week of each month is good for them, the November prayer circle will begin Nov 23 and will go through Nov 29. Please all have your prayer requests submitted before the 23, but no earlier than the 20th. You can submit them in this thread.

As it is effective to be intentional and also specific, please try to come with an intention to pray as well as being specific about your own needs. If you dont really know what they are, and are confused, then I'm sure we can help. As this circle is for marriage-minded women, we want to focus on praying for each other regarding marriage, but this also includes preparation for; emotional issues we have now; healing that needs to take place in our lives in order that we can be in a healthy marriage; past abuses/bad relationships; parental issues that keep resurfacing in our lives; requests for needed guidance/mentorship/leadership; issues of purity (for those of us who seek to commit to being or becoming pure again, i.e. abstinence); and other issues that tie into moving towards healthy marriages; praying for future spouses (i.e. praying for their wellbeing, work situations, keeping themselves from sexual sin, etc,, yes, we can pray for them even though we dont know them) and other issues that relate to marriage readiness and pursuing it.

I know that many may have requests that are private, so it is totally okay to just PM people with your request. Otherwise, please post your requests on this thread. Once the week of the 23rd begins, it is my expectation that we will all come to this thread, read the requests and committ to praying for the week for them. Since there are 7 days within the week, I would ask each person to committ to praying for at least five people, and I will PM you and let you know who you would be praying for and then you can search the thread for their requests.

I know I know, it may seem uncomfortable praying for someone you dont know or even a situation you're not familiar with, but these are times where we truly listen to God as we pray for the other, and we search His Word for each other. I've done this many times, and it has surely increased and strengthened my faith in God's providence and His ability to understand our needs even when we dont.. Please try to leave scripture for others as well, it is so important that we stay in God's Word and bless each other with it. There is so much power in His written word and when we go there for answers, it increases also our knowledge, our habit to study and spend time with Him there, and gives us peace, hope, faith and perseverance. It is important that everyone is covered in prayer. I'd hate for anyone to be left out. So this is all VERY important! :)

It is not necessary or required that you type out the prayers here, but only if you want to for that person. But if you do have scripture for that person and have prayed for them, I would ask that you simply post a basic note about what you prayed for that person, and provide any helpful or encouraging scripture for them if you have one. I know that this requires a sacrifice of time, but I believe we are so blessed and often forget our own worries when we can take some time in our lives to focus on praying for others, but all to God's glory, and all that we may be healed and will walk in the will of the Lord.

If you have any questions, please write them here or PM me and I will definitely respond! Blessings to you all, peace to you, and God's best for you everyday.

Your Sister In Christ,


Directions: (For those of us who need to see it in a bulleted list)

1. Submit prayers starting November 20. Try to have them all submitted before Nov 23 either PM me or post them in this thread.

2. You will be given five people to pray for during the week of November 23-November 29.

3. Optional but strongly suggested: Get into the Word and seek answers, as well as scriptures for encouragement for your people.

4. Daily or at the end of the week, post your prayers, if you want, or a basic description about what you have prayed about for each of your people, and any scriptures for encouragement or edification.

If you have any better ideas than mine, please let me know. I realize I dont know everything and my way isn't always the best :)
I think we all will learn so much during this time, will increase our faith, and will develop good habits of getting into the Word daily and seeking God, as well as praying intentionally for others. So we all truly benefit from this exercise! Aren't you excited???!!!

Bless you!

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I am excited too. I have had this desire for a while, and pray about it, but not enough or regularly. This will help with that. I love praying for other's and I can't wait to start interceeding for you wonderful ladies.