Thinning/hair Loss Update (long)


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Really I just posted to check in on Blu and I am happy and encouraged by her positive attitude and perseverance. I think sometimes it helps to just see others pushing through. To those ladies that wished me the best or healing blessings, I appreciate it. This board is really filled with wonderful ladies.

Blu, your hair is looking great! Just wow. I am so glad you aren't giving up. I am not either. I am blessed that my doctor has hope for me. I am doing steroid shots directly to the scalp and Olux foam twice a day, as I have had a severe flare up of inflammation lately. I have hope that it will subside soon.

Well I don't want to make this long, but I wanted to say thank you for the well wishes ladies.:grouphug3:.


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@ Blu217 what did the dr recommend 4 u? My thinning areas are exactly where yours are. And when I part in some places, it looks like the other pics.

Did the doc test your hormones to make sure the spiro wasn't causing a prob??


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Oh my goodness, I just wanted to stop by and let u know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you.


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Hey sis, I'm very sorry to hear about this difficult journey. You seem to be handling this very well as previously stated. Keep the faith and keep pushing. I pray that all works out well.


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Dear Blu, thanks u so much for sharing your story, it will inspire many people dealing with this. i have actually never heard of this and now educating myself about it. keep being strong, and ur hair looks quite good in the 08 progress pics, well done !


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Thanks, Snuckles. That's what my mama says too :grin:!

Scarring alopecia is a form of hair loss caused when scar tissue forms beneath the scalp. Hair can't grow through scar tissue, so there ya go.

This occurs a lot in black women and doctors have traditionally thought it's caused by tight hairstyles (braids, weaves, ponytails) or relaxers. But this also happens to white people who don't style or chemically process their hair like this. Doctors now say they don't know for sure what causes it. It's not typically reversible and is usually permanent. It's also painful; it burns and itches when it flares up. The surface of the scalp looks normal tho--often a bit red tho from the inflammation. The formal name is central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia.

There's a national research foundation for it (I keep my eye on this); more info is available there:

Post #1 is spot on to how I'm feeling right now.

The bolded above is the 1st time I heard someone else point out that YT women suffer the same dilemma. I almost had it out with a Dr. 1.5 years ago because she told me the same..."It how y'all style your hair (to be expected) B.S. Best believe I called her on it and she didn't have an comeback for why non-blacks suffer the same patterns of hair loss.