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Woman In Vegetative State Gives Birth At Hacienda Healthcare In Phoenix; Sex Abuse Investigation

Crackers Phinn

Either A Blessing Or A Lesson.

Trial for ex-Hacienda nurse accused of raping, impregnating patient delayed due to pandemic​

Bree Burkitt
Arizona Republic
Nathan Sutherland, who has been accused of raping and impregnating a patient at Hacienda HealthCare, is arraigned in Maricopa County Superior Court on Feb. 5, 2019.

The trial for the former Hacienda Healthcare nurse accused of raping and impregnating an incapacitated patient has been postponed again — this time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The case of Nathan Sutherland, 38, was initially set to go to trial in Maricopa County Superior Court in late July after multiple continuances since his high-profile January 2019 arrest.

Sutherland's attorney, Edward Molina, sought the latest delay due to the current coronavirus pandemic, writing in court documents that the "voluminous" jury selection process will likely subject all involved to increased risk and the increased numbers of positive inmates in Maricopa County jails, where Sutherland was being held.

Judge Stephen Hopkins granted the request and the trial has since been rescheduled to Nov. 9. This is at least the third time the trial has been delayed.

The Hacienda case is not the only case that has been pushed back. Numerous other high-profile cases have been delayed due to the pandemic, including the trial of Bryan Miller, who is accused of separate killings of a woman and a girl along the same canal in the early 1990s.

Sutherland was arrested after police say he sexually assaulted and impregnated a patient he was responsible for caring for as a nurse at Hacienda Healthcare in Phoenix. According to police, DNA tests matched Sutherland to the baby.

Sutherland has pleaded not guilty to the charges of sexual assault and abuse of a vulnerable adult. He voluntarily surrendered his license to the Arizona State Board of Nursing shortly after his arrest.
COVID-19 delays trial for ex-Hacienda nurse accused of impregnating patient (azcentral.com)


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I just want to vomit. Its really disgusting. He should really have his behind whooped with a brass knuckle. I really never wish violence on people.
I'm the type of person who wishes you have papercuts that don't heal on every finger tip.


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The other staff saw her belly growing, they should have blown the whistle too. They deserve a physical dragging as well.

I would have blown the whistle first sight.
There are studies that describe how people will be a part of something THEY know is wrong, really have the support otherwise to blow the whistle and just go along with things to the demise of people or victimization of others.
The Nazi/Holocaust (I was just doing as I was told)....Fortunately, Germany Got BUCK and prosecuted them, even if they were 90-95 years old.

The nursing staff have probably witness all types of abuse and said nothing. They knew that girl stomach was getting big and I wonder if anyone else was being held accountable. Have the nerve to sit up there and try to deliver the baby too.

If I can help it, I'll hire help to have my loved ones at the house.