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Nov 23 24 25 26 27 What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?


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Same to you!!! :2inlove:

Hey Lovely Ladies!:wave:

So Thankful for you ALL this Year. :2inlove:

Lawd...We made it through.

I hope you will take time to tell those you love and those you like how thankful you are to have them in your lives!:amen:

Even your enemies are there to get you to the next level and test your faith & work your nerves!:angry2:

Try to be Nice to yourself this time of year.:rose:

With that, yeah....Imma stay on Ya'll so we can ALL finish 2017 Healthy & Strong!

LOOK! :eek:I gave Ya'll 2 Extra Days to do what you do! So get it done.:angeldevil:

Let's ALL arrive at 2018 Healthier, Stronger and in Good Condition!:strong:

So...What Are YOUR Weekend Hair Plans?


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I just ordered the APB Moisturizing Hair Lotion - do you use it on wet hair or dry hair (or both)?

I hoping that it's light enough to use as a daily moisturizer. I'm doing a lot of trial and error on my search for a new moisturizer

I Am So Blessed

I'm easy going.
I did not do anything but detangle while looking at old black movies from the 70's. "right on".

I jumbo flat twisted it right back up and put a scarf on. Had the scarf on the whole four days I had off work.


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It felt strengthened @gemruby41.


I did not like the pre poo however. It did not offer the slip a prepoo should deliver. I prefer to use the Moisture Drenched one Chicoro gave us a few years back. I will stick with that one from now on.
I used mine yesterday with the shampoo, and I liked it. I wonder how it would do if used after the shampoo.