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Random Hair Thoughts/Thinking out loud


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wore clip ins for a weekend, looked great for 1 hour. Then the humidity hit. And I looked like a white woman’s confused child… that hasn’t found conditioner.
I just went with it and made it look extra wild.

I need someone to be hard at work trying to create the perfect anti-humidity treatment. They can have my whole paycheck.


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My LCL dryer is humming without airflow this morning grrr. I have been using it more regularly with WnGs on my little one but I still planned on a few more years before issue. I have had this one for 5 years and I usually get 7-10 years out of my dryers. I will buy another in the meantime but I plan to try to troubleshoot it before I give up on what I have. Ordering the Pibbs and another LCL now. Stuff breaking is just an excuse to splurge lol :D

My current dryers have me spoiled.
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I love the fullness I get when I blowdry. I might cowash and wear my hair big next week.

Bottom pic is me today. My hair has no volume when straightened. So boring. I’m going to start experimenting with blow dried hair. I might finally get a set of Caruso rollers. Big hair don’t care :)
When she pretty and she know it. Those who have hair to experiment with know you are the favs of society.


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went to the Blake Shelton concert last night. Had a great time!!!!!! First concert was a success! Jackson Dean and Carly Pearce were really good too.
I had to reschedule my retwist for april 21st. I might take a half day from work that day since it's on a friday. I get my hair done at 1.

I've been trying to get more hair accessories and I had to order a new loc sock since I misplaced the one I had. Still Enjoying my locs. Yesterday actually marked one month locked. I have lots of new growth but no budding yet. I'm thinking about getting my nose pierced over spring break.

Other than that, I'm still planning on heading back to school in the fall part-time. So i've already set aside the money for that. I'm just trying to get all my ducks lined up in a row. Still decluttering my stuff, making good progress. I have a book buying addiction, but its okay since I buy only from my favorite authors. I did get on a book budget of $50 for the year though