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Product Discussion


I'm in my 40's and have tried my fair share of products over the years. There's a few that are still my go to if i need it.

My product journey of recent years was that I had switched from being a long timer user of Keracare after they removed the sulfates from the Hydrating shampoo years ago it doesn't leave my hair as conditioning. I used to think I didn't need a conditioner after using it that's how good it felt on my hair, the sulfate free one does not lather up as much. The 1st lather i didn't think lathered as well either after the change, but still love the Humecto conditioner. Yes, i know what you think about sulfates but I knew what this product did to my hair it was better.

Anyway, I have tried a wide variety of of Mizani products in the last few years some i've gotten from friends whom had some of the line:

Thermasmooth line - in the new cream bottle this line was sold me by my stylist that its good for relaxed hair, unfortunately i didn't like the shampoo or conditioner i found it too stripping and i don't like the icky after feel on the hair. Anything with thermal in mind is too stripping for me and not enough conditioning/silkening parts to it. I only blow dry my hair once a week I don’t bother with flat iron, curling iron etc afterwards.

Milk Bath Shampoo and silk conditioner they were ok i felt the milk bath shampoo stripped my hair too much and silk conditioner was not silky enough. Not sure if this is discontinued or not. But would not buy this line again.

Moisturefuse conditioner i didn't think that much to it. I’m not sure if its discontinued or not as its pictured in the old brown packaging on mizani website. - Would not buy this again though.

Fulfyl - loved this 30 mins under heat cap works wonders for my hair as it’s a mild protein (discontinued) :(

Fibrefyl treatment and the tub primer - seemed ok was applied by stylist years ago but no real comment on this as it was some time ago. (discontinued)

Renew Strength Line shampoo was good as was the reconstructing conditioner masque when used with heat cap made the hair slightly hard after rinsing and combing as it is a protein treatment i had to put a bit of regular conditioner to soften it up - Would use again though as only a few strands of hair came out the whole wash it is discontinued line.

Rich Moisture Line - clarifying shampoo, Rich Moisture shampoo and conditioner - funny smell to it as if there is no smell, clarifying one seem to do its job however the other two didn't do a thing for my hair which was very disappointing it didn't put anything back onto my hair more stripping then actually conditioning so i won't be buying this in future.

Strength Fusion Line - Shampoo, Conditioner, salvage shot, night time treatment, sealer, heat protecting serum - i really like this whole line and i'm sticking with it, not sure how the night time treatment is going to work i tried it years ago and made no difference to any breakage i had back then. I haven't tried the salvage shot yet. the heat protecting serum is the business it leaves hair with slip its so silky and a little goes a very long way. shampoo wasn't too drying or too oily just right in the middle for me, same for conditioner. sealer was good too.

Miracle Milk 25 - this stuff is too drying for me, nice fresh smell but it's too liquid my hair prefers something a bit more oily. My stylist said to use this on damp hair to blow dry it with when i first got it from her, my hair was just too damn dry after it and felt like straw the next day, i also tried it to freshen up my hair when it was dry, again too drying. i'm going to order the Miracle oil 25 i'll see what what one is like.

Bond PHorce- a friend gave me theirs as the are not relaxing anymore, I haven’t tried it yet it comes as a 2 pack the 3rd one you get separately so images you see out there with three in the box are incorrect - this line is a replacement for kerafuse and hydrafuse.

Kerafuse/hydrafuse - seemed a good pair of products i only tried it once my friend used hers on me i don't remember how it was as it was years ago - discontinued line

Phormula-7 - neutralising and chelating shampoo - good product and useful for removing calcium build up when using the no lye relaxer which are known to leave calcium deposits on hair i think its discontinued see below.

Butter Blend Balancing Hair Bath - Neutralising and chelating shampoo again same as above the suds are not as harsh on the to the touch think this one replaced the other one.

Pherphecting cream - used after rinsing out relaxer but before the neutralising shampoo i haven't used it yet so cannot comment on performance.

Butter Base - looks like a clear gel not tried it yet but will on my next relaxer.

Honey shield - used to protect previously relaxed hair so its not over processed if the new growth relaxer touches it - not used this before so cannot comment on performance, in the past i would just put vaseline or some other oil on the the hair and scalp.

Botanifying - this shampoo is soooooo gentle and soft its unbelievable if you can find it get it as it discontinued - why oh why did they get rid of it its fantastic for those who want to wash hair more often this does not strip the hair at all.

Confiderm - scalp oil, like any other i've ever used except its in liquid formulation i dont think it is anything special - discontinued.

H20 intensive - this is repackaged as strength fusion night time treatment mentioned above again i dont see why this would strengthen the hair overnight, depends why you have breakage.

Coconut soufflé - i used this to blow dry my hair a couple of years ago it was nice to smell not sure i would use it every day as its a bit lotion-like for me i prefer something more oil orientated as it would weigh my hair down.

I'd be interested to hear anyone's thoughts experience on using either the above or the rest of the Mizani product range past or present products. I’d also be interested to hear from anyone who have used or previously used Keracare line of products as I don’t know of many that do these days. It personally annoys me when companies discontinued products that actually worked on my hair, skin or body then you have to go find another product by trial and error wasting money in the process when they should leave well alone.