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Woman In Vegetative State Gives Birth At Hacienda Healthcare In Phoenix; Sex Abuse Investigation


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I want to see the mugshot.

This poor woman. What a tortuous existence. I wonder if her parents regret not letting go earlier.


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The daily mail said the woman is 29 yrs old and spent the last 26 years in a vegetative state. She’s been that way since 3? That is so awful. It’s a sad story all around.

Also if that dude was her full time nurse it would make sense why no one “knew” especially if the nurse and doctors helped over it up.


Hello is me your looking for?
Good they found and arrested him quick. Now time to castrate him and put him under the jail.
I just had a thought. I wonder if he was the only one? He impregnated her, but he was not her only nurse.
Best believe he might not have been the only one. I feel sorry for this lady.
But this story is crazy. Even this monster was the only one to touch her where were the people giving this lady care? Where was the family?
Nobody saw changes in her body? So many questions. I call BS, people knew. I think the facility knew all along and hid it. That's not something to mess with cause if the state come through and does an investigation everyone who had anything to do with her care can be fired or lose their license, the facility could lose their license to operate as well. If something like that happened at a facility where I worked and I knew about it this is not something I would be able to live with. I would not stay and I would report them. This story is disturbing.