Hair Transplant


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Hi Ladies. I just writing to see if any of you ladies have ever had a hair transplant? And if so, what is your opinion post-surgery? I ask because I went to the dermatologist today, and she told me I had a little bit of scarring alopecia (I believe from a strong relaxer years ago). Fortunately, thanks to you ladies, my hair is long enough to cover the spot (I'm "scratching" at bra-strap length), but while she wrote out a few prescriptions (including a shampoo)to help grow out the hair in some of the "clogged" follicles, she brought up hair transplants. She also brought up Rogaine, which based on you all's previous observations, I should stay away from. So I'm researching hair transplants, but I don't want to ruin the progress that my hair has made so far. So what are your opinions? (The affected spot is right in the crown of my head and makes like a "T" shape coming towards my forehead.) Thanks for any observations/personal experiences.


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I've never had a hair transplant. However, thanks to a jealous beautican, I now have bald spots on the top of my head.

I'm thankful that I can cover the bald spots. However, my once very thick long hair is so thin, that I have to roll my ponytail to feel presentable. However, I do still feel presentable!

While it is easier said than done, I'd like to encourage you to be happy with what you have.

Take care of the hair you have. Take vitamins and treat the bald spot however, don't do anything that could possibly make the situation worse.