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Random Hair Thoughts/Thinking out loud


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I got a closure sew in a couple of days ago. I've already taken the stuff that keeps the closure down off, and it wasn't bleached to begin with, so i got tired of the screen door look, and just rock headbands so I can still get my money's worth.


I know I looked a hot ass mess today. Hair was in a blow dried bun. But these customers and coworkers kept hitting on me… must be the lashes. That’s all they see with the mask

I’m so ready for the mask thing to be over. It affects my hair for real for real


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My aunt is going out of town and may be gone until Christmas. Before I knew Madison Reed was sold at Ulta, I purchased Chi Shine Shade for her to use as a permanent for the roots and demi or semi permanent color to refresh the mid shaft to ends. The more I talked to her about color, it made me realize that the average person should just get their hair color done by a professional.

I know first hand why I feel that way. I found a pic of my hair back when I was still using BKT and alternative straighteners. I ruined my curls with the color. I didn’t use bleach. I used a high lift color that actually made it too light. My plan was to lift to the underlying pigment of level 7and tone it with a green blue based ashy level 6/5. I was missing the necessary underlying pigments because my hair turned banana peel yellow around level 8 or 9.

My toners were too dark and my hair was so porous that it kept turning blue and purple. I also couldn’t figure out how to do a proper tint back. So I foolishly used the high lift several times to strip the colors. Eventually, I settled on having a warm level 7 hair color that I wasn’t pleased with. In an act of desperation, I used Wella ColorCharm Toners and my hair felt like a brick. My hair went down hill from there.

In this pic my curls were stretchy like bubble gum when wet. I had to be super gentle when styling.
*ignore the zombie looking solotica contacts. The ones without the limbal ring looked so weird.

This made me think about the good ol’days when my main styler was Patene Silky Moisture Whip. It was good for both blow drying my hair straight and to wear my hair curly. I recently checked out the ingredients and they look pretty trash. I think I’m unconsciously looking for a styler like that again. It looked like a mousse, but left my hair super soft with shine.