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OMG! MY hair swangs!!!! Album PROGRESS update!!


Greetings ladies!! :wave:

I have been on hair boards for YEARS and felt like a rookie up until maybe last week!! Although I love reading stories from newbies of how they turned their hair around in weeks after joining this community, I always wondered when I would figure out my holy grail. What on earth works for me to retain, strengthen and moisturize my hair. After almost two or three years I finally figured out that my hair needed ACV rinses, but after that, I was lost. Now I feel like I am in bootcamp for hair! This includes all of the challenges in my siggy, along with more consistancy on the vitamins, massages and a little more active life. I do scalp peels (thanks vickid!) and after the last one MsPortugal applied, she cornrowed my hair in these big braids which I left in for a month because I read that lunarly my hair should be cut on the 18th or 19th to lengthen my hair.

Well, MsPortugal already bought the Affirm kit and texturized (you saw how cute it was in her album :) ), so I went half on it and she hooked me up. I felt I had to go back to the crack!! She is so much more adventurous with her hair dos than I am; I just wanted to go straight, not bone straight because I want to still have some body. She did the back half of my head and then the front after basing my scalp. She even cut the relaxing time short on the front half of my head because she saw that it was straightening quicker than the back. She followed all of the steps and was very gentle with my locks. She showed me how my hair looked on the third step and it was still thick and had a lot of texture to it, just not so daggone tight!! As she was rinsing my hair in the sink, I told her I could see it hanging!!

Then comes the magic.....She blew dried my hair with her new fancy blow drier that gets HOT and then flat ironed it with the ever so chic unit from Wal-Mart!! She did the left hand back corner section and showed me in the mirror, a sista almost cried. I couldn't even believe that was my hair!! :eek::grin: So, she finished the rest of my hair, checked for splits and clipped the two I had and then I was swanging! :lol: It was quite nice to feel my hair flowing on my upper back. I needed a moment!! :lachen: One of her relatives that I see periodically came in to see my hair and the initial comment was how pretty it looked, then followed by "is that ALL YOUR hair?!" We cracked up!! Normally that question offends me to no end, but this time it was a compliment of the utmost high. This is from someone who knows me and has seen my hair nekkid (no half wig)!!

She sent me home with wrapping instructions so I could stay swingalicious and the next day, I showed my best friend and she was in awe!! I had my white girl shake in full force!! My cuz encourged me to unlock my album and show the world my progress! I'm so happy it IS progress this time and not yet another set back. I left the straggly pictures in the album too because I like seeing how far I have come. I need to know all of this effort is worth it and finally paying off.

Since I bought those half wigs in bulk in preparation for the next five years, I still rock that do so I can keep my locks. My ends are being bagged in some MTG as I type so I can retain some mo!! I do believe that until it is well past my shoulders and doesn't brush back and forth thus causing breakage, I should keep my hair protected at all times.

This feels like my first big step and I am still figuring out exactly what my hair needs, but I did not ever give up. I wanted to time and time again, especially since I have been stuck at the same length for years. But, I kept the faith that some day some how I would figure it out and something would finally work for me. If you are anything like me, hang in there, keep trying even if another board viciously steals your pics and clowns you for their own twisted amusement, perservere. Then post some pics because trust me, some of those same heifers who were talkin ish last year will be looking, they still might not have anything nice to say, but now there is NOTHING bad they can say!!

Thank you for reading my post and enjoy my album! :)


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A year does make a difference:) ! Your hair looks so much fuller and healthier:yep: Congratulations on all that progress.


Hi NubianQueen!
I've been wondering where you've been.You have really turned your hair around! Congratulations on your fabulous hair growth!! Determination and hard work really pays off, Well done babes!! Ms Portugal is truely a gem.


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Your hair is fabulous and you are so fortunate to have LHCF trained stylists!!! Please go and "swang" that hair at some of your naysayers:grin: :lol: :lachen: :lachen:


yay look at the response to my cuz-friends hair ladies let me tell you a total turnaround is possible. the hair was slangin and bangin when we got thru. with the help of mtg she will reach brastrap

cuz you must change the siggy to texturized cause you can still rock the naturalistic do!!!!


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WOW great progress - congrats and well done to Msportugal for doing such a great job :clap:
Were you using MTG at any stage this year?


I used to be a member of the other board but then I discovered lhcf. I remember the thread but whos laughing now !!!!!!! :lachen: Congrats on your growth you are an inspiration.


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Nubian, your progress is incredible. Beautiful. Enjoy your hair!

...but I must say ...I was seething at this one line:
NubianQueen said:
I had my white girl shake in full force!!

Did you have to go there? ;) Plenty of ethnicities can make their hair swing.

This group does not need further glorification -- by a self-proclaimed Nubian Queen no less. This is the reason I can't get in an elevator without some bytch swinging her hair unnecessarily thinking I'm in awe.

I am not in awe. This group is not god's gift to the earth, as they and many black sports stars would have one believe. Everyone with long hair is not trying to pursue the white standard of beauty.

This fallacy is a pet peeve of mine. I'm sorry. Didn't mean to make this thread socio-political. But I had to respond to that sentence :ohwell:

Carry on . And I did not mean any offense (but I did mean to enlighten and I hope you think twice about saying that again:) )


Wow!!! :eek::grin:

Thanks so much for all of the replies! I'm still on cloud nine over my hair!! You're so right, other ethnicities can shake, including ours!! No offense taken at all.

I sure did use mtg and a host of other things like I stated in the original post. I am even more gung ho about my hair duties and will not ever let up on the extensive process of treating my locks like precious gold!!

:notworthy Big ups to MsPortugal :notworthy . As we all have read or know from personal experience, ALL of my hard work could have gone right down the drain without a brilliant beautician!! I am truly blessed! :kiss:

Thanks again and I look forward to sharing my BSL pics in a few months!! :lol:


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Your hair is so full and healthy! Conrgats on your progress :), while giving all the thanks, don't forget to thank God truly nothing can be accomplished unless He wills it.;)
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:D Congrats Nubian!!!!!

Your a good example of getting back on the wagon.
U grow gurl.

You inspire me- that I KNOW I CAN HAVE BSL HAIR!!!!POWER TO THA PEOPLE!!! :lol:

MsPortugal: W.O.W!! :eek: Your hair also inspires me. And your daughter has lovely hair too. Thank God she has a mum who knows about proper hair care.

About that MTG- How much growth was you getting, or are you getting from it? (thickness/ length per month)