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The Official Hair Transplant Thread


formerly NaturallyBri87
Thanks for sharing your journey. Do you have any updates to share?
Hey!! So I took these photos on November 19th which was about 4 months after my procedure. I didn’t have my entire hairline shaved so the hair you see is hair that was already there. I can see a slight difference along my forehead. But I’m not seeing any noticeable difference at this point. I’m hoping to be able to see a noticeable difference at month 5 or 6. My donor area is growing in fine. I don’t have any photos of the area because my hair is pulled up. I did lose about 5 grafts. I knew they were grafts because there was a little bit of bleeding. Hoping for the best


formerly NaturallyBri87
Hey ladies,

Popping in here to update the thread since I'm at 6 months post op. Unfortunately, I'm not able to upload pictures anymore. It's the weirdest thing. So to refresh everyone's memory I went to HRS Atlanta and had the FUE procedure. At 6 months I'm not very satisfied with the progress. I wish I could post pictures so y'all could see what I'm talking about.

So if you remember from my previous posts, they ran out of grafts and I had to have a second procedure done to finish the job. I'm noticing some progress where the grafts were implanted for the first procedure. But I'm not noticing any progress from the 2nd procedure where they finished the job. There is a clear difference in progress between the first and second procedure even though they were done weeks apart from each other.

The hair that is growing in is thin so I'm hoping it will thicken up because my edges are still spacey.

I have my 6 month follow up with HRS on Saturday so I will address these concerns with them.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend them. They don't contact you at all at any point to check on you. I had to call them to schedule my follow up appointment. I was supposed to have a PRP done at the 6 month mark. They have yet to call me to schedule the appointment. I don't want to do the PRP anyway. But the point is that they have not contacted me at all to get this on the calendar. It's like you come in for the procedure, pay them and then they're done with you. That's how i feel bout how they run their business.

I'll let y'all know how my follow up goes.

I'm trying to keep the faith but I think I'll need another procedure done to fill in the areas that have shown zero, and I mean zero progress. I'm looking into Natural Hair Transplant, Dr. Diep and Dr. Cooley.