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Do Vitamins Provide Faster Growth?

Do Vitamins Help Hair Grow Faster?

  • Yes, I had a noticable difference in my growth rate

    Votes: 30 61.2%
  • I only take vitamins for my overall health

    Votes: 12 24.5%
  • No, I didnt have a noticiable difference in my growth rate

    Votes: 8 16.3%
  • Vitamins really helped me reach my hair goal!

    Votes: 1 2.0%

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lamaria211 said:
I dont think anything grows hair faster but thats just me.

lamaria211 I'll give you that. I think they give the appearance of faster growth because they help make up for any deficiencies that diet can't. For instance I've always had issues with iron absorption and my nails pay the price. Are they always growing? Yes. Do they grow soft, peel, and break? Always......unless I take a multivitamin. Same thing with my hair. It breaks so easy it's not even funny but the multivitamin keeps my strands from breaking as fast which help me to retain. It gives the appearance of faster growth because more growth can be retained.

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Truth be told I don't think they help my hair grow faster, but I do think they help it grow stronger and so it breaks less allowing me to keep more hair on my hair... I take a b complex, hairfinity, biotin, msm, l-cysteine, vit c, a garlic supplement and I just finished my last bottle of nixion...yes, it sounds like alot but I don't have a very good diet, aside from eating a lot of steak and salad I don't really eat anything else during the day, I'm normally running around like a crazy person and carry a jug of water with me which gives me a false full feeling... When I wasn't taking supplements my hair was growing but is always have hundreds of short hairs in my bathroom sink when I combed it, now maybe I gave 2-5 a day


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Ive taken Biotin in the past. Up to 5000mcg and it didnt work for me as far as hair growth. i took it for about a year and I also took MSM powder and silica(horsetail) all from puritan pride.

Where is the best place to buy the nioxin vitamins for a low price? im seeing packs on amazon not like a bottle.