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Thinning Hairline


My hairline has been thinning for quite a while. Does anybody know how to stop this thinning before I'm bald around my hairline. Also, should I avoid touch-ups near my hairline?

Just as background, I use Optimum relaxer every four months, and I do not wear my hair in ponytails.

Thanks for your help.


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Welcome Sherise,

There are quite a few things that many of the ladies have recommended for thin edges. Castor oil, vitamin e oil and most recently Surge. Please do a search on these items and you will come up with a lot of potentially helpful information. Also you may want to consult with a dermatologist if you find that nothing seems to work. HTH



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Massages seem to work also, maybe you can gently massage your hairline with a mixture of castor oil and vitamin e for a couple of weeks then try spraying the Surge on the hairline and sealing with the oils by massaging the oils into your scalp.


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I would definitely avoid touch up around the hairline.
When I first started trying to grow my hairline back in
I relaxed my hairline and it broke right back off again
and I had to start over again.
Nioxin follicle booster worked best for me and grew back
in my hairline and bald spots.
Other on the board said it did not work for them I guess
it depends on your hair type.


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I waited 4 month before relaxing my hairline after the first
time it broke off when I relaxed it 8 weeks after hair had
grown back.
MY bald spots had grown back but I did not have enough new
growth in those area to relax I should have waited longer
to relax the crown area.


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do you notice excessive shedding when combing? do you think the thinning is all over or just in that area? do you sleep in rollers?

when my hairline was thin from pulling my ponytail too tight, i used a Vitamin E and rosemary oil mix on it. i saw progress after a couple of weeks.


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I agree, I always wear ponytails and they were causing my hairline to thin out. Now I'll alternate how I wear my ponytail (high 1 day, low the other, parted in the middle or side, etc). I also wear my hair loose when I'm home and that takes the pressure off my hairline. I also massage my scalp once or twice a day and focus on my hairline area.


There is no shedding when I comb my hair. The thinning started first on my left side by my temple--now it has started on my right side by my temple.


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MoezThunder said:
labett, how often did you relax your hairline vs. the rest of your hair?

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm also curious....