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Phoenix Cops To Pregnant Mom (bw) - "i Will Put A Cap In Your Head" Jay-z Hires Attorney

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Either A Blessing Or A Lesson.
Officer in viral-video shoplifting incident to be fired: Police chief
A white police officer in Phoenix, involved in a viral-video arrest of a black couple suspected of shoplifting will be fired, according to authorities.

The decision came after an internal investigation done by the police department over the summer, authorities said during a news conference Tuesday.

On May 27, cellphone videos surfaced showing one police officer threatening to shoot a father as other officers pointed guns at his pregnant fiancee and their young children in the parking lot. Dravon Ames, 22, and his fiancee, Iesha Harper, 24, were later identified as the civilians in the video. They were accused of shoplifting at a Family Dollar store.

Chief Jeri Williams said Tuesday that two officers had been sent to the Disciplinary Review Board and that the board had recommended a written reprimand for the first officer and a six-week unpaid suspension for the second officer.

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Williams said that she agreed on the discipline decision for the first officer, whom she said had used "inappropriate" language, but had also tried to de-escalate the situation. However, Williams said, she had differed with the board on how to discipline the second officer, Chris Meyer.

"After meeting with the officer, Chris Meyer, personally and considering all the facts of the case, I have notified him of my intention to terminate his employment," she said Tuesday. "In this case, a 240-hour suspension is just not sufficient to reverse the adverse effects of his actions on our department and our community."

She said that he was currently on administrative leave and that he did have rights to appeal her decision.

"It was difficult for both of us -- for me to make the decision and for him to take the call," Williams said.

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On May 27, Phoenix officers responded to a report of a shoplifting incident at a Family Dollar store.

Officers caught up to the vehicle suspected in the shoplifting at a nearby apartment complex. That's when the incident quickly escalated and witnesses pulled out cellphones and started recording.

a person posing for the camera: Dravon Ames, left, and Iesha Harper listen to a question during a news conference at Phoenix City Hall, June 17, 2019, in Phoenix.
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Harper got out of the car holding her 1-year-old. An officer charged up and attempted to pull the toddler from her arms, according to the video. A neighbor intervened and agreed to take the children, which police allowed before arresting Harper.

Williams later posted the videos on Facebook and ordered an investigation. The officers involved in the incident were not wearing body cameras.

Police said that Harper's 4-year-old daughter had allegedly taken a doll from the store. No charges were filed against the couple because the store manager declined to press charges.

"We wear this badge as a symbol of our commitment to a higher standard," Williams said Tuesday. "One that won't erode the trust of those we serve or tarnish the pride that is involved with being a Phoenix police officer."

The couple is suing.

ABC News' Leah Larosa, Cherise Rudy and Bonnie McLean contributed to the reporting in this story.


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I hate when police give several commands that contraindicate the previous. "Put your hands up" "now open the door". That's how people get shot. I saw the video of the poor man at a hotel, I believed, was shot due to not following directions. I would have been so nervous, I would have had no chance of surviving the terrorist's instructions.

Terrorists are increasingly joining the police force.

Crackers Phinn

Either A Blessing Or A Lesson.

Phoenix City Council approves settlement over controversial 2019 police encounter with Black family​

By Jennifer Martinez and FOX 10 Staff
Published August 26, 2020
FOX 10 Phoenix

PHOENIX - The City of Phoenix approved a nearly half-million settlement with a family whose encounter with police gained national attention in 2019.

During a City Council meeting on August 26, members of the council approved, in a six-to-two vote, a $475,000 settlement with the family of Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper.

The vote took place amid a planned protest in Downtown Phoenix by Black Lives Matter supporters over police brutality.

Councilmember Carlos Garcia the only member who spoke after the vote.

"The money won't take away the trauma or the harm that has been caused, but I hope the children will have a better life for it," said Councilmember Garcia.

Video of violent encounter went viral​

A video of the encounter was published on social media, after a bystander captured the footage outside an apartment complex after the family had left a discount retailer location where a doll was reportedly taken.

The accounts of the encounter provided by the family and law enforcement are conflicting.

Parents Ames and Harper said an officer injured their 1-year-old daughter in May 2019 by pulling on one of her arms after the mother refused a command to put the child down. The mother said the girl couldn't walk and the pavement was hot.

The officer who pulled on the child's arm had profanely told Harper that he could have shot her in front of her children, according to a Notice of Claim that was filed in 2019.

According to the claim, Ames was reportedly injured by police who erroneously claimed he wasn't complying with their commands, after Ames exited the vehicle that the family was traveling in.

An officer is accused of throwing Ames against vehicle, kicking his leg so hard that Ames collapsed and punching him for no reason. The claim said one of the officers profanely told Ames in front of his children that he was going to shoot him in the face.

"No threat, no resistance," said Tom Horne, an attorney representing the family, in 2019. "It was completely unjustified."

While the parents' attorney said the child and father were injured in the encounter, police said no injuries were reported to them.

Police also said there were other stolen items in the vehicle during the encounter besides the doll.

No one was charged with shoplifting because the property was returned, and store employees didn't want the case prosecuted, police said.

Family reacts to settlement​

On August 26, the family says that this is just the beginning of the justice they are demanding, but they're glad it's over, and that they can move forward.

"I just want to say I'm glad we got justice," said Harper. "It's been hell dealing with my kids and what happened. I'm glad justice was served.:"

Harper says it's a relief.

"It's been a long time. It feels good. Glad that it's over. Got my justice. I know it's not over, over, but it's somewhat over."

Community activist responds​

Jrett Maupin says the money is just the beginning for change in the city.

"It's happening to black people, but now everyone, all taxpayers, are paying for the wrongful actions of the police," said Maupin.