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NTM, I Like it.


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I just AFSHAN MEHNDI-ied my hair, then shampooed with NTM, NTM deep mask and the silk leave in afterward. The shampoo was really great,tangle free, silky and smooth results; the conditioners:ohwell: I really cannot say they are as wonderful as my JASON :p products.


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I like their shampoo, too, and I use it regularly. I do like their conditioner, but it's a bit thick for me to use regularly and it's also too expensive to me for that purpose as well. I use much, much more conditioner than shampoo. So, I usually use NTM shampoo and follow with Garnier Fructis Conditioner.


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I wasn't impressed with NTM. It made my hair soft but didn't moisturize it. I considered it such a waste and misnomer.